champs Tommie McNeal, Tanner Spacey, Ty Treddenbarger, Erik Vanderford, and Kyle Jonson

        A talented quintet from the Puget Sound took down the title in the JBT Pac NW Baker Team event, hosted by Burien's Hiline Lanes.

        After 12 qualifying Baker games, "That's not Blue" qualified first at -41 on the challenging pattern.  However, the #9 seeded "Everyone Hates Chris" made five more enemies by ousting them in round two of the 2-of-3 matchplay finals.  #2 "Christmas Custard" (pictured above) had the match of the day, as their deciding game against "Start With Your Left" ended tied at 161, and the ensuing one-shot rolloff between Daniel Hanson and Tanner Spacey remained tied at four strikes each before Tanner pulled out a 10-9 win in round five to move on.  They won another 3-game match in the semis, this time from #11 "Evergreen Lanes" to reach the title game, which would be against none other than Everybody Hates Chris, who worked their way to the finals from the other side of the bracket.

        The title match featured ten excellent bowlers going back and forth, and it too was decided by a third and final game, won by Spacey and company for the victory.  It's the 7th of Tanner's career, 2nd for Tommie McNeal, and 2nd for Kyle Jonson, and they were assisted by adults Erik Vanderford and Tanner and Tommie's coach Ty Treddenbarger.   Everybody Hates Chris (pictured below) settled for second, and was actually a perfectly likable team of Johnny Leggett, Caleb Hathaway, Treyshawn Culpepper, and Chris and Craig Tuholski.

        Thanks as always to Pat Johns and the Hiline crew for hosting one of the most fun events of the season.  Want in on all the action?  Just come on out to the next JBT event, that's all you have to do!

Pac NW Baker- final results and scholarship winners
rank bowlers prize total
1 Tommie McNeal $166 $500
  Kyle Jonson $166  
  Erik Vanderford    
  Ty Treddenbarger    
  Tanner Spacey $166  
2 Craig Tuholski $63 $255
  Chris Tuholski    
  Caleb Hathaway $63  
  Treyshawn Culpepper $63  
  Johnny Leggett $68  
3 Kyler Crevier $37 $150
  Andrew Heritage $37  
  Connor Jackley $37  
  Ed Bliquez    
  Shannon Bliquez $37  
4 Cameron Pierre $50 $150
  Candice Goldfinch $50  
  Tristan Sievers $50  
  Neal Goldfinch    
  Scott Diston    
5 Tyler Boe    
  Josh Jackson    
  Perry Crowell IV    
  Kolby Crowell    
  Sheri Hill    
6 Josh Alvarez    
  Toby Shepherd    
  Brian Beckmann    
  Corey Del Fierro    
  Jacob Mullen     
7 Kelsey Abrahamen    
  Kevin Hong    
  Zoe Mahn    
  Andy Herrmann    
  Jason Green    
8 Bob Hanson    
  Rob Nay    
  Daniel Hanson    
  Brian Monnette    
  Austin Portalski    
9 Tyler Hogstrom    
  Jodey Rees    
  Erik Holbein    
  Daniel Johnson $5  
  AJ Brockett    
10 Elise Yates    
  Chandler Jones    
  Schrader White    
  Ryan Fauland    
  Gabe Bogner    
11 Nick Bruketta    
  Bailey Peters    
  Maddison Durr    
  David Durr    
  Caitlyn Hayes    
12 Nick Devlin    
  Eric Hatchett    
  Josh Leinassar    
  Brandon Myers    
  Evan Olson    
13 Brian DeLuisa-Anderson    
  Mark Lackey    
  Tyler Harmon    
  Lori McFarland    
  Nick Perini    
14 AJ Schock $5  
  Cameron Nodland    
  Brandon Nodland    
  Mitch Nodland    
  Paul Haight    
15 Rick Satter    
  Tyler Satter    
  Derek Johnson    
  Greg Miller    
  Mackenzie Brumbaugh    
16 Collins Davis    
  Peter Davis    
  Saay Ault    
  Kris Tomer    
  Collin Young    
17 Joey Huffman    
  Dayton Wickham    
  McKenna Jacobe    
  Justin Song    
  Kevin Obrist    
18 Parker Portalski    
  Elisa Couch    
  Blake Portalski    
  Jeff Portalski    
  Cedric Scott