champs Kyler Crevier & Blaine Weninger, and Nick Bruketta & Maddison Durr

        Four bowlers claimed JBT titles in jam-packed action at the Pac NW Doubles Classic, hosted by Hiline Lanes in Burien.

        The father-son team of Peter and Collins Davis began the handicap division alternating-frame stepladder finals with a 198-192 squeaker win over the brother duo of Kyle and Zane Hays.   Michael Baunsgard and Matthew Anderson then stopped the Davis duo 179-149.  Michael and Matthew then stopped Jonathan Bautista and his mom Lillian 217-190 to move on to the title game.

        Top seeds Nick Bruketta and Maddison Durr took over the lead from the Hays team in game four and didn't look back.  They stayed in control in the title match as well, defeating Baunsgard and Anderson 208-132 for the title.  It's Nick's sixth Cwin and Maddison's first of her JBT career.

        JBT alumni John Jordan and current Mojave Conference star Eric Hatchett began the scratch division finals with a 234-201 win over the father-son duo of Bob and Daniel Hanson.   John and Eric then beat the Oregon duo of Brandon Myers and Nick Devlin 256-201 to move on to the title game. 

        Kyle Crevier and Blaine Weninger made a tough adult-junior team of Oregonians, taking over the event in the semifinals.  They held off Jordan and Hatchett 202-160 to top the tough field and earn the title.

        Thanks as always to Pat Johns and the crew at Hiline for handling the big crowd!  Want in on all the fun?  Just come on down to the next JBT event, that's all you have to do!

Pac NW Doubles- final results and scholarship winners    
  Scratch Division        
rank bowler prize bowler prize total
1 Kyler Crevier $300 Blaine Weninger   $300
2 John Jordan   Eric Hatchett $200 $200
3 Nick Devlin $80 Brandon Myers $75 $155
4 Bob Hanson   Daniel Hanson $140 $140
5 Robby Davidson   Brian Monnette $110 $110
6 Tyler Boe $35 Josh Jackson   $35
7 Connor Jackley   Jason Lower    
8 Kelsey Abrahamsen   Kevin Hong    
9 Tanner Spacey   AJ Brockett    
10 Elise Yates   Crista Vicars    
11 Josh Alvarez   Corey Del Fierro    
12 Joey Huffman   Kevin Obrist    
13 Gabe Bogner   Jordan Yoke    
14 Ty Treddenbarger   Tommie McNeal $5 $5
15 Perry Crowell IV   Kolby Crowell    
16 Derek Johnson   Greg Miller    
17 Tyler Hogstrom   Tom Anderson    
18 Caleb Hathaway   Ryan DeFazio    
19 Sam Neves   Jake Mullen    
20 Rick Satter   Tyler Satter    
21 Chris Tuholski   Johnny Leggett    
22 Toby Shepherd   Derek Handy    
23 Parker Chui   Justin Song    
  Handicap Division        
1 Nick Bruketta $200 Maddison Durr $215 $415
2 Michael Baunsgard $125 Matthew Anderson $125 $250
3 Jonathan Bautista $215 Lillian Bautista   $215
4 Collins Davis $165 Peter Davis   $165
5 Kyle Hays $78 Zane Hays $93 $171
6 Candice Goldfinch $100 Scott Diston   $100
7 Bailey Peters $30 Mikayla Hahn   $30
8 Mackenzie Brumbaugh   Derek Johnson    
9 Andy Herrmann   KJ Richards    
10 Nickolas Perini   Russ Perini    
11 Cindy Mattingly   Mason Mattingly    
12 Cameron Pierre   Jason Hoff    
13 Lisa Hamel   Joey Massey    
14 Jerry Koopman   Brian DeLuisa-Anderson $5 $5
15 Andre Bennett   Faity Sylis Bennett    
16 Octavio Rosales   Paul Rosales    
17 Kyle Jonson   Zoe Mahn    
18 Dayton Wickham   McKenna Jacobe    
19 Richard Livingston   William Day    
20 Russ Perini   Alex Perini    
21 Alejandro Moser-Hernandez $75 Armando Moser-Hernandez   $75
22 Tyler Harmon   Mark Lacky    
23 Samm Cosby   Brendan Hopkins    
24 (Nickolas Perini)   Lorie Perini    
25 Bryan Gayles   Treyshawn Culpepper    
26 Ariana Montagne   Reagan Lory    
27 Sheri Hill   Jeff Scott    
28 Bri Hemming $5 Ron Hemming   $5
29 Michael Creel   Bob Coffey    
30 Paul Haight   AJ Schock    
31 Cameron Nodland   Brandon Nodland    
32 Cody Tobin   Michael Tobin    
33 Tyler Rasmussen $30 Marty Rasmussen   $30
34 Sam Gritzke   Vince Sellzler    
35 Ed Bliquez   Shannin Bliquez    
  High Games        
  Scratch Handicap      
1 Spacey 259 Brumbaugh 267    
2 Alvarez 256 Herrmann 265    
3 Myers 255 Jonson 259    
4 Hatchett 255 Hahn 258      
5 Spacey 248 Durr 258      
  Round Leaders        
  Scratch Handicap      
1 McNeal-Treddenbarger Hays-Hays    
2 Devlin-Myers Hays-Hays    
3 Devlin-Myers Hays-Hays    
4 Devlin-Myers Bruketta-Durr    
5 Hanson-Hanson Bruketta-Durr    
6 Crevier-Weninger Bruketta-Durr    
7 Crevier-Weninger Bruketta-Durr