With just three shots,  YOU can win up to:




Here’s how:

POWERBOWL raffle tickets are on sale at most JBT events.  If your ticket is drawn, you have three shots to make:


Shot 1: predict how many pins you’ll knock down, 1-10.  Guess correctly and earn $10!

Shot 2: same as round 1, but you can only choose to try for 6 or 7 pins.  Guess correctly and earn $50!

Shot 3: same as rounds 1&2, but you can only choose 4 or 5.

Guess correctly and win the POWERBOWL JACKPOT!


The jackpot starts at $200 and increases to $1,000!  BUT… pull a lucky envelope and you’ll be playing for:




Fine print: ticket holder must declare who is playing before drawing envelope. $5,000 is awarded in $1000 increments every year on the date earned, for five years, with the first installment available no earlier than 1/1/2015.  Promotion may be suspended or cancelled prior to the start of any JBT event per sole discretion of JBT management.  Decisions of tournament management are final.