champs Cortez Schenck & Austin Gilbert

        Cortez Schenck cruised along to yet another win, while Austin Gilbert tasted JBT victory for the first time, in exciting 'super survivor' action at Vista Entertainment Center.

        In this unique format, after qualifying, the lowest individual game and the lowest overall totals are eliminated game by game, until only the winners remain standing, so higher total pinfalls are safer, but anyone could be eliminated at any time.  In the scratch division, Schenck made sure that pinfall wouldn't be an issue, as he destroyed an easier-than-anticipated pattern to the tune of +296 for 5 games to lead qualifying, then added 773 for the next three to build an unchallenged lead.

        After Steven Kampley joined Schenck in eliminating Wesley Low and Nick Pollak in the semifinals, he now faced the daunting task of finding a way to stop Schenck.  Appearing in his first JBT title match since 2009, Steven struggled a little, and an early five-bagger from Cortez gave Kampley no time to do so.  The 255-178 final score was good for the 42nd title of his JBT career, tying him with the great Steven Black for second place on the all-time JBT titles list!

        Previous day's champ Gael Egana continued his outstanding weekend by leading handicap division qualifying, but was stunned by a first-round exit with the low game of the eighteen super-survivor qualifiers.  The remaining fifteen qualifiers were then carved down to three, and the resulting semifinal game was as close as possible.  Austin Gilbert's 205 advanced to the title match, but Dustin Yauney and Samantha Potter tied just one pin behind at 204!  Potter won the ensuing tiebreaker to advance to the title match.

        Gilbert, in just his second JBT event, and the veteran Potter engaged in a close match throughout.  Needing a double to win in the tenth, Samantha couldn't get the first strike, and Kyle claimed his first JBT title with the 218-203 final score.

        Ashley Dunn completed a sweep of the weekend's Women's Series events with a 221-175 win over Randi Speiler, who is still the fastest Rubik's Cube solver on Tour.

        Thanks as always to the crew at Vista for hosting our Tour!  Want in on all the fun and action for all ages and averages?  Just check out our schedule and come on down to the next JBT event.  You know you should. 

Vista Ent. Center- final results and scholarship winners
  Scratch Division  
rank bowler prize
1 Cortez Schenck $288
2 Steven Kampley $100
3 Wesley Low $64
4 Nick Pollak $30
5 Bryan Van Sickle $20
6 Bobby Hornacek  
7 Brandon Wanders  
8 Joe Grondin  
9 Saul De Ulloa  
10 Ashley Dunn  
11 Max Polhill  
12 Austin Thompson  
13 Jack Jenson $15
14 Randi Speiler   
15 TJ Buffalo  
16 Nick Condon  
17 Dayton Wickham $10
18 Kirk Lasquette  
19 Joseph W. Lewandowski
  Handicap Division  
1 Austin Gilbert $215
2 Samantha Potter $144
3 Dustin Yauney $60
4 Kyle Reed $107
5 Austin Veteto $40
6 Brandon Loss $30
7 James McGough $20
8 Matthew Carpenter $30
9 Jarred Starr-Moncayo  
10 Miguel Meraz  
11 Abby Franklin  
12 Alberto Bernal  
13 Taylor Berry  
14 Renee Gentry $15
15 Ryan Langenhorst  
16 Gael Egana  
17 Secilia Kalvelage $15
18 Brandon Lim  
19 Andrew Chan  
20 Jacob Murray  
21 Krystopher Martin  
22 Harrison Cole $15
23 Joshua Abigania  
24 Marguerite Evans  
25 Jacob McGough  
26 Megan Carpenter $14
27 Nicholas Dorn  
28 Maikayla Villa  
29 Ryan Galland  
30 Justin Rico $29
31 Dante Villa $5
32 Kaitlynn Martin  
33 Destiny Johnson  
34 Trevor Thompson  
35 Katelyn Abigania  
36 Marco Flores  
37 Zack Long $14
38 Sebastian Polhill $5
39 Ryland Pimentel  
40 Dawson Reese  
41 Tyler Hedges  
42 Antoine Allmon  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Low 289 Egana 298
2 Schenck 289 Egana 290
3 Wanders 289 Yauney 275
4 Schenck 287 Loss 274
5 Low 279 Veteto 268
  High Female  
1 Dunn +88*  
2 Speiler +1  
3 Gentry -5  
4 Potter -95  
5 M Carpenter -122  
  Round Leaders  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Low G Egana
2 Low G Egana
3 Low G Egana
4 Schenck G Egana
5 Schenck G Egana
  Total Awarded This Event: $1,265