champs Stefan Wood & Marguerite Evans

        Stefan Wood and Marguerite Evans survived tough fields to capture JBT titles in terrific JBT New Mexico- Texas Conference action at Bowl El Paso.

        Bowlers competed in 'super survivor', where the lowest game and the lowest overall totals were eliminated game by game until only one bowler survived.  The scratch division was carved from ten semifinalists down to four, and in that round Cortez Schenck was eliminated with the low game, while Carson Opela's overall total was lowest, eliminating them in third and fourth.  That left Stefan Wood and William Yoder standing, and in the title game, Wood came through with a confident performance for the win and his third career JBT title.

        Sixteen handicap survivors were whittled down to just five, and in that penultimate round, Luke Gartner's 144 was low game, while Kory Hetmer and Kelsey LaBier were ousted with the lowest two totals, leaving Marguerite Evans and Jacob Marquis to battle for the title.

        Evans, visiting from California, has doubles titles but has been searching her whole career for that elusive singles title.  A missed spare in the tenth left the result in question, but when Marquis couldn't get a tenth frame double, a relieved Marguerite finally had that first career singles title, and her third overall JBT win.

        Vanessa Romero was the day's girls champ, defeating Bree Vargas in a good title game.

        Thanks as always to John Murphy and the team at Bowl El Paso for another great hosting job.  Want in on all the fun for all ages and averages?  Just check out our schedule and come on down!

Bowl El Paso- final results and scholarship winners
  Scratch Division  
rank bowler prize
1 Stefan Wood $200
2 William Yoder $126
3 Cortez Schenck $93
4 Carson Opela $30
5 Angel Ortega $20
6 Bree Vargas  
7 Brad Harvey  
8 Josh Demick $41
9 Christian Apolonio  
10 Vanessa Romero  
11 Zach Harvey  
12 Adel Wahner  
13 Jonah Seawright $13
14 Zach Wojciechowski  
15 Blayne Hurst  
16 3lizab3th Rom3ro  
17 Nathan Sippel  
18 Noah Martinez  
19 Ben Stedman  
20 Chris Ortega $15
  Handicap Division  
1 Marguerite Evans $200
2 Jacob Marquis $100
3 Kory Hetmer $75
4 Kelsey LaBier $60
5 Luke Gartner $50
6 Dean Jackson Jr $40
7 Ian Hudson $155
8 Andrea Griego $20
9 Nathan Nguyen  
10 Toby Cdebaca $5
11 Zach Camarillo  
12 Brandon Lucero  
13 Eryal Martinez  
14 Gerilynn Delegarito $13
15 Alfred Martinez  
16 Steven Stophel  
17 Mariano Garcia  
18 Cassie Harmon  
19 Lorenzo Rodriguez  
20 Elliot Varela  
21 Jeremiah McClelon  
22 Taylor Herson  
23 Donius Jeffries II  
24 Alyssa Williams  
25 Dusten Eichensehr  
26 Ben Hindes  
27 Jeffrey Breining  
28 Montana Cdebaca  
29 Matteo Bergonzi  
30 Antonio Lara  
31 Jeremy Hahnenberger  
32 Daniella LaBier $13
33 Jay Heffer  
34 Mark Castro  
35 Rob McClelon  
36 Mikaela Flores  
37 Josie Herson  
38 Justin Hackney  
39 Daniel Hall  
40 Mateo Gonzalez  
  Women's Series  
1 Vargas -10  
2 V Romero -47*  
3 Wahner -57  
4 Evans -107  
5 E Romero -119  
  High Games  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Wood 266 Marquis 312
2 A Ortega 266 A Martinez 262
3 Wood 256 T Cdebaca 257
4 Seawright 247 Jackson 251
5 Schenck, A Ortega 246 Jackson 248
  Round Leaders  
  Scratch Handicap
1 A Ortega Jackson
2 Schenck Evans
3 A Ortega Jackson
4 Schenck Jackson
5 Schenck A Martinez