champs Nick Devlin & Harley Sweigart, and Jake Hansen & Shane Strickland

        A veteran ASU team rolled to a parallel victory, while Jake Hansen teamed up to win his first title, in exciting action at the JBT So Cal Doubles Classic, hosted by the Bowlium in Montclair.

        Austin Thompson teamed with 36-time JBT champ to win round one of the scratch division finals 236-180 over the ASU team of Matt Zweig and Russ Oviatt.  Smith and Thompson then outlasted Zack Long and PBA West Region star Andre Eubanks 179-163.   In the semifinals, Eric Hatchett and 32-time champ Jakob Butturff stopped Smith and Thompson 200-155 to advance to the title match.

        Top seeds Harley Sweigart and Nick Devlin had taken over the event in game two, and never looked back, and it was more of the same in the title game.  Eric and Jakob struggled a bit, and Nick and Harley took full advantage for a 245-158 win and the title.  It's the 11th title each of their JBT careers.

        Steven Acuff and Marguerite Evans teamed up to win round one of the Baker-style handicap finals 190-165 over Zian Sasaki and Lindsay Greim.  Lindsay's brother Zach and Jeff Rodda then defeated Acuff and Evans 207-183.  Jake Hansen and adult partner Shane Strickland then turned the tables with a 184-158 win over Griem and Rodda to move on to the title match.

        Naomi Tanaka and Jozef Corwin had bowled fantastic all day long to earn the top seed, but struggled to find the line in the title game.  Hansen and Strickland were able to cruise 202-163 for the title, the first of Hansen's JBT career.

         Huge thanks to all the adults and alumni who came out to bowl with today's JBT bowlers, and of course to the great team at Bowlium for hosting us.  Want in on all the fun for all ages and averages?  Just check out our schedule and come on down, that's all there is to it!

So Cal Doubles- final results and scholarship winners    
  Scratch Division        
rank bowler prize bowler prize total
1 Harley Sweigart $229 Nick Devlin $200 $429
2 Eric Hatchett $200 Jakob Butturff   $200
3 Zack Long $100 Andre Eubanks   $100
4 Matt Zweig $88 Russ Oviatt $45 $133
5 Austin Thompson $80 Cameron Smith   $80
6 KJ Martinez $14 Zach Martinez   $14
7 Cristian Roque   Dante Davis    
8 Oscar Chan   Bobby Hornacek    
9 Nick Pollak   Brandon Wanders    
10 Sergio Torres   Mike Calderon    
11 Anthony Cando   Edwin Davis    
12 Derek Acuff   James Hawkins    
13 Kyle Reed $10 Mr. Reed   $10
14 Ben Canfield   Cortez Schenck    
15 Jacob Camacho   Correen Lieber    
16 Trevor Thompson   Darron Peters    
17 Kirk Chui   Allan Mojado    
18 Matthew Rico   Nolan Am-Khong    
19 Reigh Abaoag   Kevin Banaag    
20 Anthony Schanen   Ryan Lee    
21 Miranda Morgan   Kaylee Am-Khong    
22 Jerod Walker   Keyon Shelton    
  Handicap Division        
1 Jake Hansen $400 Shane Strickland   $400
2 Naomi Tanaka $100 Jozef Corwin $100 $200
3 Zach Greim $65 Jeff Rodda $50 $115
4 Lindsay Greim $60 Zian Sasaki $45 $105
5 Steven Acuff $40 Marguerite Evans $40 $80
6 Dante Rohe   Kyle Gilbert    
7 Marco Flores   Clint Strawmyer    
8 Shauna Schultz   Eileen Schultz    
9 Taylor Berry   Michael Adelson    
10 Dawson Reese $74 Justin Meagher   $74
11 Andrew Yzaguirre   Pedro Cintron    
12 Gael Egana   Israel Ramirez    
13 Dillon Nilsen   Paul Nilsen    
14 James McGough      Carlos Perez     
15 Eric Phillips   Jenna Phillips    
16 Jacey Opiana   Daniel Giegoldt    
17 Leah Zweig   Amanda Atkin    
18 Dustin Yauney   Doug Yauney    
19 Nathan Griffin   Chuck Griffin    
20 Brandon Matsumura   Tyler Matsumura    
21 Tyler Handa   John Handa    
22 Ashley Wilcox   Tim Hill    
23 Ryan Galland   Saul DeUlloa $10  
24 Marc Villalobos   Brient Killings    
25 Tre Mitchell   Andy Clark    
  High Games        
  Scratch Handicap      
1 Acuff 267 Corwin 291    
2 Devlin 267 Corwin 279    
3 Pollak 260 Reese 272    
4 Abaoag 256 T Matsumura 271    
5 Martinez 254 Sasaki 269    
  Round Leaders        
  Scratch Handicap      
1 Acuff-Hawkins Acuff-Evans    
2 Sweigart-Devlin Acuff-Evans    
3 Sweigart-Devlin Tanaka-Corwin    
4 Sweigart-Devlin Tanaka-Corwin    
5 Sweigart-Devlin Tanaka-Corwin    
6 SweigartDevlin Tanaka-Corwin    
7 Sweigart-Devlin Tanaka-Corwin