champs Ryan Nikolas & Isaac Mailkoff; girls' champ AJ Schock

        Three bowlers ground out big double-points wins on a challenging pattern in an exciting day of JBT Pacific Northwest Conference competition at Salem's Firebird Lanes.

        Ryan Nikolas began the scratch division stepladder finals with a 213-181 win over Jerry Jennings.  Ryan then got past first-time scratch finalist AJ Schock 214-188, and followed with a 223-190 win over Jake Mullen to climb up to the title match.

        Brian Monnette led the event wire to wire.   He was the only bowler to average over 200 in qualifying, and then a big win over Mullen in the semifinals, who had been pushing him all the way, triggered the rest of the day for him.  It was clear in the title match why Ryan and Brian are by far 1-2 in season-long points this year, as they put on great performances on the tough pattern.  Nikolas started hot, while Monnette filled frames until he found the look and strung four in a row late to make Ryan mark to win.  Nikolas sawed the rack on the deciding shot, and the 228-221 win gave him an important double points win, and the 8th title of his JBT career. 

        Isaac Mailkoff made it the second straight day a bowler had come from the first match to win an 8-person stepladder, a very difficult feat.  He started with a 37 game that eliminated Celeste Johnson (188) and earlier leader Madison Bash (209).   Mailkoff's then beat Evan Smith, another former leader, and Tyler Coates in round two, and followed with a semifinal win over Madison Brumbaugh and Collins Davis, who had a great run in round two, to advance to the title game.

        Top seed Christian Roberts used a huge final game to jump into the lead, and was, like Mailkoff, a first time finalist.  They both performed well for rookies to that spot, but when Roberts couldn't double in the tenth,  Isaac escaped with a 219-211 win, and his first career JBT title.

        Schock and Brumbaugh doubled their finals fun by also appearing in the girls' event title game.  AJ stayed in control of that match with a 209-177 win, getting her third girls win of the season, qualifying her for the Girls TPC this summer!

        Thanks very much to the team at Firebird for hosting us, doing a great job as usual.   Want in on all the fun and excitement JBT offers for all ages and averages?  Just check out our schedule and come on down, that's all there is to it!

AMF Firebird- final results and scholarship winners
  Scratch Division  
rank bowler prize 
1 Ryan Nikolas $200
2 Brian Monnette $208
3 Jacob Mullen $95
4 AJ Schock $80
5 Jerry Jennings $50
6 Tommie McNeal  
7 Jeff Jonker  
8 Ryan DeFazio  
9 AJ Brockett  
10 Hayden Childs $15
11 Brandon Jensen  
12 Johnny Leggett  
13 Andy Herrmann $13
14 Aidghan Ziegler  
15 Laura Cowling  
16 Tyler Hogstrom  
17 Elise Yates  
18 Luke Jordan  
19 Collin Young  
20 Kyle Jonson  
21 Chris Tuholski  
22 Jonathan Bautista  
23 Kelsey Abrahamsen  
24 Tyler Boe $5
25 Greg Miller  
26 Brian DeLuisa-Anderson  
27 Kris Tomer  
28 Donovan Grubaugh  
  Handicap Division  
1 Isaac Mailkoff $250
2 Christian Roberts $125
3 Collins Davis $100
4 Mackenzie Brumbaugh $75
5 Evan Smith $105
6 Tyler Coates $50
7 Madison Bash $40
8 Celeste Johnson $30
9 Derek Haight $20
10 Holden Childs  
11 Brendan Hopkins  
12 Hannah Abney $15
13 Molly Warshaw $30
14 Brandon Nodland  
15 Payton Edwards  
16 Colt Jance $118
17 Hannah Russell  
18 Shannon Bliquez  
19 Shaylie Westmorland  
20 Jordan Jonker $15
21 Reagen Lorey  
22 Michelle Jensen  
23 Maddi Durr $13
24 Thomas Middleton  
25 Perrin Easley-Clark  
26 Candice Goldfinch  
27 Seth Chilcutt  
28 Fayth Stewart  
29 Gracie Stewart  
30 Danaiel Johnson  
31 Zane Hays  
32 Kyle Hays  
33 Kerissa Andersen  
34 Tyler Bishop  
35 Lohrghan Ziegler  
36 Cameron Pierre  
37 Brittany Bland  
38 Ryno Roberts  
39 Ethen Maxwell  
40 Bailey Peters  
41 Olivia Kolppa  
42 Sara Harris  
43 Tyler DeNune  
44 Andria Valdez-Hicks  
45 Bryce Meisner  
46 Jamas Middleton  
47 Ariana Montagne  
48 Silas LeBlanc  
49 Austin Vik-Rae  
50 Hannah Cundell  
  High Games  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Monnette 277 C Roberts 285
2 Nikolas 256 Edwards 262
3 Jonker 254 Davis 255
4 Monnette 251 Haight 254
5 Leggett 248 Mailkoff 244
  High Female  
1 Schock -82*  
2 Brumbaugh -105  
3 Goldfinch -134  
4 Bash -157  
5 Cowling -166  
  Round Leaders  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Monnette Holden Childs
2 Monnette Mailkoff
3 Monnette E Smith
4 Monnette Bash
5 Monnette Bash
6 Monnette Bash
7 Monnette E Smith
8 Monnette C Roberts