champs Cortez Schenck, Amanda Atkin, and Kyle Rendon

        Cortez Schenck made it two in a row, while Kyle Rendon tasted victory for the first time, in exciting JBT Arizona Conference action at Surprise's Uptown Alley.

        Bowlers competed in the exciting 'super survivor' format, where the low game and lowest overall totals are eliminated game by game until only one bowler stands.  The scratch division was carved down to four eventually, and in that round there was no doubt as to who the finalists would be, as Schenck continued his dominant day-long bowling with a big 266 game, but that was only second-best as Russ Oviatt fired a perfect 300 game, only the second of the season Tour-wide, and the first one his mom ever got to see in person.  That left Keith Fung in third, and Cierra Chamot with her high scratch finish ever, an excellent fourth place result.

       In the title match poor Russ and his 300 became 'old news' in the span of just a few minutes, as Schenck quietly piled up the strikes, locking up the match once he had the front eight.  It looked like Cortez would become the first bowler in JBT history to have two perfect games in a JBT title match- his first coming at Suncoast last season- but a stubborn 9-pin on the final ball relegated him to 'only' 299, capping off the dominant day in dominant fashion for his 56th career JBT title, second in a row, and now just seven behind all-time leader Kyle King.

        Twenty handicap survivors were whittled down to five, and in that penultimate round Kyle Rendon and Phillip Sauve, the two high overall totals coming into the game, did enough to advance to the title game, while William Robbins, Amanda Atkin, and Dante Rohe were eliminated in third through fifth place respectively.   Rendon has been close to victory before, but the Las Vegas bowler left no doubt this time, firing his high game of the tournament in a 280-205 win over Sauve to earn his first career JBT title.

        Atkin and Chamot met in the day's Women's Series title match, and Atkin continued her excellent early-season results with a 196-180 win over Cierra for her second girls' title of the season.

        Thanks as always to Jennifer and the crew at Uptown for a great job hosting us, and all our sponsors for helping make these events happen.  Want in on all the fun?  Just check out our schedule and come on down, that's all you have to do!

Uptown Alley- final results and scholarship winners
  Scratch Division  
rank bowler prize
1 Cortez Schenck $200
2 Russ Oviatt $100
3 Keith Fung $40
4 Cierra Chamot $20
5 Derek Acuff $20
6 Harley Sweigart  
7 Zach Rapp  
8 Cristian Roque  
9 Kyle Duster  
10 KJ Martinez  
11 Austin Muldoon  
12 Alexander Seng  
13 Paul Colyer  
14 Matt Zweig  
15 Brandon Rouse  
16 John Newton  
17 Josh Demick  
18 Jerry Moreno  
19 Max Polhill  
  Handicap Division  
1 Kyle Rendon $280
2 Phillip Sauve $185
3 William Robbins $90
4 Amanda Atkin $65
5 Dante Rohe $55
6 Isaiah Lopez $40
7 Dylan Amico $30
8 Kristopher Smyth $50
9 Elijah Melchor $20
10 Sebastian Polhill  
11 Michael Chamot $15
12 Annie Hurley  
13 Cody Graham  
14 Justin Lawrence  
15 Sarah Halligan  
16 Bella Flowers $15
17 Jordan Logsdon $15
18 Baylee Snow $75
19 Kyle Welty $25
20 McKynna Bungard  
21 Abby Franklin $10
22 Aaron Coleman  
23 CJ Todeschi  
24 Ryan Perry  
25 Kianna Bungard  
26 Sabrina Myracle  
27 Destiny Johnson  
28 Michael Spagnola  
29 Lucas Rabb  
30 Kyle Lawrence  
31 Krystal Amico $15
32 Katelyn Spagnola  
33 Jacob Soulierre $25
34 Shawn Seng Jr  
35 Christian Caron  
36 Chad Alexander  
37 Jarred Starr-Moncayo  
38 Rashaad Jordan  
39 Matt Baker  
40 Amelia LaFace  
41 Joshua Molloy  
42 Caitlyn Graham  
43 Rachael Berg  
44 Clifford Robbins  
45 Zachary Nesius  
46 Jesse Becker  
47 Kyle Gilbert  
48 Mathew Adragna  
  Women's Series  
1 Chamot +39  
2 Atkin -35*  
3 A Hurley -94  
4 M Bungard -99  
5 Franklin -99  
  High Games  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Oviatt 300 Atkin 294
2 Schenck 299 W Robbins 286
3 Schenck 277 Rendon 280
4 Fung 267 Halligan 278
5 Schenck 266 Atkin 273
  Round Leaders  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Fung Sauve
2 Fung Sauve
3 Schenck Melchor
4 Schenck Sauve
5 Schenck Melchor