champs Derek Acuff & Kyle Duster, and Matt Zweig & Leah Zweig

        A veteran team and a sibling team claimed titles at the JBT So Cal Doubles Classic, hosted by Bowlium Lanes in Montclair.

        The father-son team of Brian and Kyle Reed began the scratch division Baker format stepladder finals with a 211-202 win over Anthony Schanen and Ryan Lee.  Cortez Schenck and alumni Matt Jones, a 9-time JBT champ, then stopped the Reeds 228-215.  Jacob Camacho and James Hawkins then turned the tables on Schenck and Jones in a 234-188 win to move on to the title match.

        Kyle Duster and the recently aged-out Derek Acuff, champs in this event in 2013, were again solid, climbing to the lead in matchplay after a slower start.  Both teams were excellent in the finale, and in the end it was Camacho left with a chance to double in the tenth for the win.  Jacob couldn't get the hits, and Kyle and Derek claimed the title with the 246-213 result.  It's Duster's 16th career JBT title, while Acuff continues his drive towards 30 as an adult, earning his 28th JBT win.

        The youngster team of Gage Baker and Lindsay Greim opened the handicap finals with a 179-135 win over Marguerite Evans and Samm Cosby.   Phillip Sauve and Kaitlynn Martin then stopped Gage and Lindsay 170-158.  Scores remained low in the semifinals, with Phillip and Kaitlynn surviving against Ranelle Ulanday and Buddy Lucas 174-161 to move on to the title match.

        Top seeds Matthew and Leah Zweig bowled great all day, but the title match came down to the last ball, with the red-hot Sauve, winner at Best In The West the previous week, to strike for the win.  This time Phillip couldn't get the hit, and the once-and-future ASU pair claimed the title with a 180-174 final score.

        Big thanks to Al and the team at Bowlium for a great job hosting our events.  Want in on the fun?  Just check out our schedule and come on down!

So Cal Doubles- final results and scholarship winners    
  Scratch Division        
rank bowler


bowler prize total
1 Kyle Duster $500 Derek Acuff   $500
2 Jacob Camacho $250 James Hawkins   $250
3 Cortez Schenck $150 Matt Jones   $150
4 Kyle Reed $155 Brian Reed   $155
5 Ryan Lee $50 Anthony Schanen $50 $100
6 Nick Devlin $29 Harley Sweigart $75 $104
7 Nick Pollak   Brandon Wanders    
8 Zack Long   Andre Eubanks    
9 Jerod Walker   Cristian Roque    
10 Brittany Kolatzny   Keith Winn    
11 Joe Grondin   Solomon Salama    
12 Oscar Chan   Anthony Cando    
13 Kyle Gilbert $10 Ed Hanson   $10
14 Trevor Thompson $42 Ricky Pollom   $42
15 Marco FLores   Richard Paul III    
16 Eric Phillips   Chris Dritz    
17 Matt Alford   David McKay    
18 Tim Hill   Gil Geer    
19 Matt Green   Nick Ochse    
20 Shelby Dempsey   Amanda Atkin    
  Handicap Division        
1 Leah Zweig $200 Matt Zweig $200 $400
2 Phillip Sauve $132 Kaitlynn Martin $139 $271
3 Ranelle Ulanday $229 Buddy Lucas   $229
4 Lindsay Greim $75 Gage Baker $75 $150
5 Marguerite Evans $125 Samm Cosby   $125
6 Israel Ramirez $50 Jose Luis Morales $50 $100
7 Katie Kipler $50 Garrett Sulzer $50 $100
8 Aislinn Yubag $15 Sandra Chacon $30 $45
9 Nolan Am-Khong $30 Kaylee Am-Khong   $30
10 James McGough      Jeff Rodda    
11 Renee Gentry   Ashley Wilcox    
12 Ronnie Lockwood   John Handa    
13 Costa Gastouniotis   Secilia Kalvelage $29 $29
14 Harley Sweigart   Brittany Bland     
15 Dawson Reese   Keith Bunker    
16 Ryan Howieson $67 Doug Howieson   $67
17 Elijah Lomotan   Ezikiel Lomotan    
18 Miranda Griffin   Barbara Griffin    
19 Sterling Lopez   Andy Clark    
20 Samantha Potter   Mahaleah Potter    
21 Matthew Carpenter   Megan Carpenter    
22 Zack Velosa   Dillon O'Neil    
23 Joshua Brinker   Benjamin Byers    
24 Augie Labradi   Marquan Rivers    
25 Tyler Hedges   Dustin Yauney    
26 Kirk Chui   Nick Condon    
27 Avery Domaguin $10 Kara Aden   $10
28 Yairi Lubag $28 Patrick Sablan    
29 Jace Barnes   Nicholas Langford    
30 Tyler Handa   Nathan Griffin    
31 Autumn Barnes   James Estey    
32 Erik Hagen   Levi Grant    
33 Chris Hill   David Hill    
34 Mark Sauve   Genevieve LaLonde    
35 Timothy Kessler   Louis Luna    
36 Zian Sasaki   Ryland Pimentel    
37 Michaela Buhain   Lawrence Buhain    
38 Jake Hansen   Shane Strickland    
39 Rieley Ulanday   Allan Alcasid    
40 Michael Sasaki   Zach Greim    
41 Caleb Rothstein   David Domaguin    
42 Christian DiTucci   Tony Sye    
  High Games        
  Scratch Handicap      
1 Salama 299 P Sauve 282    
2 Duster 279 Kipler 281    
3 Camacho 267 Morales 280    
4 Lee 256 Lockwood 271    
5 Gilbert 255 Howieson 266    
  Round Leaders        
  Scratch Handicap      
1 Camacho-Hawkins Zweig-Zweig    
2 Camacho-Hawkins Zweig-Zweig    
3 Devlin-Dempsey Am Khong-Am Khong    
4 Lee-Schanen Am Khong-Am Khong    
5 Acuff-Duster Am Khong-Am Khong    
6 Acuff-Duster Zweig-Zweig    
7 Acuff-Duster Zweig-Zweig    


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