champs Ryan DeFazio & Reagan Lorey with Girls and U17 winners AJ Schock & Tommie McNeal

        Ryan DeFazio and Reagan Lorey doubled their title total in JBT Pacific Northwest Conference action at Fireside Lanes in Salem.

        Tommie McNeal took advantage of a low game by previous leader Richard Paul III to gain the #1 seed after qualifying.  His luck ran out in matchplay though, as local bowler Carlos Serrano beat him in the round of eight.  Also in that round was the match of the day, where Aidghan Ziegler fired a 299 game- but lost the two-game total pinfall match 502-497 to Jeff Jonker.  Jonker kept rolling with a semifinal win over Kyle Jonson, but Serrano was stopped by Ryan DeFazio, who moved on to play Jonker for the title.

        The two one-time champs put on an entertaining title match, with DeFazio leading by ten, but both bowlers on triples, entering the tenth.  Jonker left a 4-10 split in the final frame, handing the match to DeFazio, which was a good thing for Ryan as his 8-10 in the tenth became inconsequential.  The 224-212 final score was DeFazio's second career JBT title, having won the non-champs event in 2015.

        Jacob Frazier continued his excellent weekend by roaring to the #1 seed after qualifying.  He beat Wendy Jo LaTurner in round one, and Cosmo Castellano (who had upset #2 Bradley Baltazar in round one) in round two, but fell to Reagan Lorey in a surprisingly low scoring semifinal.  Meanwhile Derek Haight, who had a slew of sixth place finishes last season, finally broke the top-5 ice with wins over Madison Bash, Shannon Bliquez, and Vincent Oberto to advance and play Lorey for the title.

        Lorey watch little brother Jonathan win a title this season at Acme, and decided it was time for her to win again.  The 209-197 final over Haight was good for the second title of her JBT career.

        McNeal got a chance to sweep the U17 events on the weekend, but had to get by Baltazar, who earlier fired the event's only 300 game (even though he hid from the camera of doom to do so).  Tommie emerged with a 222-190 win over his friend to indeed sweep the weekend.  AJ Schock came up with a win over close rival Kelsey Abrahamsen 229-209 for the day's girls scratch title.

        Thanks as always to Erik and the team at Firebird for their usual great hosting job.  Want in on all the fun for all ages and averages?  Just check out our schedule and come on down!

Firebird Lanes- final results and scholarship winners
  Scratch Division  
rank bowler prize
1 Ryan DeFazio $250
2 Jeff Jonker $125
3 Kyle Jonson $75
4 Carlos Serrano $50
5 Tommie McNeal $75
6 Richard Paul III  
7 Aidghan Ziegler  
8 Brian DeLuisa-Anderson  
9 Andy Herrmann $19
10 Johnny Leggett $50
11 Jake Mullen $30
12 Kelsey Abrahamsen  
13 AJ Schock  
14 Kris Tomer  
15 Ryan Nikolas  
16 Isaac Richardson  
17 Tyger Miller  
18 Collin Young  
19 Jordan Jonker  
20 Cameron Cox  
21 MacKenzie Brumbaugh  
22 Donovan Grubaugh  
23 Josh Leinassar  
  Handicap Division  
1 Reagan Lorey $200
2 Derek Haight $130
3 Jacob Frazier $158
4 Vincent Oberto $75
5 Payton Edwards $45
6 Austin Camarillo $30
7 Shannon Bliquez $20
8 Cosmo Castellano  
9 Bradley Baltazar  
10 Isaac Mailkoff  
11 Andrew Martin  
12 Tyler Coates  
13 Hannah Abney $15
14 Madison Bash $15
15 Sara Harris  
16 Wendy Jo LaTurner  
17 Tyler DeLorm  
18 Colt Jance $15
19 Alexa Lanning  
20 Alejandro Moser-Hernandez $15
21 Olivia Kolppa  
22 Lohrghan Ziegler  
23 Evan Smith  
24 Layton Thurlow  
25 Matthew Salinas  
26 Brandon Nodland  
27 Blake Copeland  
28 Silas LeBlanc  
29 Konnor Sjullie  
30 Seth Chilcutt  
31 Bailey Peters  
32 Bryce Meisner  
33 Brittany Bland  
34 Amber Sparks  
35 Kristen Blank  
36 Joseph Brooks  
37 Jonathan Lorey  
38 LaiLani Wallin  
39 Alan Serrano  
  High Games  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Ziegler 299 Baltazar 318
2 Jeff Jonker 279 A Camarillo 313
3 Paul 277 Haight 303
4 Jeff Jonker 268 P Edwards 302
5 McNeal 267 Mailkoff 299
  Girls scratch side event  
1 Abrahamsen +18  
2 Schock +17*  
3 Abney -7  
4 R Lorey -19  
5 S Harris -26  
  U-17 scratch side event  
1 McNeal +181*  
2 Baltazar +111  
3 Paul +95  
4 Leggett +89  
5 A Ziegler +85  
  Round Leaders  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Paul Coates
2 Paul A Camarillo
3 Paul Frazier
4 Paul Frazier
5 McNeal Frazier