champs Keith Fung & Matt Ross; Girls and U17 winners Stefanny Toala & Mathew Adragna

        Keith Fung again put on his Sunday best, while Matt Ross made a long trip a winning one, in exciting JBT Arizona Conference action at Glenfair Lanes in Glendale.

        Matthew Zweig opened up the scratch division stepladder finals with a 177-155 win over Kyle Duster in the latest edition of their rivalry.  Harley Sweigart then beat Zweig 179-148.  Scores finally picked up in the semifinals, with Nick Devlin stopping Harley 230-215 after Sweigart spared the 3-7-9 in the tenth to give himself a chance. 

        Top seed Keith Fung led six of the eight rounds of the event, coincidentally doing his best bowling of the weekend again on a Sunday, continuing his recent trend.  The title game on a brutal pattern was well bowled, and Fung struck out in the tenth for 203.  That gave him the 'endless tenth' bonus, but Devlin had a chance to strike out for 204, creating numerous possibilities for ties or endless-tenth-ties.  It became moot though when Devlin couldn't get the second hit in the tenth, giving Keith the win and 6th career JBT title.

        Connor Lawrence, trying to duplicate brother Justin's win the day before, began the handicap finals with a 208-181 win over Mark Sauve.  Connor then beat Abby Franklin, who was hobbled by a busted thumb 190-178, but Lawrence's thumb was no better, and he couldn't keep up with Matt Ross in the semifinals, as Matt advanced to the title game.

        Top seed Katy Mace had her best career JBT event to date, leading since game four.  Katy bowled well in her first title match, but New Mexico's Ross, a runner-up last month in his home state, had the experience to come through in this match, winning his first career JBT title.

        Stefanny Toala was the top seed in both of the day's side events.  She won the Girls Scratch event with a 187-163 win over Abby Franklin, and then took part in maybe the most entertaining match of the day, against Mathew Adragna in the U-17 finale.  Toala left a 7-count on her fill ball to tie at 168, and then she and Mathew tied on the rolloff shot at 9.  The match was finally decided on the next shot, as Adragna won 10-8 to finally earn the day's U17 win.

        Big thanks as always to the great team at Glenfair for their usual great job hosting us.  Want in on all the fun?  Just check out our schedule and come on down!

Glenfair Lanes- final results and scholarship winners
  Scratch Division  
rank bowler prize
1 Keith Fung $250
2 Nick Devlin $214
3 Harley Sweigart $75
4 Matt Zweig $50
5 Kyle Duster $30
6 Russ Oviatt  
7 Zack Long  
8 Stefanny Toala  
9 Mathew Adragna  
10 John Newton  
11 Lucas Rabb  
12 Matt Green  
13 Zach Rapp  
14 Chris Ortega  
15 Austin Muldoon  
16 Christian Apolonio  
17 Kyle Reed  
18 Justin Song  
19 Joseph Bryan  
20 Tim Hill $5
21 Dante Rohe  
22 Kevin Lu  
23 Josh Fearing  
24 Josh Mabry  
25 Rashaad Jordan  
26 Nathan Nguyen  
27 Gianni Coste  
28 Max Polhill  
  Handicap Division  
1 Matt Ross $200
2 Katy Mace $125
3 Connor Lawrence $115
4 Abby Franklin $75
5 Mark Sauve $94
6 Katie Hurley $40
7 Kyle Perry $30
8 William Robbins $20
9 Jeremiah McClelon  
10 Justin Lawrence  
11 Leah Zweig $14
12 Clifford Robbins  
13 Tyler Hedges $30
14 Jadeyn Mabry  
15 Sebastian Polhill  
16 Avery Domaguin $14
17 Deo Benard  
18 Destiny Johnson $45
19 Josh Brown  
20 Keith Ylvisaker  
21 Phillip Sauve  
22 Raymond Gaiser  
23 Ryan Perry  
24 Tyler Nelson  
25 CJ Todeschi  
26 Corbin Hirsch  
27 Cody Graham  
28 Chris Hill $15
29 Kristy Mace $10
30 Amelia Mosley  
31 Josh Grissom  
32 Andrew Thomas  
33 Gavin Holter  
34 Landon Theobald  
35 Caitlynn Graham  
36 Rob McClelon  
37 James Wilson  
38 Elijah Melchor  
39 Kendall Bollea  
40 Justin Worthington  
41 Alex Seng  
42 Ryan Zent  
43 Shawn Seng Jr  
44 Christian Caron  
45 Kevin Van Gordon  
46 Kyle Lawrence  
  Qualifying Leaders  
  Scratch  Handicap
1 Fung +155 Mace +17
2 Devlin +109 K Perry -20
3 Sweigart -2 M Sauve -27
  High Games  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Fung 278 Ross 250
2 Duster 278 K Perry 249
3 Fung 259 J McClelon 244
4 Devlin 246 J Lawrence 240
5 Sweigart 245 K Hurley 240
  J Song 245  
  Girls Scratch side event  
1 Toala -139*  
2 Franklin -205  
3 Johnson -214  
4 Zweig -222  
5 K Hurley -247  
  U-17 scratch side event  
1 Adragna -84*  
2 Toala -139  
3 Lu -196  
4 Franklin -205  
5 Johnson -214  
  Round Leaders  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Fung J Lawrence
2 Fung M Ross
3 Devlin M Sauve
4 Devlin Mace
5 Fung Mace
6 Fung Mace
7 Fung Mace
8 Fung Mace