champs Cortez Schenck & Gage Baker with Megan Carpenter, Ryan Lee, Ben Dinenberg, and Solomon Salama

         Cortez Schenck wrapped up a Bowler of the Year season in So Cal, while Gage Baker pulled off an incredible two-peat, in exciting action at the JBT Southern California Conference Invitational tournament, hosted by Cal Bowl in Lakewood.

       After five qualifying games, eleven finalists joined five exempt bowlers for a sixteen-bowler, triple-elimination matchplay filled with dramatic finishes.  By round seven, Schenck was the only bowler left with just one loss, as a result of a win over upstart Costa Gastouniotis.  In the same round, Harley Sweigart eliminated Kyle Duster, and Ryan Lee eliminated Cerell Cardines.  In round eight, Lee stayed alive by beating Schenck, and Gastouniotis eliminated Sweigart, giving Lee a bye to the finals.  Cortez ousted Costa in the semifinal rematch, and in the resulting one game title match, a missed 6-10 from Ryan late-game spelled the difference, as Schenck cruised from there for the win and the title.  It's the 91st of his JBT career, and the triple-points win gives him an almost  prohibitive all-conference points lead heading into the TPC.

    Cameron Criss was brilliant in the handicap division qualifying, cruising to the top seed, and survived into round seven of matchplay, falling to Allison Azvedo.  The fifth place finish was enough to vault him into Bowler of the Year for So Cal however.  Cameron's brother Brandon was eliminated in that round also, by Erik Hagen, while Gage Baker became the last one-loss bowler with a win over Ben Dinenberg.  Baker then ousted Hagen in round eight while Dinenberg eliminated Azvedo, leaving Ben needing to beat Gage twice for the title.

    These two talented youngsters could be around JBT title matches for a long time, but for the moment it was eight year-old Gage with the experience edge over 13 year-old Ben.  Both put on nervous performances in the first match, and in the end Gage put together the late frame marks that included a tenth frame spare to edge Dinenberg for the championship.   It's the second Invitational win in a little over a month for Gage, an amazing accomplishment at any age, let alone a single-digit age!

    Megan Carpenter avenged a title match loss the day before with a a win over Brittany Kolatzny to capture the Girls Scratch Invitational.   Solomon Salama capped off a completely dominant So Cal U17 season with a win over Megan's brother Matthew Carpenter for the U17 Invite title.

    Thanks as always to the team at Cal for hosting us, as well as MSC for yet another fantastic scholarship contribution.  The field is now set for the 2017 TPC, where 204 bowlers are eligible to compete for over $20,000 in scholarships in our most prestigious event of the season!    

So Cal Invitational- final results and scholarship winners
  Scratch Division  
rank bowler prize
1 Cortez Schenck $1,146
2 Ryan Lee $500
3 Costa Gastouniotis $300
4 Harley Sweigart $244
5 Kyle Duster $150
6 Cerell Cardines $100
7 Solomon Salama $250
8 Kyle Andrews  
9 Anthony Schanen  
10 Marco Lerma  
11 Anthony Cando $50
12 Jore Grondin


13 Matt Carpenter $130
14 Jacob Camacho   
15 Donovan Koff  
16 Brandon Wanders  
17 Taylor Berry  
18 Ricky Pollom  
19 Kyle Reed $10
20 Brittany Kolatzny $100
21 Kyle Gilbert $5
22 Nick Caner  
23 Zack Long  
24 Kennison Andrews  
25 Tim Hill  
26 Ryan Howieson  
27 Kevin Banaag  
28 David Schneider   
29 Sergio Torres


30 Kylie Shishima  
31 Matt Alford  
  Handicap Division  
1 Gage Baker $1,000
2 Ben Dinenberg $500
3 Erik Hagen $300
4 Allison Azvedo $250
5 Cameron Criss $288
6 Brandon Criss $210
7 Zach Greim $125
8 Phillip Sauve $120
9 Aislinn Lubag $135
10 Jeff Rodda $50
11 Avery Domaguin $92
12 Austin Sugarman  
13 Joey Queller  
14 James McGough $50
15 Sterling Lopez  
16 Nolan Am-Khong $50
17 Megan Carpenter $200
18 Justin Phillips Jr  
19 William Robbins  
20 Silas Phillips  
21 Clifford Baltazar  
22 Secilia Kalvelage  
23 Ashley Wilcox  
24 CJ Todeschi  
25 Katie Kipler  
26 Rieley Ulanday


27 Braeden Phillips  
28 Michaela Buhain  
29 Connor Steelmon-Hill  
30 Tanner Ferguson  
31 Zian Sasaki  
32 Elias Luna   
33 Patrick Sablan  
34 Lindsay Greim  
35 Dante Villa  
36 Kyle Wilson  
37 Ranelle Ulanday  
38 Caleb Rothstein  
39 Simon Ortega  
40 Kaylee Am-Khong  
41 Jared Schiada  
42 Dillon O'Neil  
43 Louis Luna  
44 Yael Salama  
45 Trevyr Geronimo  
46 Jennifer Peterson  
47 Chris Hill  
48 Shane Howard  
49 Kaytelyn Abigania $15
50 Joshua Abgania  
51 Renee Gentry  
52 Ryland Pimentel  
53 Dawson Reese  
54 Timothy Kessler  
55 Nicholas Taylor  
56 Kyle Perry  
57 Maikayla Villa  
58 Peter Ruiz  
  High Games  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Sweigart 280 A Lubag 260
2 Cando 269 S Lopez 258
3 Reed 266 Egana 258
4 Cando 257 Y Salama 253
5 Gilbert 256 Queller 252
  High Female  
1 Carpenter -70  
2 Kolatzny -83*  
3 Domaguin -153  
4 Gentry -167  
5 Kipler -183  
  Qualifying Leaders  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Cando +108 Domaguin +57
2 Reed +93 Rodda +54
3 Cardines +92 K Perry +31
1 Cardines +92  
2 Salama +19*  
3 Rodda -26  
4 Banaag -34  
5 Berry -49  
  Round Leaders  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Sweigart McGough
2 Sweigart Queller
3 Reed Queller
4 Reed Domaguin
5 Cando Domaguin
6 Reed Rodda
7 Cando Domaguin
8 Gilbert Queller
  Total Awarded This Event: $6,070