champs Jake Mullen & Tyler Coates with Colt Jance & U17 and Girls winners Tommie McNeal and Reagan Lorey

        Jake Mullen and Tyler Coates put on impressive performances to capture titles in the 2017 Pac NW Invitational tournament, hosting by Longview's Triangle Bowl.

        Sixteen finalists in each division advanced to nerve-wracking triple elimination matchplay, creating do-or-die moments throughout the center for four breathtaking hours.  By round eight only five scratch bowlers remained standing, with #3 seed Andy Herrmann enjoying a bye, while Tyler Boe eliminated AJ Schock, and Tyler Hogstrom finally handed Jake Mullen his first loss.  In the next round Herrmann beat Mullen, and Boe beat Hogstorm, which eliminated nobody but essentially created semifinal matches with everyone now at two losses.  In those matches, Mullen eliminated Boe, and Hogstrom eliminated Herrmann (who solidified Bowler of the Year with the third place finish), setting up the one game title match.

        Both veterans performed extremely well on the very demanding pattern in the title match.  However, when Jake crushed a tenth frame strike, years of emotion poured out as he finally captured the elusive first scratch win, which he had come painfully close to earning, including the day before. 

        Coates started the day needing a good performance to earn Bowler of the Year, and did way more than that, blasting to the top seed after qualifying.  He got to his second loss by round six, but would never see the third, as he roared past previous day's champ Hilary Zuniga in round seven, giving Tyler DeLorm his first loss in round eight, and ousting Aidghan Ziegler in round nine, to set up a rematch against DeLorm, but needing to beat him twice to take the title away.

        DeLorm had been brilliant all day, but faltered late in the first game, which Coates took advantage of to win and force a final decider.   Whether it was the loss or the extremely long day, DeLorm appeared to be out of gas in the finale, and meanwhile Coates was getting stronger, and he cruised in the finale to the win, his second career JBT title, and the $1,000 top scholarship prize.

        Coates wasn't quite done yet, as he then got to be a special guest star in the Tommie McNeal show, otherwise known as the U17 title game.  Having had to wait a while for the match, Tommie was, well, Tommie in an entertaining win over Coates for the title.  Regan Lorey finished off her impressive season with a win over Kelsey Abrahamsen for the Girls Scratch Invite title.

        Big thanks as always to the team at Triangle for another great hosting job.  The top 20 points scorers now advance to the 2017 Touring Players Championship, the most prestigious event on the JBT calendar!

Pac NW Invitational- final results and scholarship winners
  Scratch Division  
rank bowler prize
1 Jake Mullen $1,030
2 Tyler Hogstrom $500
3 Andy Herrmann $265
4 Tyler Boe $125
5 AJ Schock $100
6 Cortez Schenck $108
7 Tommie McNeal $250
8 Brandon Jensen  
9 Nick Devlin $59
10 Ryan DeFazio $30
11 Brian DeLuisa-Anderson  
12 Jerry Jennings  
13 Ryan Nikolas $50
14 Kyle Jonson  
15 Kelsey Abrahamsen $165
16 Michael Creel  
17 Makana Wong  
18 Aidghan Ziegler  
19 Collin Young  
20 Daniel Hanson  
21 Kris Tomer  
22 Isaac Richardson  
  Handicap Division  
1 Tyler Coates $1,100
2 Tyer DeLorm $500
3 Lohrghan Ziegler $250
4 Brendan Hopkins $155
5 Vincent Oberto $100
6 Hilary Zuniga $90
7 Gabriel Potter $14
8 Evan Smith  
9 Reagan Lorey $250
10 Brooke Collins  
11 Seth Chilcutt  
12 Colt Jance $49
13 Tyler Denune  
14 Jacob Frazier $50
15 Michael Strothman  
16 Bradley Baltazar $55
17 Lailani Wallin  
18 Jonathan Lorey  
19 Bryan Zeutenhorst  
20 Ruth Magana  
21 Cosmo Castellano  
22 Wendy Jo La Turner  
23 Madison Bash  
24 Amber Sparks  
25 Amndrew Martin  
26 Payton Edwards  
27 Shannon Bliquez  
28 Paul Rosales  
29 Kerissa Andersen  
30 Hunter Bower $5
31 Hannah Abney  
32 Derek Haight  
33 Bailey Peters  
34 Olivia Kolppa  
35 Joe Brooks  
  Qualifying Leaders  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Schenck +45 Coates +89
2 McNeal +41 Jance +54
3 Herrmann +3 Potter +49
  High Games  
  Scratch Handicap
1 McNeal 268 Strothman 291
2 Mullen 267 Potter 275
3 Schenck 264 Chilcutt 267
4 Schenck 259 Potter 266
5 Schenck 248 Zuniga 258
  Boe 248  
  Girls scratch side event  
1 Lorey -78*  
2 Abrahamsen -78  
3 Collins -116  
4 Schock -166  
5 Abney -268  
  U-17 scratch side event  
1 McNeal +41  
2 Coates -1  
3 Jennings -64  
4 Mullen -80  
5 DeLuisa-Anderson -119  
  Round Leaders  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Schenck Castellano
2 Schenck Coates
3 Schenck Coates
4 Schenck Denune
5 Schenck Coates