Girls champ Kaylee Am-Khong, scratch champ Wesley Low, handicap champ Alyssa Tucker, handicap runners-up Destiny Johnson & William Robbins, U17 champ Cerell Cardines, and a hungry Nolan Am-Khong

        Wesley Low and Alyssa Tucker escaped the 'rising tide' to capture JBT titles in exciting Mojave Conference action at Suncoast Bowling Center in Las Vegas.

        In the rising tide format, and increasing number of bowlers with the lowest overall pinfall totals are eliminated round by round until the rising tide whisks all but the champion away.  Low had a prohibitive lead when the scratch division got down to three bowlers, but not an insurmountable one with the 50-pin'lifeline' bonus available to the high game.  Joe Gerencser, coming off a 259 the game before, made it very interesting, stringing strikes while Low struggled, but a missed spare from Gerencser gave Wesley the room he needed.  Low struck out from there, earning the 25th title of his fantastic JBT career.  Chris tucker finished third, Russ Oviatt 4th, Nick Devlin 5th, and Cerell Cardines 6th.

        The handicap division was reduced from 18 down to three in the rising tide rounds, with Destiny Johnson enjoying a 50-pin lead over William Robbins and an 80-pin margin over Alyssa Tucker.  Robbins came out firing strikes while Destiny struggled a bit, as her 189 dropped her to +193.  Robbins rolled a fine 234 to appear to lock things up, but Tucker responded with a 10th frame double to outscore Robbins with 236, and the 60-pin lifeline bonus that came with it pushed her over the top to earn her first career JBT title.   Early round leader Noel Gregorich finished in fourth, William's brother Clifford came in fifth, and David Jepsen stayed afloat until 6th place.

        Cardines kept his roll going in the U17 side event, beating Dominic Olivares to earn the win and take over the U17 points lead.  Kaylee Am-Khong officially qualified for the Girls Scratch TPC with a win over April McDonnell, her third of the season.

        Thanks to the team at Suncoast for a great job hosting a busy weekend.  Want in on all this fun for all ages and all averages?  Just check out the JBT schedule at our website and come on down!

Suncoast- final results and scholarship winners
  Scratch Division  
rank bowler prize
1 Wesley Low $250
2 Joe Gerencser $125
3 Chris Tucker $75
4 Russ Oviatt $50
5 Nick Devlin $89
6 Cerell Cardines $45
7 Teagan Smale $14
8 Brandon Rouse  
9 Cortez Schenck  
10 Sergio Torres  
11 Dominic Olivares  
12 Harley Sweigart  
13 Zack Long  
14 Skyler McGowan  
15 Donovan Koff  
16 John Newton  
17 Andrew Guba  
18 Josh Demick  
19 Kyle Reed $5
20 Leah Glazer  
21 Dante Rohe  
  Handicap Division  
1 Alyssa Tucker $205
2 Destiny Johnson $100
3 William Robbins $80
4 Noel Gregorich $50
5 Clifford Robbins $40
6 David Jepsen $30
7 Jairo DeAlba $20
8 Kaylee Am-Khong $20
9 Kendall Bollea $15
10 Devyn Patalina  
11 Brandon Duffy  
12 Silas Phillips  
13 Mark Sauve $44
14 Ruben Mendoza  
15 Connor Steelmon-Hill $45
16 Phillip Sauve  
17 Brett McEachern  
18 Tanner Ferguson  
19 Toby Ferguson  
20 David Galvan  
21 Tyler Hedges $15
22 Sam Conti $15
23 Nolan Am-Khong  
24 Abigail Harling  
25 Ryland Gregorich  
26 Jopfel Gafate  
27 April McDonnell  
28 Kyle Wilson  
29 Jason Aguon  
30 Josue DeAlba  
31 Darren Fletcher  
32 Deo Benard  
33 Beatrix Cacao  
34 Sophia Ferguson  
35 Alexiz Bustamante  
36 Tyler Castronova  
37 Caitlin Farr  
38 Zachary Gonzalez  
39 Kyle Rendon  
  High Games  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Devlin 269 N Gregorich 257
2 Gerencser259 D Johnson 257
3 B Rouse 258 Glavan 255
4 Low 255 W Robbins 249
5 Oviatt 246 W Robbins 247
  High Female  
1 Am-Khong -65*  
2 McDonnell -132  
3 A Tucker -148  
4 D Johnson -163  
5 Glazer -184  
  Qualifying Leaders  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Low +84 N Gregorich +88
2 Devlin +42 W Robbins +69
3 Oviatt +21 A Tucker +32
1 Cardines +2*  
2 Olivares -59  
3 K Am-Khong -65  
4 McGowan -70  
5 Guba -90  
  Round Leaders  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Oviatt Duffy
2 Oviatt N Gregorich
3 Devlin N Gregorich
4 Devlin N Gregorich
5 Low N Gregorich
  Total Awarded This Event: $1,332