champs Craig Tuholski, Evan Smith, Chris Tuholski, Kelsey Abrahamsen, & Kevin Hong

        A veteran quintet of decorated bowlers teamed up to win the Pac NW JBT Baker Team Challenge, held at Burien's Hiline Lanes.

        The Oregon superstar team that called themselves "Scared Hitless" dominated qualifying, but unfortunately their name foretold their bowling in the matchplay portion, as they fell in round two after a first round bye.  The only team in the top eight to get bonus pins for addition under-170 bowlers, "We need one" made it all the way to the semifinals, before bowing out, along with Pac NW Director Evan Olson's "Toms & Jerry".  That left "Christmas Custard" and "To Have and Two Holes", two teams loaded with past experience in JBT Baker finals, to battle it out for top honors this time. 

        Anchor Chris Tuholski's power is almost impossible to stop when he's on a roll, and all his teammates did their part as well, leading to the title in a hard fought finale.  Joining Chris was his father Craig, JBT scratch girls Bowler of the Year Kelsey Abrahamsen, defending TPC champ Evan Smith, and past GSUSBC Bowler of the Year Kevin Hong.

        Big thanks to the team at Hiline for hosting one of the most fun yet competitive events of the year.  Want in on all this fun for all ages and all averages?  Just come on down to the next JBT event!

Pac NW Baker- final results and scholarship winners
rank bowlers prize total
1 Kelsey Abrahamsen $166 $500
  Chris Tuholski $166  
  Craig Tuholski    
  Evan Smith $166  
  Kevin Hong    
2 Tanner Spacey   $300
  Tommie McNeal $100  
  Jacob Frazier $100  
  Kyle Jonson $100  
  Robert Kelley    
3 Andy Herrmann $60 $180
  Evan Olson    
  Jerry Jennings $60  
  Don Bautch    
  Payton Edwards $60  
4 Tyler De Lorm $60 $180
  Jason De Lorm    
  Michael Strothman $60  
  Todd Strothman    
  Ruth Magana $60  
5 Ryan Nikolas    
  Russ Nikolas    
  John West    
  Jake Mullen    
  Shannon Bliquez    
6 AJ Schock    
  Derek Haight    
  Bailey Peters    
  Mike Armstrong    
  Paul Haight    
7 Reagan Lorey    
  Jaimee Lorey    
  Maddi Bash    
  Brian DeLuisa-Anderson    
  Darren Stanley    
8 Sara Harris    
  Emily Goodnight    
  Jeff Jonker    
  JordanJonker $5  
  Ryan Harris    
9 Cortez Schenck    
  Mike Calderon    
  Brandi Calderon    
  Nick Devlin    
  Brendan Hopkins    
10 Lohrghan Ziegler    
  Aidghan Ziegler    
  Isaac Richardson    
  Michael Creel    
  Dean Buchanan    
11 Hannah Saunders    
  Austin Vik-Rae    
  DJ Morrin    
  Mike McDowell    
  Jayla High    
12 Simon Dyck    
  Carl Nicholas    
  Olivia Kolppa    
  Brittany Bland    
  Harley Sweigart    
13 Tyler Boe    
  Nick Bruketta    
  Scott Schimming    
  Cindy Mattingly    
  Michayla Garden $5  
14 Tyler Hogstrom $5  
  Maddi Durr    
  Brian Monnette    
  Jodey Rees    
  Erik Holbein    
15 Kyle Adams    
  Paul Rosales    
  Joyce Aolama    
  Octavio Rosales    
  Jonathan Lorey    
16 Alana Brown    
  Andi Valdez-Hicks    
  Kris Tomer    
  Sherry McDowell    
  Shawn Brown    
17 Sam Cox    
  Collins Davis    
  Peter Davis    
  Sally Ault    
  WendyJo LaTurner    
18 Bobby Nadell    
  Colt Jance    
  Vincent Oberto    
  Bradley Baltazar    
  Gary Carter    
19 Hunter Bower    
  Megan Bower    
  Kathy White    
  Aiden White    
  Lailani Wallin