champ Kellen Lavery

        Kellen Lavery joined the JBT champions club by beating a strong field in a brutal forma, in exciting Saturday night action at Whitewood Lanes in Lubbock.

        After 5 games of matchplay on the flat PBA Bear pattern, the top 8 competed in the popular but grueling Battle Bag format, where when you lose a game, your opponent takes a ball out of play, until you're out of equipment and thus eliminated.  The first round was best 3-of-5, and it was bad news for Vanessa Romero, who wowed n qualifying to take the lead, but was upset by Levi Fintel in 5 tough games.  In other matches, Lavery swept Carson Opela , William Yoder stopped Harley Sweigart 3-1, and in a terrific comeback, Donius Jeffries, the only handicap division regular to make the cut, came back from 2 games down (and thus with only one ball) to oust Chris Ortega.

        In best 2-of-3 semis, Lavery swept Fintel and Yoder stopped Jeffries' fine run to set up the single game final.  Both bowlers competed very well on the hyper-demanding Bear pattern, but a late-frame Greek Church from Yoder proved to be fatal.  Kellen won the match 193-191, for a well-deserved first title of his JBT career.

        Big thanks to Bill and Monica Wood and the team at Whitewood for allowing us the lanes and linage on a busy Saturday night to make this event happen.  Want in on the unique formats and fun that only JBT provides?  Just check out our schedule and come on down!

Whitewood Lanes- final results and scholarship winners
  Scratch Division  
rank bowler prize
1 Kellen Lavery $250
2 William Yoder $125
3 Donius Jeffries II $75
4 Levi Fintel $50
5 Vanessa Romero $30
6 Carson Opela  
7 Harley Sweigart  
8 Chris Ortega  
9 Zach Wojciechowski  
10 Daniel Hall  
11 Stefan Wood  
12 Josh Demick  
13 Zach Harvey  
14 Bradley Edwards  
15 Montana Cdebaca  
16 Kat Rush  
17 Desiree Knott  
18 Brad Harvey  
19 Jonah Seawright  
20 Will Davis  
21 Matteo Bergonzi  
22 Toby Cdebaca  
23 Nick Burgess  
24 Lara Wood  
25 John Ellis  
  High Games  
1 Lavery 272  
2 Yoder 256  
3 Yoder 246  
4 Yoder 236  
5 Sweigart 235  
  Round Leaders  
1 Yoder  
2 Yoder  
3 Yoder  
4 Sweigart  
5 V Romero