champs Randy Cote & Bryan Van Sickle, and Kyle and Connor Lawrence, with runners up Dave Cirigliano & Lucas Rabb, and Phillip and Mark Sauve

        Bryan Van Sickle is a non-champ no more, while the Lawrences kept it in the family, in exciting action at the AZ Doubles Classic, hosted by AMF Deer Valley Lanes. 

        Matt Zweig and Shane Valleau began the Baker format scratch division stepladder finals with a 223-205 win over qualifying leaders Joshua Molloy and Michael Fitzgerald.  Mark Myers and Justin Song then blasted 10 strikes in a 266-202 win over Zweig and Valleau.  Van Sickle and Randy Cote then beat Song and Myers 223-181 to advance to the title game.

        Lucas Rabb, still looking for his first scratch title, partnered with one of the best around in Dave Cirigliano to nail down the top seed.  Neither team blinked in a terrific match on what had not been a high scoring condition.  Both teams had their juniors bowl the tenth frame.  Van Sickle packed three beautiful strikes to finish at 248, forcing Rabb to get all three to tie.  The first two shots were great, but Lucas' light hit on the fill ball would not fall, and the 248-247 finale left Lucas floored, and finally erased the 'best non-titlist' albatross from Van Sickle's record with his first win.  Cote also ties his wife Bryanna (Caldwell) with his tenth JBT title- look our for Bry on her next chance!

         Bryanna made a run at winning along with Randy, as she and Breanna Feurstock began the handicap finals with a 193-185 win over Josh Williams and Cory Vanderpoel.    CJ Todeschi and Gavin Holter then stopped Bryanna and Breanna 180-157.  The brother tandem of Phillip and Mark Sauve then turned the tables on CJ and Gavin 212-175, to advance to the title game.

        Top seeds Connor and Kyle Lawrence were near or at the top of the leaderboard all day long, and stayed strong all game in a 222-198 win over the Sauves, good for the 2nd and 3rd titles of their JBT careers.

         Big thanks to the team at Deer Valley for a great job hosting our busy Doubles event for the first time.  Over $3,300 was awarded- want in on all the fun for all ages and averages?  Just check out our schedule and come on down!

AZ Doubles- final results and scholarship winners    
  Scratch Division        
rank bowler prize bowler prize total
1 Randy Cote   Bryan VanSickle $400 $400
2 Lucas Rabb $200 Dave Cirigliano   $200
3 Mark Myers   Justin Song $150 $150
4 Matt Zweig $100 Shane Valleau   $100
5 Josh Molloy $80 Michael Fitzgerald   $80
6 Jakob Butturff   Kyle Duster    
7 Nick Devlin   Sergio Torres    
8 Ben Canfield   Josh Mabry    
9 Keith Fung   Kyle King    
10 Correen Lieber   Kyle Gilbert $42 $42
11 Derek Acuff   Kyle Reed    
12 Ben Laughlin   Sean Trzaskowski    
13 Jacob Merki    Mathew Garrett    
14 Cristian Roque   Jerod Walker    
15 Raymond Johnson   Mathew Adragna    
16 Michael Dragon   KJ Martinez    
17 Josh Fearing $14 Kyle Simi   $14
18 Abby Franklin $29 Josh Blanchard   $29
19 Matt Jones   David Coughlin    
20 John Newton   Christopher Rouse    
21 Harley Sweigart $14 Alan Grobmeier   $14
22 Christian Caron   James Wilson    
23 Michael Heath   Ronald Delatorre    
24 Troy Blickenstaff   Nicholas Tejada    
25 Marc Villalobos   Sebastian Huffman    
  Handicap Division        
1 Kyle Lawrence $215 Connor Lawrence $200 $415
2 Phillip Sauve $125 Mark Sauve $125 $250
3 CJ Todeschi $100 Gavin Holter $105 $205
4 Bryanna Cote   Breanna Feurstack $150 $150
5 Josh Wiliams  $115 Cory Vanderpoel   $115
6 Avery Domaguin $80 David Domaguin   $80
7 AJ Imperial   Bugs Norbury     
8 Kevin VanGordon   Brian VanGordon    
9 Silas Phillips   Andrew Thomas    
10 Oscar Llamas Jr   Juna Llamas    
11 Alex Seng   Shawn Seng      
12 Kendall Bollea $58 Derrick Bollea   $58
13 Cesar Padilla Jr   Cesar Padilla Sr    
14 Josh Brown   William Brown    
15 Eric Demo   Elijah Melchor    
16 Brian Erickson $44 David Erickson   $44
17 Janelle Skalicky   Kaitlyn Hammer    
18 Labriel Leach   Keith Ylvisaker $5 $5
19 Noah Figueroa   Chris Weyrauch    
20 Jaden Mabry   Stefanny Toala    
21 Victoria Potter   Kru Santana    
22 Baylee Snow   Greg Snow    
23 William Robbins   Jory Burke    
24 Landon Theobald   Kaleb Hoyum    
25 Mackenzie Hammer   Judy Caron    
26 Sean Brackett   Bill Brackett    
27 Darren Fletcher   John Fletcher    
28 Alejandro Aragon   Ethan Young    
29 Justin Worthington   Ray Turman    
30 Kyle Perry $5 Sandi Hacker   $5
31 Ryan Zent   John Conaway    
32 Payton Workman   Jason Workman    
33 Clifford Robbins   William Robbins II    
34 William Atherton   Hayden Hull    
35 Dawson Reese   Tara Reese    
  High Games        
1 Trzaskowski 276        
2 Torres 268        
3 Torres 268        
4 Garrett 267        
5 Torres, Duster 265        
1 Imperial 262        
2 Bollea 259        
3 Holter 254        
4 Holter 254        
5 Todeschi 254        
  Qualifying Leaders        
1 Molloy-Fitzgerald +160        
2 Myers-Song +147        
3 Rabb-Cirigliano +143        
1 Todeschi-Holter +100        
2 Lawrence-Lawrence +87        
3 Cote-Feurstock +27        
  Round Leaders        
1 Devlin-Torres        
2 Fung-King        
3 Myers-Song        
4 Molloy-Fitzgerald        
5 Myers-Song        
6 Zweig-Valleau        
7 Rabb-Cirigliano        
1 Seng-Seng        
2 LawrenceL-Lawrence        
3 LawrenceL-Lawrence        
4 Todeschi-Holter        
5 LawrenceL-Lawrence        
6 LawrenceL-Lawrence        
7 LawrenceL-Lawrence