champs Marc Villalobos, William Robbins, Clint Strawmyer, Secilia Kalvelage, Costa Gastouniotis

        Five bowlers won their first JBT titles in a scratch event, winning the So Cal 5-person Baker Team Challenge, hosted by Bowlium Lanes in Montclair.

        The team in various shades of green made the other teams green with envy, as they qualified #7 for the exciting matchplay rounds, then won three rounds, including some teams with stacked JBT scratch division rosters, to reach the final match.

        Baker bowling is all about teamwork and momentum, and they certainly had all of that in the midnight finals, as after a long day of bowling (most had already bowled the Doubles event during the day, and still had singles in the morning), they swept the finals 2-0 to win the event.  For scratch regulars Marc Villalobos and Costa Gastouniotis it was their first wins, adult bowler Clint Strawmyer finally won the title that eluded him while still a junior, handicap regular Secilia Kalvelage got a scratch win (teams did receive bonus pins for extra bowlers under a 170 average besides the one required), and William Robbins just keeps on winning, making it two titles in less than seven hours!

        Huge thanks to Bowlium for providing the lanes on a Saturday night to make this event possible, as well as all the adults for taking tie to bowl with today's amazing kids.  Want in on the fun?  Just come on out to the next JBT event!

So Cal Baker- final results and scholarship winners
rank bowlers prize total
1 Marc Villalobos $125 $500
  William Robbins $125  
  Secilia Kalvelage $125  
  Costa Gastouniotis $125  
  Clint Strawmyer    
2 Kirk Chui $63 $250
  Trevor Thompson $63  
  Caleb Rothstein $63  
  Ricky Pollom $63  
  Nick Condon    
3 Trevyr Geronimo $30 $150
  Jasey Opiana $30  
  Ardani Rodas $30  
  Kylie Shishima $30  
  Clifford Baltazar $30  
4 Brian Reed   $150
  Kyle Reed $50  
  Marguerite Evans    
  Zack Long $50  
  Harley Sweigart $50  
5 Kyle Gilbert $25 $100
  Kaylee AmKhong $25  
  Avery Domaguin $25  
  Sebastian Huffman $25  
  Buddy Lucas    
6 Daniel Hong    
  Emily Schrider    
  Richard Delgado    
  Michael Marmolejo    
  Allex Zieg    
7 Darron Peters    
  Jacob Camacho    
  Mondesi Saavedra    
  Emily Cheesman    
  Cheryl Robinson    
8 Zack Jellsey    
  Zack Jellsey    
  Stacie Jellsey    
  Zack Murray    
  Art Guzman    
9 Jen Peterson    
  Freddy Ramirez    
  Simon Ortega    
  Justin Phillips Jr    
  Justin Phillips Sr    
10 Richard Paul III    
  Frank Howard    
  Shane Howard    
  Ryan Lee    
  Brandon Wanders    
11 Israel Ramireez    
  Gael Egana    
  Alberto Bernal    
  Carlos Perez    
  Manuel Gonzalez    
12 Tyler Handa    
  John Handa    
  James McGough    
  Maheleah Potter    
  Samantha Potter    
13 Kyle Nino    
  CJ Schaffer    
  Braeden Phillips    
  David Schaffer    
  Tony Nino    
14 Halie Morgan    
  Sahara Morgan    
  Amanda Buettner    
  Carie Morgan    
  Dan Baxter    
15 Zach Greim    
  Zian Sasaki    
  Jordan Bronson    
  Hailey Shepherd    
  Jody Sheperd    
16 Jim Ferguson    
  Tanner Ferguson    
  Connor Steelmon-Hill    
  Garrett Lee    
  Mike Lee    
17 David Erickson    
  Brian Erickson    
  Zack Gonzalez    
  Clifford Robbins    
  William Robbins     
18 Marquan Rivers    
  Aidan Contreras    
  Donavan Bennett    
  Lidia Hernandez    
  Jonathan Huezo    
19 Tim Hill    
  Austin Sugarman    
  Renee Gentry    
  Jesse Garcia    
  Katherine Hill