champs Ryan Lee and Anthony Schanen & James McGough & William Robbins

        Two strong teams put on great stepladder performances to win the So Cal Doubles Classic, hosted by Bowlium Lanes in Montclair.

        The father-son team of Brian and Kyle Reed opened the scratch finals with a 228-190 win over Jacob Camacho and Darron Peters.  The Reeds turned it up in round two with a big 268-193 win over Kevin and Robert Banaag.   Solomon Salama and Harley Sweigart, the left duo ranked 1-2 in points and the team to beat on paper, then fell victim to too many 9-counts and more great shots from the Reeds, as Kyle and Brian won 237-216 to reach the title game.

        Top seeds Ryan Lee and Anthony Schanen had already had a great day, dominating the tournament from the beginning and highlighted by a 300 game from Schanen, good for the $300 MSC perfect game jackpot!  They had a narrow lead through most of the title match as well, until a missed 10-pin by Lee in the tenth gave the Reeds a chance to come out of nowhere and win, but it required three strikes in the tenth from Brian on a lane he looked lost on just to tie.  Reed threw two brilliant shots, but couldn't get the third hit in the tenth, and Ryan and Anthony escaped with a 208-206 win and the titles.

        The Winnetka-based team of Daniel Giegoldt and Ardani Rodas began round one of the handicap finals with a narrow 203-201 win over Amanda and Ed Hanson.  Ardani and Giegodlt then got past Erik Hagen and Caleb Rothstein 201-146, followed by a 173-129 victory over newcomers Kyle and Anthony Nino, to reach the title game.

        William Robbins has been on a tear through all JBT conferences (look out PNW), and he made a shrewd choice of partner in James McGough, a veteran Californian, who bowls very similar to William so they could really get a good read off each other.  Throwing hard and staying out of trouble, they led from the start, and when the strikes started coming they became unstoppable, beating Daniel and Ardani 257-196 for the titles.

        Big thanks to the team at Bowlium for their usual terrific hosting job.  Want in on all this excitement?  Just check out our next JBT event and come on down! 

So Cal Doubles- final results and optional scholarship winners    
  Scratch Division        
rank bowler


bowler prize total
1 Anthony Schanen $530 Ryan Lee $200 $730
2 Kyle Reed $300 Brian Reed   $300
3 Solomon Salama $130 Harley Sweigart $115 $245
4 Kevin Banaag $100 Robert Banaag   $100
5 Jacob Camacho $80 Darron Peters   $80
6 Sebastian Huffman   Buddy Lucas    
7 Gael Egana   Israel Ramirez    
8 Trevyr Geronimo   Gary Payne    
9 Allex Zieg   Michael Marmolejo    
10 Marquan Rivers   Augie Labrado Jr    
11 Dean Reyes $43 Edward Estrada   $43
12 Richard Paul III   Jacey Opiana    
13 Nolan Am-Khong   Matt Rico    
14 Renee Gentry   Ashley Wilcox    
15 Marc Villalobos   Mondesi Saavedra    
16 Kyle Gilbert   Kaylee Am-Khong    
17 Zack Long   Andre Eubanks    
18 Carlos Perez   Jordan Bronson    
19 Tim Hill   Jesse Garcia    
20 Kirk Chui   Nick Condon    
21 Trevor Thompson   Leoj Chin    
22 Austin Sugarman   James Knapp    
23 CJ Schaffer   David Schaffer    
  Handicap Division        
1 William Robbins $200 James McGough $200 $400
2 Daniel Giegoldt   Ardani Rodas $300 $300
3 Kyle Nino $200 Anthony Nino   $200
4 Erik Hagen $75 Caleb Rothstein $75 $150
5 Amanda Hanson $145 Ed Hanson   $145
6 Freddy Ramirez $80 Angie Phillips   $80
7 Emily Schrider $60 Mike Mellick   $60
8 Clifford Robbins   Clifford Baltazar    
9 Braeden Phillips   Simon Ortega    
10 Zachary Gonzalez   Silas Phillips    
11 Costa Gastouniotis   Secilia Kalvelage    
12 Justin Phillips Jr   Justin Phillips Sr    
13 Lawrence Buhain $30 Michaela Buhain $15 $45
14 Brian Erickson   David Erickson    
15 Zian Sasaki $30 Hailey Sheperd   $30
16 Shane Howard   Frank Howard    
17 Brandon Criss $15 Cameron Criss $90 $105
18 Zach Greim   Lindsay Greim    
19 Daniel Hong   Richard Delgado    
20 Tanner Ferguson   Jim Ferguson    
21 Sahara Morgan   Tomas Karlsson    
22 Jim Hill   Connor Steelmon-Hill    
23 Halie Morgan   Minh Nguyen    
24 Margie Hittinger   Sandra Chacon    
25 Avery Domaguin   Debbie Ayers    
26 Amanda Buettner   Carie Morgan    
27 Emily Cheesman   Cheryl Robinson    
28 Maheleah Potter   Samantha Potter    
29 Yairi Lubag   Ammie Lubag    
30 Aislinn Lubag   Ron Lubag    
31 Tyler Handa   Josh Gartrell    
32 Garrett Lee   Susan Ferguson    
33 Lathan Chin   Andy Clark    
34 James Estey   Gerald Griffin    
35 Victoria Potter   Jarret Salazar    
  High Games        
  Scratch Handicap      
1 Schanen 300 Ortega 287    
2 Camacho 278 H Morgan 282    
3 Sweigart 267 W Robbins 278    
4 Marmolejo 266 Rothstein 274    
5 Rivers 259 Rodas 273    
  Round Leaders        
  Scratch Handicap      
1 Schanen/Lee Hagen/Rothstein    
2 Schanen/Lee Hagen/Rothstein    
3 Schanen/Lee Phillips/Ortega    
4 Schanen/Lee Nino/Nino    
5 Salama/Sweigart Nino/Nino    
6 Salama/Sweigart Hanson/Hanson    
7 Schanen/Lee Robbins/McGough