champs Josh Mabry and Aislinn Lubag with Kaylee Am-Khong, Kevin Banaag, Jennifer Peterson, Justin Redfield, Brandon Lim, & Clifford Robbins

         Josh Mabry and Aislinn Lubag survived a demanding test to capture JBT titles in exciting Southern California Conference action at Morongo Casino's beautiful Canyon Lanes.

        Ryan Lee began the scratch division stepladder finals with a 189-165 win over Zach Rapp.  Lee then won a thriller against Zack Long 210-207.  Mabry then defeated Lee 200-181, relegating Lee to another third place finish and sending Mabry on to the title game.

        One of the lowest cut scores in some time (-160) and the lowest leading qualifying score in recent memory (Long at -49) put an absolute premium on filling frames, and nobody did it better than Kaylee Am-Khong, who found herself as the top seed in scratch for the first time.  Both players struggled in the title game, but in the end it was Mabry, a Tucson bowler who seems to do most of his damage in California events, beating Kaylee 188-155 for a long awaited first title of his JBT career.

        Aislinn Lubag, at just 8 years old, put on a match game clinic in the handicap stepladder, beginning with a 191-176 win over semi-cranky Clifford Robbins in round one.  Lubag then got a huge break in a 178-176 win over Jennifer Peterson when Jennifer opened in the tenth.  Lubag then beat Brandon Lim to advance to the title game.

        Justin Redfield had been good in qualifying, and then outstanding in the second round to gain the top seed.  However, his look deteriorated in the final, and Lubag's six spares in the title game were plenty for a 203-159 win, as she danced off with her second career JBT title.

        Peterson got some revenge with a win over Am-Khong 199-176 to earn the day's Priority Girls scratch title.  Kevin Banaag won his second U17 event in three attempts with a win over Robbins in that subdivision.

        Big thanks to Norris and his team at Canyon for hosting our Tour again, and to Chris Andrews at MSC for another significant prize fund contribution- combined with our other great sponsors, So Cal bowlers play for some pretty big numbers!  Want in on this fun for all ages and all averages?  Just check out our schedule and come on down!       

Canyon- final results and scholarship winners
  Scratch Division  
rank bowler prize
1 Joshua Mabry $300
2 Kaylee Am-Khong $200
3 Ryan Lee $100
4 Zack Long $93
5 Zach Rapp $30
6 Kameron Johnson  
7 Harley Sweigart  
8 Garrett Lee $5
9 Gael Egana  
10 Israel Ramirez  
11 Marc Villalobos  
12 Kevin Banaag  
13 Renee Gentry $28
14 Solomon Salama   
15 Kyle Gilbert $45
16 Marquan Rivers  
17 Michael Loera  
18 Matt Chesnut  
19 Kylie Shishima $14
20 Louis Luna  
21 Kyle Reed  
22 Austin Sugarman  
23 Anthony Schanen  
24 Matt Green  
25 Nolan Am-Khong  
26 Shane Howard  
27 Tim Hill  
28 Trevyr Geronimo   
29 Josh Fearing  
  Handicap Division  
1 Aislinn Lubag $323
2 Justin Redfield $125
3 Brandon Lim $75
4 Jennifer Peterson $50
5 Clifford Robbins $40
6 Patrick Sablan $30
7 Yairi Lubag $74
8 James McGough  
9 Preston Carrasco  
10 Katie Kipler  
11 Kendall Bollea  
12 Adrian Yamanoha  
13 Erik Hagen  
14 Dawson Reese $19
15 Yael Salama  
16 Emily Cheesman $14
17 Avery Domaguin $25
18 Elias O'Hollaren  
19 Cameron Criss  
20 Reymar Santos  
21 Lawrence Buhain  
22 Secilia Kalvelage  
23 Leah Zweig  
24 Michaela Buhain  
25 Nathan Chambers   
26 William Robbins  
27 Caleb Rothstein  
28 Brian Erickson  
29 Dewine Moore Jr  
30 Zach Greim  
31 Kyle Perry  
32 Manuel Gonzalez  
33 Gage Baker  
34 Elijah Gaviola  
35 Lindsay Greim  
  High Games  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Ramirez 239 Redfield 240
2 Banaag 237 Redfield 228
3 Mabry 225 O'Hollaren 228
4 Mabry 224 Redfield 228
5 G Lee 224 Peterson, C Robbins 224
  High Female  
1 Am-Khong -86  
2 Peterson -123*  
3 Gentry -161  
4 Shishima -187  
5 Kipler -262  
  Qualifying Leaders  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Z Long -49 Peterson +13
2 Sweigart -54 C Robbins -13
3 K Am-Khong -86 Y Lubag -14
1 C Robbins-118  
2 Banaag -120  
3 K Johnson -122  
4 G Lee -128  
5 Egana -130  
  Round Leaders  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Mabry Peterson
2 Egana Peterson
3 Sweigart Peterson
4 Long C Robbins
5 Long Peterson
6 Long Peterson
7 K Am-Khong Peterson
8 K Am-Khong Redfield
  Total Awarded This Event: $1,630