champs Bradley Baltazar, Robert Kelley, Tommie McNeal, Andrew Martin, & Tanner Spacey

        A team with a great mix of veteran and upcoming talent captured the JBT Pac NW Baker Challenge, hosted by Pat Johns and his terrific team at Hiline Lanes in Burien.   

        The "Roaring Chestnuts" above and "Pit of Misery" (Ryan & Russ Nikolas, John West, Jonathan Lorey, Jerry Jennings) were each 200 pins clear of the third place team after qualifying, and both survived best 2-of-3 matchplay to reach the title match.  The Chestnuts won game one of the final 216-187, and the second game came down to the last ball.  Unfortunately for the mostly Oregon team, their team name proved correct, and it was off to the Pit with a 193-191 loss, giving the title to the Chestnuts. 

        Thanks to everyone for bowling, especially the adults who took the time to bowl with today's JBT stars all weekend.  Want in on the biggest and best fun for all averages, ages 21 and under?  Just check out our schedule and come on down, that's all you have to do!

Pac NW Baker- final results and scholarship winners
rank bowlers prize total
1 Bradley Baltazar $166 $500
  Andrew Martin $166  
  Tommie McNeal $166  
  Robert Kelley    
  Tanner Spacey    
2 Ryan Nikolas $125 $375
  John West    
  Russ Nikolas $125  
  Jonathan Lorey $125  
  Jerry Jennings    
3 Derek Haight $75 $225
  Paul Haight    
  AJ Schock $75  
  Mike Armstrong    
  Brooklyn Boudreau $75  
4 Andi Hicks $75 $225
  Ron Hicks    
  Celeste Johnson $75  
  Randy Johnson    
  Isaac Richardson $75  
5 Reagan Lorey $42 $125
  Brian DeLuisa-Anderson $42  
  Kevin Hong    
  Nate Davis    
  Duncan Whitaker $42  
6 Aidghan Ziegler $32 $125
  Emma Waldrop $32  
  Jake Mullen $32  
  Brian Monnette $32  
  Dean Buchannon    
7 Nick Bruketta $32  
  Paul Rosales    
  Robert Milton $37  
  Jacob Frazier    
  Hunter Bower    
8 Olivia Kolppa  $5  
  Kyle Adams    
  Simon Dyck    
  Carl Nichols    
  Alejandro Moser-Hernandez $5
9 Greg Miller    
  Donovan Grubaugh    
  Isaac Mailkoff    
  Carlos Serrano    
  Alan Serrano    
10 Marty Lee    
  John Malone $5  
  Payden Stumpf    
  Haylee Pollard    
  Whitney Lee    
11 Kyle Jonson    
  Joe Leingang    
  Jodey Rees    
  Evan Smith    
  Ruth Magana    
12 Michael Strothman    
  Todd Strothman    
  Marcus Turner    
  Tyler DeLorm    
  Jason DeLorm    
13 Lohrghan Ziegler    
  Natasha Richardson    
  Preston Craig    
  Mike Craig    
  Nick Buchannon    
14 Vianne Daniels    
  Martin Daniels    
  Malcolm Jacobson    
  Kamalu Lyons    
  Noah Kieffer    
15 Collins Davis $5  
  Peter Davis    
  Collin Young    
  Sally Ault    
  Sam Cox    
16 Colt Jance    
  Quinn Shaner    
  Michael Creel    
  Gary Carter    
  Shaun Richard    
17 Ryan Fauland    
  Vicky Soladey    
  Sarra Soladey    
  Connor Kilgore    
  Chris Lippy    
18 Makana Wong    
  Aiden Wong    
  Mateo Segura    
  Cosmo Castellano    
  Payton Edwards    
19 David Bower    
  Lailani Wallin    
  Della Quidachay    
  Payton Bower    
  Kal Hassanein    
20 Daniel Fox    
  Armani Khorn    
  Nick Fox    
  Alex Anthony    
  Andrew Haugen