scratch champs Tyler Boe & Kevin Nagasawa; handicap champs Quinn Shaner & Brian Shaner

        Persistence paid off for one team, while another won on their first attempt, in exciting action at the JBT Pac NW Doubles Classic, hosted by Hiline Lanes in Burien.

        Adult star Scott Halvarson and current points leader Makana Wong opened the scratch division Baker format stepladder finals with a 218-199 win over Jake Mullen an Brian Monnette.  Scott and Makana rolled on with a 234-194 win in round two over Brian DeLuisa Anderson and JBT helper and bowling bon vivant Kevin Hong.  Tyler Boe and Kevin Nagasawa then beat Halvarson and Wong 243-205 to advance to the title game.

        Top seed AJ Schock, one of the great female bowlers in JBT history, teamed with Mike Armstrong Jr, who bowled in JBT's Arizona Conference in its early seasons, teamed up to lead the event.  However, Tyler and Kevin, who have partnered in this event for many years, finally put it all together this time.  They caught fire for a 279 to beat AJ and Mike (who bowled an excellent 244) and finally capture the doubles title.

        The father-son team of Paul and Derek Haight won round one of the handicap finals 171-161 over Ruth Magana and Thomas Favre.  Quinn and Brian Shaner then stepped in and beat the Haights 219-178, and followed with a 196-171 win over Alejandro Moser-Hernandez and Barb Demorest to reach the title match.

        Paul Rosales teamed up with Nick Bruketta, making a return to JBT, to earn the top seed.  In a well bowled title game, Quinn and Brian beat Nick and Paul 206-201, to earn the title in their rookie attempt.

        Big thanks to the team at Hiline for hosting us, as well as all the adults who took time out of their day to bowl with today's outstanding kids.  Want in on the fun?  Just spread the word and bowl the next JBT event!

Pac NW Doubles- final results and scholarship winners    
  Scratch Division        
rank bowler


bowler prize total
1 Tyler Boe $612 Kevin Nagasawa   $612
2 AJ Schock $200 Mike Armsrong Jr   $200
3 Makana Wong $150 Scott Halvarson   $150
4 Brian DeLuisa-Anderson $100 Kevin Hong   $100
5 Brian Monnette $165 Jake Mullen $50 $215
6 Reagan Lorey   Ryan Nikolas    
7 Aidghan Ziegler   Dean Buchannon    
8 Simon Dyck   Kyle Adams    
9 Carlos Serrano   Greg Miller    
10 Tommie McNeal   Bradley Baltazar    
11 Brian Yoke   Brooklyn Boudreau    
12 Donovan Grubaugh   Isaac Mailkoff    
13 Peter Davis   Collins Davis    
14 Kenny Burnside   Jayden Burnside    
15 Kyle Jonson   Joe Leingang    
16 Payton Edwards   Andy Herrmann    
17 Andrw Martin   Robert Kelley    
18 Jacob Frazier   Hunter Bower    
19 Holden Childs   Cindy Farquhar    
20 Logan Setera   Lowell Lovgren    
21 Andi Valdez-Hicks   Ron Hicks    
22 Andrew Robb   Marty Lee    
  Handicap Division        
1 Brian Shaner   Quinn Shaner $400 $400
2 Paul Rosales $125 Nick Bruketta $125 $250
3 Alejandro Moser-Hernandez $205 Barb Demorest   $205
4 Derek Haight $150 Paul Haight   $150
5 Thomas Favre   Ruth Magana $100 $100
6 Todd Strothman   Michael Strothman $80 $80
7 Evan Smith   Sam Neves    
8 Lailani Wallin   Payton Bower    
9 Peyton Freund   Tyler Freund    
10 Dyana Perkins


Cedrick Scott  


11 Dan Fox   Nick Fox    
12 Olivia Kolppa   Carl Nichols    
13 Alex Anthony   Kellen Anthony    
14 Preston Craig   Duncan Whitaker    
15 Colt Jance


Gary Carter  


16 Isaac Richardson   Lohrghan Ziegler    
17 Michael Strothman*   Tyler DeLorm    
18 John Malone   Vincent Oberto    
19 Kaylie Wilcox   Anna Gatlin    
20 Piper Chalmers $5 Cassandra Chalmers   $5
21 Cosmo Castellano   Mateo Segura    
22 Justice Dillman   Alan Dillman    
23 Quinton Miller   Bryan Zeutenhorst    
24 Danny Chalmers   Chad Chalmers    
25 Skip Wong   Aiden Wong    
26 Hunter Setera   Mike Monroe    
27 Vianne Daniels $5 Martin Daniels   $5
28 David Johnosn   Lucille Johnson    
29 Tanner Spacey   Piper Chalmers* $5 $5
30 Khalid Hassanein   Robert Melton    
31 Sierra Stoner   Lane Hill    
32 Jonathan Lorey   Richard Lorey    
  High Games        
1  Monnette 269        
2 G Miller 268        
3 Boe 266        
4 A Ziegler 258        
5 DeLuisa-Anderson 250        
1 Fox 265        
2 Bruketta 263        
3 Fox 255        
4 Shaner 253        
5 Magana, Jance 252        
  Qualifying Leaders        
1 Monnette-Mullen +177        
2 Boe-Nagasawa +106        
3 DeLuisa-Anderson-Hong +83      
1 Moser-Hernandez-Demorest +54      
2 Shaner-Shaner +54        
3 Favre-Morgan +48        
  Round Leaders        
1 Monette-Mullen        
2 Monette-Mullen        
3 Boe-Nagasawa        
4 Monette-Mullen        
5 Wong-Halvarson        
6 Schock-Armstrong        
7 Schock-Armstrong        
1 Wallin-Bower        
2 Wallin-Bower        
3 Shaner-Shaner        
4 Shaner & Moser-Demorest      
5 Rosales-Bruketta        
6 Rosales-Bruketta        
7 Rosales-Bruketta