T of C champs Ryan Nikolas & Tyler DeLorm (center); T of Future C champs Donovan Grubaugh & Michael Strothman

        Ryan Nikolas and Tyler DeLorm picked up right where they left off last season, while Donovan Grubaugh and Michael Strothman are future-champs-no-more, in exciting action to kick off the 22nd season of the Junior Bowlers Tour, at Secoma Lanes.

        Tyler Coates, last season's handicap Bowler of the Year, began the scratch champions stepladder with a 224-199 win over Bradley Baltazar, another bowler making the move from handicap to scratch.   Tyler Boe has been bowling scratch for a long time, and the veteran took charge with a 289-226 win over Coates to advance to the title game.

        Top seed Ryan Nikolas was dethroned by Andy Herrmann for Bowler of the Year last season, and seems to be on a mission to avenge that early on.  Both bowlers were locked in, but it was Nikolas who strung them the most, beating Boe 267-255 for the 16th title of his JBT career.

        Isaac Richardson opened the handicap champs' stepladder with a 173-156 win over Aidghan Ziegler.  Grubaugh then won a low scoring battle with Richardson 150-116 to move on to the title game.  Makana Wong showed he's been working hard over the summer, grabbing the top seed, but he too struggled in the finale, while Grubaugh made a great set of adjustments and caught fire, winning the match 242-156 for the first title of his JBT career.

        The handicap future champs' ladder began with Michael Strothman beating Ruth Magana 247-222.  Strothman stayed sharp in a 202-179 win over Andrew Martin in the semis to advance to the title game.  Top seed Maroun Rouhana led a contingent of British Columbia bowlers by gaining the top seed, but could not get locked in in the last game.  Strothman completed his ladder climb with a 238-197 win over Rouhana to win his first career JBT title.

        Last season's Rookie of the Year Tyler DeLorm showed veteran form in the handicap champs' stepladder, beating Bryan Zeutenhorst 210-201 in round one, and Alejandro Moser-Hernandez 193-175 in the second round.  Facing his buddy Payton Edwards in the final match, neither bowler could get a big lead against the other.  DeLorm's tenth frame was just enough to lock out Edwards, and the 186-185 final tally was good for the second JBT title of DeLorm's career.

        The road to the 2018 TPC has begun!  If you want to be part of all we offer, just come on down!

Tournament of Champions- final results and scholarship winners
  Scratch Division  
rank bowler prize
1 Ryan Nikolas $295
2 Tyler Boe $185
3 Tyler Coates $75
4 Bradley Baltazar $50
5 Jerry Jennings $25
6 Brian DeLuisa-Anderson $23
7 Jacob Mullen $23
8 Hunter Bower  
9 Michael Creel  
10 Reagan Lorey $50
11 Andy Herrmann  
  Handicap Division  
1 Tyler DeLorm $300
2 Peyton Edwards $100
3 Alejandro Moser-Hernandez $50
4 Bryan Zeutenhorst $30
5 Evan Smith $20
6 Tyler DeNune  
7 Olivia Kolppa  
8 Jonathan Lorey  
9 Sara Harris  
  High Games  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Nikolas 299 Zeutenhorst 236
2 Boe 289 DeLorm 231
3 DeLuisa-Anderson 278 Denune 230
4 Nikolas 267 Edwards 230
5 Coates 259 DeLorm 228
  Round Leaders  
  Scratch Handicap
1 DeLuisa-Anderson   Kolppa
2 DeLuisa-Anderson DeLorm
3 DeLuisa-Anderson DeLorm
4 Boe   Zeutenhorst   
5 Boe DeLorm
6 Nikolas DeLorm
7 Nikolas Edwards  
8 Nikolas Edwards  
Tournament of Non-Champions- final results and scholarship winners
  Scratch Division  
rank bowler prize
1 Donovan Grubaugh $250
2 Makana Wong $125
3 Isaac Richardson $75
4 Aisghan Ziegler $50
5 Brooklyn Boudreau $55
6 Jacob Frazier $10
7 Collin Young  
8 Simon Dyck  
9 John Malone  
10 Kyle Adams $5
11 Mark Rouhana  
12 Duncan Whitaker  
13 Andi Valdez-Hicks  
  Handicap Division  
1 Michael Strothman $200
2 Maroun Rouhana $100
3 Andrew Martin $50
4 Ruth Magana $30
5 Paul Rosales $20
6 Lailani Wallin  
7 Aiden Wong  
8 Silas Le Blanc  
9 Mikayla Bumpus  
10 Adam Jodoin  
  High Games  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Grubaugh 242 Rouhana 292
2 Richardson 241 Rouhana 250
3 Ziegler 236 Oberto 249
4 Frazier 236 Magana 248
5 Adams 233 Strothman 247
  Whitaker 233  
  Round Leaders  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Ziegler Strothman
2 Whitaker Strothman
3 Boudreau Strothman
4 Frazier Magana
5 Frazier Magana
6 Ziegler Martin
7 Ziegler Rouhana
8 Wong Rouhana
  Girls Scratch side event  
1 Boudreau -45  
2 Lorey -120*  
3 Magana -141  
4 E Smith -160  
5 Hicks -168  
  U-17 scratch side event  
1 Frazier +16*  
2 DeLuisa-Anderson -30  
3 Coates -41  
4 Baltazar -70  
5 A Martin -86  
  Total Awarded This Event: $2,166