champs Jakob Butturff, Hayden Hull, Brock Brivins, Mackenzie Hammer, with Robbie Patterson & Juan Llamas


    Jakob Butturff and Hayden Hull claimed titles in the JBT's Tournament of All-Time Champions, while Brock Bivins and Mackenzie Hammer are non-champs no more, wininng the Future Champs event, held simultaneously at Brunswick Zone Mesa.


    For the first time ever, the alumni shut the current JBT youth out of the scratch stepladder finals.  13-time winner Mike Ramsey opened the finals with a 236-210 win over Correen Lieber, one of our all-time female greats.  32-time champ Jakob Butturff- whatever happened to him?- then stopped Ramsey to move on to the title match. 


   Top seed Robbie Patterson, an 8-time champ from our first decade of events, bowled great all day and has no fear of Jakob, as they compete locally when Butturff is not out at Tour events.  As often happens, a missed makeable made the difference, as Patterson's missed 10-pin gave Butturff the edge he needed for a 228-215 win, crawling a bit closer to Harley Sweigart for our winningest lefty ever (Harley has a few more chances than Jakob to extend that record).  Kyle Gilbert was the highest finishing under-21 bowler, followed by Kyle ilbert and Matthew Garrett.


  Hayden Hull was perhaps the story of the day.  In a tight handicap division matchplay round, it turned out that he would need a 299 game just to jump into the stepladder- so he came up with the high scoring event's only 300 game to leap into the #4 spot.  He remained magical in the stepladder, starting off with a tenth frame double to beat William Robbins 233-231.  A tenth frame double this time edged William's brother Clifford Robbins 208-204 in the semifinals.   


  Top seed Justin Worthington was brilliant all day, but he had his hands full in Hull, who beat him for Hayden's only previous title.  Both bowlers were great in the final, but it was Hayden completing his dream day by getting yet another tenth frame strike, beating Justin 237-224, earning his second career JBT title.


   Kaitlyn Hammer began the non-champs handicap final with a 240-231 thriller over Kevin Lu.  Juan Llamas then beat Kaitlyn 227-213 to move on to the title game.  Juan prevented a sibling match with top seed Mackenzie Hammer, Kaitlyn's little sister, and like Hull was looking for the sibling sweep.  Mackenzie would not allow that however, and her terrific tenth frame strike sealed the victory and her first career JBT title.


    For the second consecutive year, Chris Tucker attempted a climb up the scratch non-champs ladder, beginning with a 226-177 win over Josh Fearing.  Brock Bivins then put an emphatic end to Tucker's run with a 280-236 win.  Top seed Jacob Gaddam had been steady all day to grab the #1 spot, but the rapidly improving Bivins was on a mission, and a big game in the title match locked up his first career JBT title.


    Huge thanks to the team at Zone Mesa for hosting us, as well as to all the adult alumni for coming out and competing with todays's JBT stars!   


Tournament of Champions- final results and scholarship winners
  Scratch Division  
rank bowler prize
1 Jakob Butturff $480*
2 Robbie Patterson $150*
3 Mike Ramsey $125*
4 Correen Lieber $60*
5 Russ Oviatt $75*
6 Kyle Gilbert $200
7 Kyle Duster $157
8 Brian Coleman  
9 Kyle King $280*
10 David Sevier $45*
11 Matthew Garrett $50
12 Adel Wahner $49
13 Deo Benard  
14 Joey Burke  
15 Mark Myers  
16 Lucas Rabb  
17 Chris Weyrauch  
18 Harley Sweigart  
19 Cameron Smith $95*
20 Nolan Am-Khong  
21 Alex Pellegrino $25*
22 Alex Seng  
23 Matt Zweig  
24 Ryan Gose  
25 Chris Varholdt  
26 Rachel Weyrauch  
27 Derek Acuff  
28 Ryan Perry $14
29 Mathew Adragna  
30 Dawson Reese  
31 Joshua Mabry  
32 Christian Apolonio  
33 Rashaad Jordan  
  Handicap Division  
1 Hayden Hull $300
2 Justin Worthington $150
3 Clifford Robbins $114
4 William Robbins $119
5 Keith Ylvisaker $50
6 Kyle Perry $73
7 Elijah Melchor  
8 Gavin Holter  
9 Andrew Thomas  
10 Jadeyn Mabry $20
11 CJ Todeschi  
12 Kristy Mace  
13 Leah Zweig  
14 Darren Fletcher  
15 Stacey Lamb  
16 Ryan Zent  
17 Kendall Bollea  
18 Alejandro Aragon  
19 Ashley Lamb  
20 Luke Gartner  
21 Luis Garcia  
22 Eric Demo  
23 Abby Franklin  
24 Tyler Hedges  
25 Secilia Kalvelage  
26 Kyle Lawrence $15
27 Michael Newlon  
28 Eric Gauna  
Tournament of Non-Champions- final results and scholarship winners
  Scratch Division  
rank bowler prize
1 Brock Bivins $200
2 Jacob Gaddam $100
3 Chris Tucker $60
4 Josh Fearing $40
5 Kaylee Am-Khong  
6 Joshua Molloy  
7 Ethan Strait  
  Handicap Division  
1 Mackenzie Hammer $200
2 Juan Llamas $100
3 Kaitlyn Hammer $60
4 Kevin Lu $40
5 Zachary Gonzalez $50
6 AJ Imperial  
7 Jacob Soulierre  
8 Afton Lords $15
9 Jack Haines  
10 Caden Meliska $15
11 Kevin Van Gordon   
12 Josh Williams  
13 Sarah Halligan  
14 Katy Mace  
15 Cesar Padilla  
  Total Awarded This Event: $3,540














Ever won?  NEVER won?  Doesn’t matter! Bowl in the JBT’s:








Sunday June 17, 2018, 10 AM at

Brunswick Mesa, 1754 W Southern Ave, Mesa AZ, (480) 834-0588


2017 T of C winners Dallas Leong & Mark Sauve; Non-champs winners Brandon Rouse & Keith Ylvisaker


* The T of C is open to anyone of any age who EVER won a JBT event

* The T of Non-C is open to anyone JBT eligible who hasn’t yet won a JBT event

       * $300 minimum for first, each division in the T of C!

* $200 minimum for first, each division, in the T of non-C!

* Scratch and Handicap, adult and ‘junior’ unlimited brackets!

(scholarships to juniors, cash to adults)


ENTRY FEE:           $40                                                     FORMAT:

-SCRATCH AND HANDICAP DIVISIONS!                                  - 5 games across 10 lanes

-Scratch and handicap, adult and junior brackets                     - top 50% (max 24) bowl 3 games of matchplay

-EBONITE BALL RAFFLE AT THIS AND ALL                              - top 4 bowl stepladder finals

  2017-18 JBT EVENTS!                                                                      - plaques to top 4


To reserve spots, email Complete info at

Limited to 148 bowlers.  JBT bowlers use 17-18 JBT average, all others use highest 17-18 15+ game average, verification required for handicap.  All other JBT rules apply.  Walk-ins OK. Please help us spread the word to our JBT alumni.  We'll see you there, don't miss it!