COVID-19 INFORMATION, and schedule updates & other info

Changes to the upcoming schedule and other info will be updated here, so check often.

Update 8/6 General Covid practices:

 The start of a new season does not by any means mean Covid has gone away.  However, bigger tournaments have been run successfully nationwide in recent weeks that reinforce our optimism that JBT events can be conducted in a safe, responsible manner.  However, that safety boils down to everyone who comes to JBT, bowlers and spectators, respecting the rules set forth, both in general safety protocols and the specific rules at each event.

  All JBT events will require masks by everyone in attendance.  6 feet of social distancing between non-household members is still vital.  Bringing zero or one guests max if at all possible is vital as well- if everyone has a valid 'exception', there'll be too many people in the building and that's that.

  Each event will detail further covid restrictions.  Please read through all that info, as well as everything else, so we can be great guests for teh center, and a great example for the bowling world.


Update 7/16 SPECTATORS:

 What do we mean by "zero or one spectator max" and WHYYY?!? Here we go lol:

The sheer 'body count' that we bring is what makes the 'powers that be' (meaning Station Casino management) very, VERY nervous about hosting our event. Even though we were very well-behaved and following rules last week, the 87 bowlers and their spectators that we had was almost enough to get TPC shut down. Most squads TPC week have that number of bowlers.
Casinos have their gaming licenses on the line with following Covid protocols. They are being 'observed’ all the time by OSHA, the ones who will (and have) issue fines for violations. It is not worth it to Station to host events of our size if it is a constant source of panic for them. The notes given to Strike Zone during this week were that while it was clear we were trying hard, we need to be better on being socially distanced on the concourse. That means spectators, and that also means gathering between squads.
So, keeping each bowler to zero, or a max of one, spectator, will keep the body count to a number that Strike Zone can handle. If a bowler is bringing more than one guest to Vegas, we ask that you only bring one spectator into the center (which is separated by doors from the rest of the building)- everyone else can hang out at the pool, visit the casino, check out the local shopping- anything else. Switch off between squads, whatever you want, whatever it takes.
Now- we are not going to be the Spectator Police, counting people at the door- we don't have the manpower to do so. We are not going to hand out "Guest Passes" and deal with the consequent 'I brought nobody can I give mine to someone else?" scenarios and the fights that ensue from that- no good. And we know some folks will have 'good excuses'. It goes on and on...
SO... we are simply leaving it open-ended at ASKING you to be a team player and adhere to the 'zero or one' request. We know it's less than ideal for some of you, and we thank everyone in advance that is able to abide by this.
Regardless, EVERYONE in the building must adhere to social distancing guidelines: If you don't live with them, you MUST be 6 feet away from them, that simple. You were great on masks, and mask compliance is still 100%. If they see us not adhering to both these things, the lanes are turned off and we're outta there. Let's not even get close to that happening.
Folks, all you've asked for is "just give the kids a chance to bowl". Here it is, and those are the restrictions to make it happen. It is NOTHING like 'normal', not even remotely close. Please don't come in with the idea that because we ran in TX, AZ, and here last week, that "all is good"; especially if you were with us in TX and AZ, this is much, much different. We're so lucky to even have this event- the giant size of Strike Zone is about the only center possible, and other NV centers are REQUIRING zero spectators, and that doesn't work with a youth event. So, let's be grateful for what we do have.
We showed them last week that we are capable of doing this, and they have put a lot of trust into us that we are able do so again this coming week. Let's do it!!!
As always, contact us with any questions. See you soon.



update 7/15 time changes:

: Afternoon sweepers on 7/23 and 7/24 will now start at 2:30 PM. B squad for TPC (7/25) is also now at 2:30. Bowling on Sunday for those who qualify starts at 9 AM. We're unable to do an awards presentation- we'll do those for each individual conference once we get going again.

You'll have to remove yourself from the bowling center between sweeper squads, but CAN leave equipment in the center (it will be closed to the public). The extra time is because the center needs to be fully sanitized between squads.
There will NOT be ball storage this year- yes we know it's a very long walk to to the center. Covid rules do not allow it. Sorry.
You do NOT need to re-confirm that you got word of this time change since at the worst you'll be early, but do help us spread the word to those who may not see this.
And as we'll put in every note, including a separate one, we NEED you to bring ZERO to an absolute max of one SPECTATORS. This was the biggest problem last weekend and almost got us cancelled. Please make your family plans accordingly.


update 7/3: Strike Zone 7/11-12 info:

as of this writing, the 7/11-12 weekend is still on. However, safety protocols will be STRICT and the formats heavily adjusted to comply. Please read all the below carefully. No pressure guys, but how this weekend goes will determine if we are allowed to have the TPC- the NV Gaming commission and Station Casinos will be watching.
Covid protocols:
- masks must be worn by all people at all times, even in the setee area
- masks may be pulled down (not off) when you're on the approach bowling, but we suggest just leaving it on
- masks may be pulled down to take a bite or sip, but then immediately replaced (ordering food is not your ticket to 30 maskless minutes)
- WE NEED YOU TO BRING AS CLOSE TO ZERO SPECTATORS as possible. There is no numerical limit on spectators, but 6 ft. social distancing between non-family members will be constantly and heavily enforced. I can't emphasize enough how important this is and how heavily it will be monitored.
- continue to distance as much as possible even in the settee area (there will be 3 on a pair), including refraining from high 5s, bro hugs, and fistfights.
- NO Strike Zone furniture can be moved around the building, period. Those of you who bring in 'directors chairs' type things, that's ok, as long as social distancing remains.
- Social distancing enforced on our check in line- please space out families. Early check in suggested because 96 entries on a line spaced 6 feet apart will go out the door and it's 115 degrees on Saturday.
- Prepaying suggested (but not required) at the Sign Me Up! page of the website to make check-in faster
- When you're eliminated from the event, sadly, it's time to leave the center. "Hanging out" together between squads and before and after is natural to us, but is a huge no-no that the powers that be will be watching for.
- Full sanitizing will be done between blocks and anytime a bowler has to change pairs, or upon bowler request.
- At any time if Station feels the event is out of hand, we can be shut down, and there's nothing we can do about it. It really is up to all of us.
- Additional details may be added or changed by Station management at any time.
All of that is pretty rough, and will take away from some of the great 'one big family' atmosphere that helps make JBT so fun. If that changes your mind about bowling, we get it, just let us know.
FORMAT CHANGES: For 7/11, qualifying will be 4 games, and you'll be on the same pair the entire time- 2 games on one lane, and 2 games on the other lane. The second round will be 3 games of matchplay all on the same pair, and the top 4 will do a two-game stepladder (4-3-2 play, winner plays 1).
For 7/12, qualifiers will bowl 5 games on the same pair (2 on the left lane, 3 on the right). The top 16 will then go essentially into 'survivor', low bowler on your pair out matches until a winner is determined. Additional format details on-site.
Having written all that, ALL of that is subject to change yet again, if NV regulations further require it. But.... if we do go on, that's what it will look like, and TPC won't look much different. If you want to put an *asterisk* by these events, go for it- we just want to give kids whose families choose to bowl an event in which to do so.
Stay posted, please share this news with those who may not see it (it'll be on the website too), and we hope to see you soon.

update 7/3: So Cal postponed

The So Cal weekend 7/18-19 is postponed, until at least late August, or may be cancelled altogether. Any info beyond that is pure speculation, so stay tuned and once we have a clearer path going forward, you'll hear it here first!

update 7/3: TPC sweeper info

Update 1 of 3, July 7: this is the easy one lol: many of you are asking about TPC sweeper squads 7/23-24. Hold off on those just a while longer. The times and formats of those will need to change, likely to earlier in the day, both days. Requirements are changing daily in casinos. As soon as it's time to register for those, you'll hear it here and our website

update 7/1: So Cal info:

Obviously, the new CA regulations mean we won’t be at Victor Bowl 7/18-19. San Diego County, our last hope, is making a decision affecting us on 7/6. We’ll re-group then. San Diego being ‘open’ does not automatically mean there will be a tournament. We have no further announcement at this time but will soon. Stay tuned. Dark days.

update 6/30: So Cal location & time change:

SO CAL LOCATION & TIME CHANGE: another day, another change, sigh... The So Cal weekend 7/18-19 is MOVED to Victor Bowl in Victorville. Saturday is one squad only, 11 AM start, and Sunday’s Invitational is one squad only, 9:30 AM start. We need you to (yet again, sorry) contact us (replying here is fine, or email) to let us know you got word of the time and location change, and if you’re coming or not- we need to make sure you’re not very early or very late, and need to open up spots if you’re not coming. Huge thanks to Brian and the team at Victor for coming through! Victorville is in San Bernardino County, so stay tuned to their rules as they’ll be our rules. See you soon!

update 6/26: Strike Zone qualifying squad change:

7/11-12 SQUAD TIME CHANGES: the events at Strike Zone are changed to: Saturday, one qualifying squad only, 10 AM start. Sunday, one qualifying squad only, 9:30 AM start. This means we’ll once again ask you to contact us and let us know you got the message, and are still coming or not. Expect the same or tougher safety protocols, and significant changes to the formats, especially Sunday, to comply with local regulations. We’ll announce those details in a separate message so it doesn’t get buried over this weekend.
If you’re bowling with us this weekend, you can let us know there. Otherwise, comment here or drop us a line please. You’ve all been great at helping us communicate so far- keep it up! See you soon.

update 6/26: PNW info:

JBT events at Triangle Bowl 7/3-5 have been POSTPONED until at least the weekend of August 1, and may be cancelled altogether. It’s unclear when PNW centers will be able to host events of our size. The 8/1 weekend is the only open one on the JBT calendar before the new season starts (8/22 at Secoma). If we do run something then, it won’t be at Triangle as they have another event. We’d like to greatly thank Beau at Triangle for doing everything in his power to make it happen- he could’ve washed his hands of this weeks ago, but went to bat for us until the very last moment. I don’t honestly think 8/1 is likely, but we really want to give kids a chance to finish out the season. Stay tuned.
This means that the top 20 in PNW points in each division as they stand now qualify for the TPC in Vegas July 23-26, if you choose to travel and join us. Keep up on the details and many safety protocols and changes that will be at that event on our website and Facebook as well.
This stinks. We tried everything. We’re sorry. Stay tuned for developments as they happen.

update 6/24: AZ safety and extra info:

Here’s what safety precautions and changes you will see at Let It Roll this weekend:
- masks are to be worn at all times by everyone. It is Let It Roll’s understanding that bowlers can remove the mask to actually bowl, but it must otherwise be on. Prepare yourself in case AZ rules change and you must wear one even while bowling. Or, you could just, you know, do it.
- you will not receive scorecards, we’ll come around and get your scores. This is similar to what we do anyway, and worked well in Texas last week.
- prepaying is suggested at the ‘sign me up’ page of the website, but is not required. All payment forms are still accepted on site, and staff will sanitize hands and materials after each transaction. Card payments will be manually entered by staff so you don’t have to sign my phone.
- Let It Roll has installed plexiglass between pairs and at the desk, and their ‘digital dining’ means you won’t have to leave your lane to order if you choose. Sanitizing stations are everywhere. Staff will be sanitizing on pair changes and roaming constantly.
- we will only change pairs after game 2 in qualifying, and when the semis and finals start. Sunday’s finals require moving pairs, and staff will sanitize after each change.
- please limit the number of spectators you bring to the absolute minimum possible. Each pair cannot have more than 10 guests total, please do not make the staff ask people to move or even leave.
- the concourse and adjusted furniture at the bowl allows for 6 feet of separation between family groups, please respect that. Please avoid bringing in outside furniture, and you should always not bring in outside food and drink, like almost every bowling center ever begs you to (and many of you, my Starbucks included, sometimes ignore).
- like any building, we’ll have 6 foot marks to stand on during check in to not have a crowded line.
- please observe all common sense safety procedures like hand washing etc. if you’re sick stay home!
- high 5s, low 5s, bear hugs, and bro hugs are discouraged- we’re well aware that you’ll do it sometimes on pure reflex. Fistfights etc are prohibited- too messy.
- we don’t love this, but we will have a legal disclaimer for adults to sign stating that they, and any minors they brought, are aware of the risks involved with bowling and accept them. Crazy times.

We feel, after weeks of discussion with the host center, other event directors, soul searching, and monitoring the situation until exhaustion, that the above will provide the environment necessary to continue with this event. However, all of the above does NOT create a covid-free environment. Nothing except not leaving your house does. There will likely be people at this event that were at a non-JBT AZ event last week where people later reported positive tests. If you’ve been to a grocery, you’ve been around positive people. And so on and so on. If you’re not comfortable with bowling our events yet, that’s completely valid, understandable, and cool. Just let us know if you’re reserved so we can remove the name.
Similar protocols are expected to be in place at all remaining 19-20 events, through and including TPC. They will differ as state regulations change, which is often. Casino regulations are a whoooole other ball game, hint hint. This is why we haven’t given you the above info sooner- we don’t want to post one thing and confuse you with different info later on- there’s enough of that already. Be prepared for anything, and surprised by nothing, a great man once said.
We hope to see many of you, as safely as possible, this weekend, and at upcoming events!


update 6/12: NM-TX location & time change, etc.:

NM centers will not be ready to host us by 6/20 (ugh), so we are moving the location for 6/20-21 to Western Bowl in Amarillo. It's a big center, so we are also able to go back to running ONE qualifying squad on both days. Saturday's double-points regular season finale will begin at Noon (Central time, 1 hour ahead of ABQ). Sunday's Invitational, which STILL features $1,000 for first place in scratch & handicap, will start at 9 AM, with introductions at 8:45 AM. Reservations are not necessary as we won't hit their capacity, BUT we'd like you to confirm that you got the message and are still coming (or not)- we just don't want people driving to the wrong state haha. If you've reserved for Silva (or are Invite eligible) and we haven't heard from you by Tuesday, we'll attempt to contact you, but please help us spread the word. Saturday is still open to anyone, and is still your chance to jump into the Invite if you're currently out, or jump into the top 5 for that important Invite bye, etc. And, we'll say it again, it's STILL $1,000 for first in scratch and handicap, and $200 for first in Girls and U17. WOW! Pleeeeease, help us let Amarillo-Lubbock area bowlers that weren't planning on coming to ABQ that we'll be in their neck of the woods instead.
Huge thanks to JBT alumni Jonathan Lawson for making this happen! Let's spread the word and BOWL! Also big thanks to Barbie and the team at Silva for doing everything in their power to salvage this- we'll see you soon.
More on what's happening with our other events in a separate note, so that info isn't buried. Ups and downs, but everything else is on as of now. Stay tuned, stay flexible, see you soon.


update 5/30:

      So much has happened in just one week.  Keep in mind we are still almost a MONTH from attempting to resume JBT action, and things can and will change, so we implore you to check our website and facebook often for updates.  Some folks who HAVE facebook report not seeing our posts unless they directly go to them and refresh  (thanks crappy FB algorithm), so please tell people who even have facebook that JBT has updated more!  If they don’t have facebook, we put all this up on the ‘Covid-19’ page of the website.  On with the show:

       If you are or know of someone looking for a summer internship, David Domaguin’s niece’s company his hiring multiple interns.  Check them out at

      We have now posted those who have already qualified for each conference’s Girls and/or U-17 Invitationals.  Like the regular Invites, you can still ‘jump in’ to those Invites based on your results coming up.   Remember, it’s possible to qualify for the Girls and/or U17 Invite and NOT the main Invite.  In that case, you still bowl the qualifying round at the Invite, but cannot advance to the finals, and the entry is only $30.  Please be sure to contact us with your squad choice if this turns out to be the case for you.

       The event Saturday 6/27 at Let It Roll will now have squads at 9 AM and Noon, NOT 9 AM and 1 PM.  They have two oil machines and think they will have the lane space to make a three-hour turnaround happen.  So, if you signed up for B squad please note that is now at Noon.  And yet again, note that this could easily all change again.  Check back often.

         Many are asking about mask restrictions.  The answer is simply “we don’t know”.  It will likely be different at each event.   I hope you won’t have to bowl with masks on (but you of course can), but you may need to have them on when you walk around.  We just don’t know.  Similarly, remember that format changes, moving pairs less often or not at all, and much more are all possible and/or likely.  When things ‘open’, they’ll be anything but ‘normal’.  All we are trying to do is save some of the JBT season by at least getting the kids on the lanes in some form.  You can probably see that we have no interest in taking a political stance on all this, or what we ‘believe is right’, we’re just trying to run a tournament that you voluntarily choose (we hope) to come to.  Save the drama for another time please.  J   

     Along those lines, 1-2 weeks before each weekend, we’ll give a ‘final call’ as to what the format will be, if it’s two squads or re-combined into one squad, a max number of people in the building, everything.  Centers need to prepare their staffs, etc.  That means we need you to be flexible, and check often for updates, as they may well be significant.  If you’re making reservations, make them cancel-able.  Be ready for anything.  Even AFTER the ‘final call’ things could change if something totally unforeseen happens.  Here’s where we stand on each weekend:

      Silva 6/20-21: The Governor of NM did not open bowling centers on 6/1 (but did open gyms).  This makes the timing pretty tight if updates are given every two weeks.   We are starting to speak with Texas centers as backups, as there are no other weekends left.  A weeknight event is a last resort.  If we do move centers (which means moving states), we’d like you to confirm/cancel your attendance once again so we can plan accordingly.  Ugh.    Moving pairs each game is unlikely, which among other things will alter the format of the Invite finals.  Max capacity restrictions will very likely be in place- one spectator per bowler?  Three?  NONE?!  Maybe.  We don’t know.  Nobody does.  Did we mention to stay tuned??

       Let It Roll 6/27-28:  It’s possible that every pair can be used, but we’re keeping it to two squads because of concerns about max. people in the building.  Again note B squad’s noon starting time. Moving pairs each game is unlikely, which among other things will alter the format of the Invite finals. Did we mention to stay tuned?

       Triangle 7/3-5: If you haven’t signed up for Friday night, do so soon as 48 is the limit.  Please note Friday is a purely scratch event, no handicap of any kind, and counts for scratch division points. Handicap bowlers are welcome to try it, and many have signed up, but it’s a scratch event.  For all three days, we’re worried about max. capacity rules.  It may very well have to be limited to one spectator per bowler, or even NONE (what if capacity is 50)?  You mean, you expect parents to sit in the parking lot in that case?  Yup.  THIS IS NOT ‘NORMAL’.  We are concerned about someone driving from far away with a younger kid, somehow not knowing they aren’t allowed with their kid in the building.  That’s far, far less than ideal.  We hope this isn’t the case, but you need to be very aware of that possibility.  Moving pairs each game is unlikely, which among other things will alter the format of the Invite finals. Did we mention to stay tuned?

       Sunset Station (Strike Zone) July 11-12:  If you’ve been away for a while, please note this was moved from Texas Station.  It may be possible to use more than every-other-lane, but they’re not even open yet to test everything, and max. occupancy rules will likely be in effect.  We hope to use this weekend as a ‘test drive’ to see what works well in that center in preparation for TPC.  Moving pairs each game is unlikely, which among other things will alter the format of the Invite finals. Did we mention to stay tuned?

       Winnetka July 17-18: You really need to be on your toes for this one.  It is pretty likely that LA County centers will not be open/ready by then.  We have a backup center committed and ready to go.  If we do move centers, we’d like you to confirm/cancel your attendance once again so we can plan accordingly.  Moving pairs each game is unlikely, which among other things will alter the format of the Invite finals. Did we mention to stay tuned?

       TPC July 23-26: We’ve been on this for literally hours a day, things are changing so fast as Vegas centers prepare to open.  First, please choose you squad for Saturday if you haven’t.  All we want is that Saturday info because we don’t know if there will be restrictions on the Sweeper and Top Dawg sizes- as soon as we know, you’ll know and be able to sign up.  If Saturday re-combines into one big group that bowls both squads, we will of course let you know.  Max. occupancy restrictions make this unlikely.  There will definitely be no ball storage, so get your calves ready.  Next, dinner/awards: that’s bad news.  We had started with the gorgeous Club Madrid, but that’s out.  We then had the Feast Buffet space (since it’s dead), but that has now been re-purposed (and could only fit 90 with social distancing).  So… dinner is out, and there is nowhere to have awards Saturday night.  SO… our next idea is to present the season-long awards Sunday morning at the center before bowling.  That could actually look pretty nice (and is our only option right now).  And it’s one less ‘cost’ to you as well.  All this could change if things loosen up in Vegas- did we tell you to stay tuned?

        TPC hotel: sharp-eyed folks saw we posted the long-awaited, heavily negotiated JBT room block yesterday.  You can also call and book under code JBTSCI2.  Even sharper-eyed folks have pointed out that they could find better rates.  This happens all the time in Vegas, as the departments that create discount specials don’t always talk to each hotel’s people creating room block contracts (yes, for real.  A lot.)  I have a fairly terse call and email in to Sunset to see what we can do.  We really *need* you to book under our block, since the hotel’s tracking of our block’s pickup is what the hotel determines our ‘worth’ by.  So…. If you can, just hold on a little bit before booking, to see if we can get things slightly better.  If you’ve already booked, we’ve been able to get people taken care of retroactively if we get better rates. Plus, to be honest, I’m personally on the hook if rooms don’t get filled.  They don’t separate between me, an individual, and some big multi-million company. See why we don’t do hotel blocks every week?  Did we say to stay tuned?

      Like we said, lots going on.  Congrats if you read this far.  Stay tuned, stay flexible, stay healthy, and see you soon!


update 5/19:

       NEW SCHEDULE: On our website’s schedule page you’ll now see a whole new schedule to take us up to TPC.  Each conference still has its regular season finale on Saturday and Invitational on Sunday, and the PNW has even added a Friday night ‘battle bag’ event!  It now starts 6/20 with NM-TX, and continues through 7/19 at So Cal, with the TPC still 7/23-26 at Strike Zone.

      POINTS: As the points stand right now, if you are ‘qualified’ for an Invitational (by being in the top 32 in points or by making two top 4s), you are IN and can’t fall out.  Similarly, if you are currently ‘in’ the TPC (by being in the top 20 in a conference’s points or top 100 all-conference points), you’re officially IN the TPC and can’t fall out.  However, you can still ‘jump in’ to an Invite(s) or TPC based on how you do in the upcoming events.  Also, Bowlers of the Year, All-Star teams, Invite byes, and TPC byes are all determined after the Invites are over as usual, so there’s still an enormous amount up for grabs.

      TPC:  Qualifying will be broken into two squads, and those who’ve qualified- the list is on the website- can now choose their squad anytime by contacting us.  A squad will bowl at 8 AM, and B squad at 1 PM.  Everything else TPC related (dinner, hotel, sweepers, etc) is very close to getting finalized, so hold up until we post our next notice about it.

     TWO SQUADS: All remaining events (except 7/3) will have two qualifying squads.  If you’ve already signed up, please contact us to choose a squad.  If you haven’t signed up, please do so soon and choose a squad when you do.  As the events’ dates approach, we’ll let you know if there are any other restrictions like max spectators, etc., or if restrictions have eased enough to allow one ‘normal’ squad.   So, please check the website and facebook very often for any new information.

       We’ve tried hard to make drinkable lemonade from a very lemony situation.  We need your help to spread the word to everyone who may not read this, including new bowlers who are still very welcome.  Stay tuned for additional details especially on TPC, and we’ll see you June 20 in Albuquerque!





- Events 5/9-10 at Glendale and 5/16-17 at Mira Mesa are now cancelled; those centers won't be open yet. 

- The events July 11-12 at Texas Station are MOVED to Sunset Station, same dates.  Texas will not yet be open, and Sunset offers the best chance of being tournament-ready.

- We are in very close contact with all our other host centers, but have no other updates.  Additional schedule changes and/or adjustments are very possible as upcoming dates get swallowed up by the virus and its effects.  Please help us spread the word to others about any changes we are forced to make.

- Our goal (hope) is to at least get all 5 Invitationals and the TPC in (and as many of the remaining regular events as well).  That may or may not be how it turns out- as a wise man said, stay prepared for anything, and surprised by nothing).

- While some areas of the country are indeed 'opening' soon, it is a very different thing as to when a place like a bowling center can re-open, PLUS a loosening of distancing requirements, that would make having tournaments possible.  Alterations to formats are a definite possibility.  Limits like using every other pair, max people per pair, and max people in the building, are all possible or even likely, for a very long time, and may change or impede tournaments as we know them.  (This is one of an avalanche of reasons that Gold had to cancel, no matter how painful it is.)

- We miss you!  Stay safe, and see you soon!