Changes to the upcoming schedule and other info will be updated here, so check often.

       BIG UPDATE 5-19:

       NEW SCHEDULE: On our website’s schedule page you’ll now see a whole new schedule to take us up to TPC.  Each conference still has its regular season finale on Saturday and Invitational on Sunday, and the PNW has even added a Friday night ‘battle bag’ event!  It now starts 6/20 with NM-TX, and continues through 7/19 at So Cal, with the TPC still 7/23-26 at Strike Zone.

      POINTS: As the points stand right now, if you are ‘qualified’ for an Invitational (by being in the top 32 in points or by making two top 4s), you are IN and can’t fall out.  Similarly, if you are currently ‘in’ the TPC (by being in the top 20 in a conference’s points or top 100 all-conference points), you’re officially IN the TPC and can’t fall out.  However, you can still ‘jump in’ to an Invite(s) or TPC based on how you do in the upcoming events.  Also, Bowlers of the Year, All-Star teams, Invite byes, and TPC byes are all determined after the Invites are over as usual, so there’s still an enormous amount up for grabs.

      TPC:  Qualifying will be broken into two squads, and those who’ve qualified- the list is on the website- can now choose their squad anytime by contacting us.  A squad will bowl at 8 AM, and B squad at 1 PM.  Everything else TPC related (dinner, hotel, sweepers, etc) is very close to getting finalized, so hold up until we post our next notice about it.

     TWO SQUADS: All remaining events (except 7/3) will have two qualifying squads.  If you’ve already signed up, please contact us to choose a squad.  If you haven’t signed up, please do so soon and choose a squad when you do.  As the events’ dates approach, we’ll let you know if there are any other restrictions like max spectators, etc., or if restrictions have eased enough to allow one ‘normal’ squad.   So, please check the website and facebook very often for any new information.

       We’ve tried hard to make drinkable lemonade from a very lemony situation.  We need your help to spread the word to everyone who may not read this, including new bowlers who are still very welcome.  Stay tuned for additional details especially on TPC, and we’ll see you June 20 in Albuquerque!





- Events 5/9-10 at Glendale and 5/16-17 at Mira Mesa are now cancelled; those centers won't be open yet. 

- The events July 11-12 at Texas Station are MOVED to Sunset Station, same dates.  Texas will not yet be open, and Sunset offers the best chance of being tournament-ready.

- We are in very close contact with all our other host centers, but have no other updates.  Additional schedule changes and/or adjustments are very possible as upcoming dates get swallowed up by the virus and its effects.  Please help us spread the word to others about any changes we are forced to make.

- Our goal (hope) is to at least get all 5 Invitationals and the TPC in (and as many of the remaining regular events as well).  That may or may not be how it turns out- as a wise man said, stay prepared for anything, and surprised by nothing).

- While some areas of the country are indeed 'opening' soon, it is a very different thing as to when a place like a bowling center can re-open, PLUS a loosening of distancing requirements, that would make having tournaments possible.  Alterations to formats are a definite possibility.  Limits like using every other pair, max people per pair, and max people in the building, are all possible or even likely, for a very long time, and may change or impede tournaments as we know them.  (This is one of an avalanche of reasons that Gold had to cancel, no matter how painful it is.)

- We miss you!  Stay safe, and see you soon!