champs Will Davis & TJ Thalman; Zach Harvey, Robin Prioleau, Kara Thompson, Taylor Herson

        Will Davis just kept on rolling, while a fellow Artesian joined him in the winner's circle, in exciting JBT NM-TX Conference action at Albuquerque's Holiday Bowl.

        After qualifying, bowlers competed in 'super survivor', where the low score and low overall total are eliminated game by game.  With four bowlers left in scratch, Zach Harvey blasted 264 to lock his place in the title game, Dante Uribarri bowed out with 168, and Davis snuck into the title match by just staying ahead of Harley Sweigart in total pins, +129 to +114.   Zach looked to be on his way to ending Davis' three tournament winning streak, but a tenth frame split opened the door for Will.  Needing a mark and fill, Davis flushed ten back for his fourth consecutive JBT win, and sixth career JBT title.  He could equal Dallas Leong's record of six straight wins in Pojoaque next month- stay tuned!

        TJ Thalman earned a huge pinfall lead by the time four handicap bowlers remained, and avoided the low game pitfall to reach the finale.  Kara Thompson emerged from a group of three closely packed ladies, staying ahead of Taylor Herson and Angela Romero to reach the title game.   Kara bowled a very nice clean 200 in the title game, but TJ was only a little behind that, and the handicap difference was plenty to overcome Thompson and earn him his first career JBT title, joining his high school state champ teammate Will as JBT champs!

        Robin Prioleau was clutch in the subdivisions, doubling in the tenth to shut out Josh Williams 200-197 for the U17 win, and doubled in the tenth to beat Morgan Ellis 175-172 to win the Priority Girls Scratch event!

        Big thanks to the whole team at the spectacular new-look Holiday for their usual great hosting job.  Want in on the fun?  Just come on down to the next JBT event!  

Holiday Bowl- final results and scholarship winners
  Scratch Division  
rank bowler prize
1 Will Davis $264
2 Zach Harvey $188
3 Harley Sweigart $104
4 Dante Uribarri $50
5 Christian Apolonio $50
6 Morgan Ellis $25
7 Robin Prioleau $50
8 Toby Cdebaca  
9 Brandyn MacPhee  
10 Yarelis Alvarez  
11 Kallista Fritts  
12 Tylor MacPhee  
13 LaMarr Damon  
14 Nathan Nguyen  
15 Jonah Seawright  
16 Alex Harmon $5
17 Chris Furdek  
18 Aileen Linares  
19 Lauren Jaramillo  
20 Quirino Sanchez  
21 Christian Apolonio  
22 Hailey Winn  
23 Kaitlin Joslin  
24 Eric Gauna  
25 Montana Cdebaca  
  Handicap Division  
1 TJ Thalman $200
2 Kara Thompson $115
3 Taylor Herson $60
4 Angela Romero $50
5 Justin Weddige $40
6 Josh Williams $58
7 JD Messenger $14
8 Michael Jamael  
9 Alex Thompson $44
10 Jay Heffer  
11 Josie Herson  
12 Jordan Womble  
13 Shaiden Raymond  
14 Meah Alvarado-McDonald  
15 AJ Navarrette  
16 Nicco Bacoccini  
17 Gabe Alvarado  
18 Gerilynn Delegarito  
19 Elliot Varela  
20 Jared Basey  
21 Jayden Martinez  
22 Faith Pinter  
23 Kloey Kielich  
24 Kameron Bowers  
25 Santiago Navarrette  
26 Faith Pinter  
27 Lamarr Damon  
28 Jay Heffer  
29 Michael Goodman  
30 Harlee Wilson  
31 Angela Romero  
32 Josie Herson  
33 Daniella LaBier  
  High Games  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Uribari 266 Thalman 278
2 Z Harvey 264 G Alvarado 277
3 Davis 259 Thalman 272
4 M Ellis 257 Weddige 267
5 Sweigart 256 K Thompson 265
  Girls Scratch side event  
1 Prioleau -+29*  
2 M Ellis +24  
3 Yarelis -50  
4 Fritts -53  
5 Linares -114  
  U-17 scratch side event  
1 J Williams +94  
2 Priloeau +29*  
3 Weddige +28  
4 Uribarri +6  
5 T Cdebaca -3  
  Round Leaders  
  Scratch Handicap
1 M Ellis Thalman
2 M Ellis Thalman
3 Apolonio Thalman
4 Apolonio Thalman
5 Z Harvey Thalman