champs Aarik Torres, Kagan Kost, Dominic Fisher, Martin Velaso, Henry Lee

pictures of all teams at our facebook page, "Junior Bowlers Tour Southwest"

        In a terrific comeback final, the "Kingpins" were exactly that, winning the JBT So Cal Baker Challenge, hosted by Bowlium Lanes in Montclair.

        After 10 games of Baker-style qualifying, the Kingpins qualified 7th, then got by the #2 and #3 seeded teams to reach the final.  Their opponents would be the top seed 'Mixed Nuts' team, who had rolled 4-0 through their matches.  They won the first game of the finals 207-191, but Kingpin came roaring back 218-180 to force one more game for the title.  The final game was a crazy one, with gutter balls on both sides changing the match.  However, it still came down the anchor bowlers, and after Dominic Fisher doubled, Bobby Campagnale's good second shot left a 7-pin standing, and that gave Kingpin the 186-181 win and the championship.  It's the first JBT title for all, and the youths split the $500 top prize.

        Big thanks to the team at Bowlium for hosting one of our favorite weekends of the year.  Want in on all this fun for all ages and averages?  Just check out our schedule and come on down!

So Cal Baker- final results and scholarship winners
rank bowlers prize total
1 Henry Lee $167 $500
  Dominic Fisher $167  
  Kagan Kost    
  Aarik Torres    
  Martin Velasco $167  
2 Ricky Pollom $100 $400
  Gael Egana $100  
  Louis Luna $100  
  Elias Luna $100  
  Bobby Campagnale    
3 Emily Schrider $67 $200
  Joe Jimenez    
  Emily Cheesman $67  
  Peter Ruiz $67  
  Buddy Lucas    
4 Nick Caner $67 $200
  Andrew Svoren    
  Ben Martin $67  
  Clint Strawmyer    
  Mark Wang $67  
5 Stephanie Fung    
  Allex Zieg    
  Michael Marmolejo    
  Jonathan Hall    
  Kyler Orosco    
6 Hunter Mayes    
  Chris Mayes    
  Jennifer Peterson    
  DJ Kneifel    
  Justin Phillips Jr    
7 Tony Nino    
  Kyle Nino    
  Preston Carrasco    
  Marshall Degnan    
  Mark Degnan    
8 Ryan Bass    
  Hailey Shepherd    
  Allison Azvedo    
  Ardani Rodas    
  Jaclyn Azvedo    
9 Tyler Weitzman    
  Kaitlyn Griffin    
  JP Griffin    
  Antonio Palangio    
  Chriss Garcia    
10 Frank Howard      
  Shane Howard    
  Jonathan Fun    
  Andrew Fung    
  Leoj Chin    
11 Dawson Reese    
  Harley Sweigart    
  Brian Reed    
  Kyle Reed    
  Gage Baker    
12 Edward Wheelan    
  Allysha Howard    
  David Schneider    
  Jim Harvey    
  Michelle Silver    
13 Michael McQuisten    
  Marquan Rivers    
  Josh Molloy    
  Richard Delgado    
  Leah Parker    
14 Zack Jellsey    
  Bobby Hornacek    
  Bryce Nakunz    
  Ronnie Castillo    
  Lamaki Welch    
15 Trevyr Geronimo    
  Garrett Lee    
  Jennifer Loredo    
  Daniel Hong $100  
  Young Cho    
16 Akayla Orosco    
  Kaitlynn Yukihiro    
  Alexis Lee    
  Stephanie Hong    
  Stephanie Cope    
17 Noel Hernandez    
  Corbin Reid Hirsch    
  Nathan Chambers    
  Lucas Rabb    
  Brock Bivins    
18 Sebastian Huffman    
  Lathan Chin    
  Matthew Wang    
  Steve Spencer    
  Sara Lee    
19 Secilia Kalvelage    
  Marco Cuevas    
  Travis Miller    
  Theresa Miller    
  Silas Phillips    
20 Zach Greim    
  Lindsay Greim    
  Elias O'Hollaren    
  Katelyn Abigania    
  Steve Smith    
21 Connor Steelmon-Hill    
  Kean Gatmaitan    
  Danielle Swaisgood    
  Philip Hall    
  Valerie Spence    



Email to reserve a spot.   Scroll below for reserved list.




to be held at:


7 PM Saturday November 30 at Bowlium

4666 Holt Blvd., Montclair CA, (909) 626-3528


9:30 AM Sunday December 8 at Hiline Lanes

15733 Ambaum Blvd SW, Burien WA, (206) 244-2272


Bowl the events at Bowlium Saturday and Sunday to make it a tripleheader of JBT fun in So Cal!

Bowl the Doubles event at Hiline Saturday to make it a doubleheader of JBT fun in the Northwest!


Hereís the twists:

-           This is an all-scratch* event, but your teams must have at least one bowler with an entering average of 170 or less. (avg. as of 11/5/19)

-           *Teams with more than one under-170 bowler get 8 extra pins per game for each under-170 bowler (so, up to 32 pins per game!)

-           Teams may have a max of 2 adults (adults may be the 170 & under bowler)

(Ďadultí in JBT means anyone age 22 and over as of 8/1/19)

-          Each bowler MUST be the anchor (frames 5 & 10) twice each in qualifying.



ENTRY FEE:           $25 per person ($125 per team)                 FORMAT:

                                                                        - teams roll 10 Baker games

                                                                                                                  - top 8** teams advance to best

                                                                                                                      2-of-3 matchplay

EBONITE BALL RAFFLE AT THIS AND ALL                                  

JBT EVENTS!                                                                             Points awarded for finishing position only.  Team shirts                

                                                 highly encouraged but not required.              



SAMPLE PRIZE FUNDS: (1:6 teams earn scholarships, minimum 4 teams cash, $500 first)


16 entries                                                         24 entries                                            

1st-      $500                                                       1st-         $500                                       

2nd-     $250                                                       2nd-        $400                                       

3rd-4th- $125                                                       3rd-4th-   $200                                        

5th-6th-  $100

                                                                           ***Leading qualifiers : $100***


**If 11+ teams enter, the top 8 advance. If 10 or less teams enter, the top 6 advance.


To reserve spots, email, or visit

JBT bowlers use 19-20 JBT average, all others use highest 19-20 15+ game average as of 11/5, verification required if itís the 170 & under bowler.  All other JBT rules apply.  Limited to the first 24 fully paid teams.  Walk-ins OK, but prepayments strongly encouraged. Please help us spread the word to our JBT alumni.  We'll see you there, don't miss it!




Bivins - partner - partner - partner - partner

Weitzman - Garcia - Griffin - Griffin - Palangio

Hirsch- Hernandez- Rabb - BIvins - partner

Silva - Wheelam - Ruiz - Schneider - Zirges

Criss, B -

Criss, C-

Egana  - Luna, L - Luna, E - Ricky - Bobby

Kalvelage - Phillips - MIller - Miller - Cuevas

Nino - Nino - Carrasco - Degnan - Degnan

Fung - Orosco K - A Azvedo - Marmolejo -

Peterson - Kneifel - Mayes - Mayes - Phillips

Huffman -

Orosco A -

Wang - Wang - Wang - Spencer - Kovach