champs "Get Pranked" and runners-up "300 Wannabes"

pictures of all teams at our facebook page, "Junior Bowlers Tour Southwest"

        A group of ladies were looking to duplicate JBT history, but it was an Oregon bunch getting vengeance instead, in terrific action at the JBT Baker Team Challenge, hosted by Hiline Lanes in Burien.

        The '300 wannabes' (Madison Flatin, Kierra and Kailee Wilcox, Anna Gatin, and Rose Ugbinada) were looking to match the strategy of five So Cal girls last year with all-under-170 averages to take the title.  They looked well on their way, earning the top seed by a decent margin, and only dropping one game in matchplay (to the mostly-Lennox 'Funky Monkeys') to reach the title match.  Their opponents would be #2 seed "Get Pranked" (Trevor and Eric Wodesky, JT Taylor, Silas LeBlanc, Chris Mongelli), who also only dropped one game to reach the final.

        It looked like it would take a big score from the higher average team to beat the girls, but the gentlemen were more than up to the task, blasting two big numbers to sweep the 2-of-3 match and earn the title.  The youth bowlers split the $600 top prize/  For Silas it was his second JBT win, while JT and Eric claimed their first titles.

        Huge thanks to all the adults who competed in one of our favorite events of the year, as well as Pat Johns and the team at Hiline for an outstanding job hosting a jam packed weekend.  The $1,500 awarded on the day pushed the weekend total to almost $5,000 in scholarships earned by all ages and all averages!  Want a piece of the fun?  Just check out our schedule and come on down! 

Pac NW Baker- final results and scholarship winners
rank bowlers prize total
1 Trevor Wodesky $200 $600
  Eric Wodesky    
  JT Taylor $200  
  Silas LeBlanc $200  
  Chris Mongelli    
2 Madison Flatin $80 $400
  Kailee Wilcox $80  
  Kierra Wilcox $80  
  Anna Gatlin $80  
  Rose Ugbinada $80  
3 Toby Wills $50 $250
  Carter Humphries $50  
  Jaadyn Humphries $50  
  Kenji Lonon $50  
  Cadin Cervine $50  
4 Matthew Lennox $84 $250
  Michael Lennox    
  Jacob Lennox $84  
  Hailey Lennox $84  
  Bruce Springer    
5 Kevin Nagasawa    
  Bradley Baltazar    
  Andrew Martin    
  Nick Fox    
  Robert Kelley    
6 Brooklyn Boudreau    
  Evan Smith    
  Juliauna Gosney    
  Liam Hardman    
  Aidghan Ziegler    
7 Mac Kaurin    
  Elijah Chin    
  Andy Herrmann    
  Brian Browning    
  Mason McKenzie    
8 Makana Wong    
  Aiden Wong    
  Noah Sicard    
  DoHoon Kwon    
  Sam Gritzke    
9 Kyle Adams    
  Simon Dyck    
  Derek Li    
  Nathan Tang    
  Jacob Imoo    
10 Braidyn Bishop    
  Carson Siems    
  Brody Ruby    
  Trevor Johnson    
  Dane Downing    
11 Ben Heisler    
  Charles Heisler    
  Bryan Zeutenhorst    
  Alex Perini    
  AJ Hooper    
12 Chloe Bartlett    
  Vianna Daniels    
  Malcolm Jacobson    
  James Yost    
  Sean McCandless    
13 Ryan Smerud    
  Colt Jance    
  Michael Strothman    
  Adam Smerud    
  Gary Carter    
14 Lohrghan Ziegler    
  Duke Knudsen    
  Sam Flaisig    
  Todd Strothman    
  Jerry Jennings    
15 Mike Sargent    
  Alena McDugle    
  Ruth Magana    
  Jasmine Emswiler    
  Derek Thompson    
16 Payden Stumpf    
  Noah Green    
  Piper Chalmers    
  Danny Chalmers    
  Brian Monnette    
17 Carl Nichols    
  Skyler Broussard    
  Alejandro Moser-Hernandez  
  Paul Rosales    
  Samyia Gildon    
18 Tyler Coates    
  Steve Coates    
  Hunter Bower    
  Megan Bower    
  Payton Bower    
19 Brian DeLuisa-Anderson  
  Nate Davis    
  Bud Sicard    
  Kevin Hong    
  Jonathan Lorey    
20 Collins Davis    
  Peter Davis    
  Sally Ault    
  Sam Cox    
  Chase Hudson    
21 Cindy Mattingly    
  Douglas Bialza II    
  Douglas Bialza III    
  Mason Mattingly    
  Micah Mattingly    





to be held at:


7 PM Saturday November 28 at Bowlium

4666 Holt Blvd., Montclair CA, (909) 626-3528


10 AM Sunday December 8 at Hiline Lanes

15733 Ambaum Blvd SW, Burien WA, (206) 244-2272



Bowl the events at Bowlium Saturday and Sunday to make it a tripleheader of JBT fun in So Cal!

Bowl the Doubles event at Hiline Saturday to make it a doubleheader of JBT fun in the Northwest!


Hereís the twists:

-           This is an all-scratch* event, but your teams must have at least one bowler with an entering average of 170 or less. (avg. as of 11/5/19)

-           *Teams with more than one under-170 bowler get 8 extra pins per game for each under-170 bowler (so, up to 32 pins per game!)

-           Teams may have a max of 2 adults (adults may be the 170 & under bowler)

(Ďadultí in JBT means anyone age 22 and over as of 8/1/19)

-          Each bowler MUST be the anchor (frames 5 & 10) twice each in qualifying.



ENTRY FEE:           $25 per person ($125 per team)                 FORMAT:

                                                                        - teams roll 10 Baker games

                                                                                                                  - top 8** teams advance to best

                                                                                                                      2-of-3 matchplay


                                                                                                               Points awarded for finishing position only.  Team shirts                

                                                 highly encouraged but not required.              



SAMPLE PRIZE FUNDS: (1:6 teams earn scholarships, minimum 4 teams cash, $500 first)


16 entries                                                         24 entries                                            

1st-      $500                                                       1st-         $500                                       

2nd-     $250                                                       2nd-        $400                                       

3rd-4th- $125                                                       3rd-4th-   $200                                        

5th-6th-  $100

                                                                           ***Leading qualifiers : $100***


**If 11+ teams enter, the top 8 advance. If 10 or less teams enter, the top 6 advance.


To reserve spots, email director@bowljbt.com, or visit www.bowljbt.com.

JBT bowlers use 19-20 JBT average, all others use highest 19-20 15+ game average as of 11/5, verification required if itís the 170 & under bowler.  All other JBT rules apply.  Limited to the first 24 fully paid teams.  Walk-ins OK, but prepayments strongly encouraged. Please help us spread the word to our JBT alumni.  We'll see you there, don't miss it!





1 Wilcox Wilcox Flatin Gatlin Ugbinada
2 Jance Carter Jance Strothman Smerud
3 Wills Humpries C London K Cervine C Humphries J
4 Baltazar Martin Nagasawa Kelley Fox, N
5 BDA Davis N Sicard B Hong  
6 Wodesky Taylor Le Blanc S Wodesk Mongelli
7 Martin, A Baltazar Nagasawa Kelley Humphries J
8 Siems, C Downing, D Ruby, B Johnson, T Bishop, B
9 Tang, N Li, D Adams, K Dyck, S Imoo
10 Sargent McDugle Emswiler Magana Thompson D
11 Lennox Lennox Lennox Lennox Springer
12 Heisler Heisler Zeutenhorst Perini Hooper
13 Kaurin Chin E McKenzie M Herrmann Browner
14 Rosales Moser-Hern. Nichols Broussard Gildon
15 Sicard B Wong A Kwon Wong M McNamara
16 Bower Bower Coates    
17 Daniels Jacobson MacCandless Yost Bartlett
18 Malone Stumpf Gritzke Lee Lee
19 Mattingly Mattingly Mattingly Bialza Bialza
20 Boudreau Smith E Ziegler A Hardman Gosney J