champs Josh Williams & Madison Holman; Rachael Berg, Cesar Padilla, Hunter Mayes, Zach Greim, Tyler Morgan

        Josh Williams and Madison Holman picked up JBT titles in exciting Arizona and Mojave Conference action at Kingman's Cerbat Lanes.

        Bowlers competed in head to head matchplay after qualifying.  Zach Greim cruised to the top seed, and had no problem in matches either, beating Rachael Berg and Hunter Mayes to reach the final.  Williams had a much tougher battle, squeezing into the #10 spot, then getting past previous day's champ Cerell Cardines, Tim Hill, and Cesar Padilla to reach the final.  The championship match was an all-time classic, with Josh emerging 269-260 from the strikefest, good for his 3rd career JBT title.

        The handicap bracket followed a similar form, with top seed Tyler Morgan rolling past Noel Hernandez and Brockton Scotford to reach the finals.  Meanwhile, #6 Madison Holman had a tougher road, beating Jake Creek, Silas Phillips, and Keiran Roth to get to the final match.  Tyler lost a heartbreaker to Madison in the semifinals at Desert Sky, and unfortunately for him suffered the same fate here, as Madison won once again.  Her red hot run of late has netted her her first JBT title since a doubles win in 2015, and second of her JBT career.

        U17 went to Greim, with a win over Morgan.

        Big thanks to the team at Cerbat for their usual great hosting job.  Want in on the fun?  Just check out our schedule and come on down!

Cerbat Lanes- final results and scholarship winners
  Scratch Division  
rank bowler prize
1 Josh Williams $265
2 Zach Greim $154
3 Hunter Mayes $100
4 Cesar Padilla $75
5 Tim Hill $160
6 Ryan Perry $50
7 Rachael Berg $123
8 Kyle Rendon  
9 Lucas Rabb  
10 Skyler McGowan  
11 Cerell Cardines $15
12 Afton Lords $32
13 CJ Todeschi  
14 Dawson Reese   
15 Matthew Garrett  
16 Sebastian Huffman  
17 Andrew Guba  
18 Clifford Robbins  
19 Emily Cheesman  
20 Gavin Holter  
21 Hayden Hull  
22 Chris Mayes $15
23 Brendan Lindsey  
24 Mason Snow  
25 Hailey Kroeger  
26 Josh Mabry $7
27 William Robbins  
28 Kyle Reed  
29 Ryan Zent  
30 Brock Bivins  
31 Makenzie Derezotes  
Handicap Division  
1 Madison Holman $200
Tyler Morgan $175
Keiran Roth $105
Brockton Scotford $90
Silas Phillips $50
6 Peyton Lee $30
Noel Hernandez  
Mackenzie Hammer  
Caden Meliska  
Corbin Reid-Hirsch  
11 Jake Creek  
James Burke $30
Bailey Knight $15
Yael Salama $15
Emma Downing  
16 Miya Greene $15
Alisabeth Rich  
Payton Workman  
Hllari Hampton  
Kaitlyn Hammer  
21 Harper Schmidt $5
Jadeyn Mabry  
23 RJ Pointon $15
24 Caleb Rothstein  
25 Seth Stovall  
Kendall Bollea $5
Wyatt Linderman  
28 Ryland Gregorich  
  Qualifying Leaders  
  Scratch  Handicap
1 Greim +175 Morgan +269
2 Hill +114 Roth +180
3 Rabb +81 S Phillips +156
  High Games  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Greim 290 Morgan 298
2 Williams 269 Scotford 284
3 Rendon 268 Knight 271
4 H Mayes 267 Reid-Hirsch 270
5 Greim 260 Roth 269
  Girls Scratch side event  
1 Berg +55*  
2 Lords +51  
3 Holman +22  
4 Cheesman -10  
5 Greene -18  
  U-17 scratch side event  
1 Greim +175*  
2 Morgan +174  
3 H Mayes +75  
4 Reese +40  
5 Padilla +39  
  Round Leaders  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Greim M Hammer
2 Greim Morgan
3 R Perry Morgan
4 Greim Morgan
5 Greim Morgan





Date: Sunday, February 23, 2020

Start Time: 10 AM (AZ time).   Check in begins at 8 AM.  Please check in no later than 9:30 AM. 

Max bowlers: 96.  Please email director@bowljbt.com to reserve a spot.  You can prepay (not required) at the 'Sign Me Up!' section of this website.  Reservations (paid or unpaid) must check in no later than 30 minutes before start time.  At that time, all bowlers will be taken on a first come, first serve basis until the field is full.

This is a one day event.  Saturday is a separate one day event.  You can bowl only Saturday, only Sunday, or both. 

Divisions:  Scratch or handicap.  It is the bowlers' choice of division.  Also, everyone age 16 or under as of 8/1/19 is automatically entered in the U-17 side event.   Also, every female is automatically entered in the Girls Scratch side event. 

Points:  This event counts for AZ, Mojave, and All-Conference points.

Entry fee: $40 handicap; $50 scratch.  Scholarship brackets are available for $2 each.  Raffle tickets for Ebonite bowling balls, and our PowerBowl and 24 jackpots, are available on-site. 

Scholarships: 1:6 in each division earn scholarships, scratch and handicap.  Minimum prizes in scratch are $250, $125, $75, $50.  In handicap, $200, $100, $60, $40.  Bowlers must finish in the top 4 twice in a conference to qualify for that conference's Invitational, which features $1,000 for first place.  Bowlers who finish in the top 20 in a conference's points race, or the top 100 in all-conference points, qualify for the Touring Players Championship, featuring $2,000 for first.

Lane conditions: conditions vary from event to event, and are not posted prior to the event (unless otherwise announced).  Some events do not post the pattern until after qualifying.  Be ready for anything- it makes you a better bowler!  Check out previous patterns and corresponding cut scores at the 'lane conditions' section of this website.


scroll down for non-alphabetized bowlers.  PLEASE do not forget to  contact us if you need to cancel your reservation.

1 Berg, R
2 Bivins, B
3 Bollea, K
4 Burke, J
5 Creek, J
6 Derezotes, M
7 Garrett, M
8 Gootzeit, J
9 Greene, M
10 Hammer, K
11 Hammer, M
12 Hernandez, N
13 Hill, T
14 Holter
15 Hull, H
16 Knight, B
17 Laffoon, B
18 Lee, P
19 Lords, A
20 Mabry, J
21 Mabry, J
22 Macias, B
23 McGowan, S
24 Morgan, T
25 Perry, R
26 Phillips, S
27 Pointon, RJ
28 Rich, A
29 Robbins, C
30 Robbins, W
31 Salama, Y
32 Schmidt, H
33 Theophilus, M
34 Todeschi, CJ
35 Williams, J
36 Meliska, C
37 Scotford, B
38 Reed, K
39 Huffman, S
40 Stovall, S