champs Gael Egama & Jazmyne Compehos; Elias O'Hollaren, Brandon Rother, Tyler Castronova

        Gael Egana and Jazmyne Compehos completed outstanding weekends with JBT titles at Sam's Town in exciting Moajve Conference singles action.

        Solomon Salama began the scratch division stepladder finals with a 232-164 win over Devyn Patalina.  Elias O'Hollaren then stopped Solomon 225-174 to advance to the title match.  O'Hollaren has already been oh so close to becoming one of our youngest scratch champions ever, and a 298 here helped his cause, but this time he ran into red-hot top seed Gael Egana.  After winning the doubles event yesterday, Gael squeezed by Elias 198-194 in the finale to capture the 8th title of his JBT career.

        Tyler Castronova survived a tough opening round of the handicap stepladder 226-223 over Brandon Rother.  Castronova then turned it way up in the next match, beating AJ Imperial 275-199 to ascend to the title match.  Top seed Jazmyne Compehos has had rare instant success on Tour, and after a fourth place finish in doubles the day before, she bested Catronova 244-211 to claim her first career JBT title. 

        Miya Greene beat Katelyn Abigania to win the day's Priority Girls Scratch event, and Egana completed his dream weekend with a win over Salama for the U17 win.  Big thanks to the crew at Sam's for hosting us, and everyone for attending.  To get in on this fun for all ages and averages, just check out our schedule and come on down!

Sam's Town-final results and scholarship winners
  Scratch Division  
rank bowler prize
1 Gael Egana $250
2 Elias O'Hollaren $153
3 Solomon Salama $173
4 Devyn Patalina $75
5 Caleb Andrews $60
6 Jorell Morris $50
7 Allez Zieg  
8 Joshua Abigania  
9 Brock Bivins  
10 Kyle Rendon  
11 TJ Rock $15
12 Skyler McGowan $15
13 Clifford Robbins  
14 Katelyn Abigania $50
15 Ardani Rodas  
16 Josh Williams  
17 Jayson McCoy  
18 Sebastian Huffman  
19 Jamison Kaboli  
20 Michael Marmolejo  
21 Trevyr Geronimo  
22 Kyle Reed  
23 Brendan Lindsey  
24 Dawson Reese $5
25 William Robbins  
26 Zach Greim  
27 Wyland Gilmore  
28 Hayden Hull  
29 Tim Hill  
30 Marisol Ramirez-Buckles  
31 Samantha Conti $5
32 David Otero  
33 Makenzie Derezotes  
34 Afton Lords  
  Handicap Division  
1 Jazmyne Compehos $225
2 Tyler Castronova $125
3 AJ Imperial $100
4 Brandon Rother $75
5 Cameron Criss $90
6 Hayden Fernandez $91
7 Bryce Nakunz $40
8 Brandon Criss $69
9 Jon Verde III  
10 Kendall Bollea  
11 Shatyl Denevan $30
12 Noel Gregorich  
13 Steve Abarca  
14 Zack Gonzalez  
15 Audrey Andrews  
16 Miya Greene $50
17 Annalie Izzolo  
18 Gavin Fernandez  
19 Katherine Abarca  
20 Kathryn Shaffner  
21 Charlise Esmena   
22 Yael Salama  
23 Nicholas Hockman  
24 Justyce McCoy  
25 Corbin Reid-Hirsch  
26 Ryland Gregorich  
27 Julian Stenroos  
28 Mason Snow  
29 Jordan Gil  
30 Ava McLaughlin  
31 Jason Bardol II  
32 Sam Gutwald  
33 Lindsay Greim  
34 Aiden Gosselin  
35 Faythe Reid  
36 Derek Raridon  
37 Gavin Holter  
38 Tyler Morgan $5
39 Marissa Ruiz  
  High Games  
  Scratch Handicap
  O'Hollaren 298 Compehos 303
  Egana 278 Rother 283
  O'Hollaren 278 B Criss 283
  Salama 267 Castronova 275
  Rodas 267 Compehos 275
  High Female  
1 K Abigania -11  
2 Greene -118*  
3 K Bollea -158  
4 A Andrews -177  
5 Ramirez-Buckles -178  
  Qualifying Leaders  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Salama +160 C Criss +144
2 Patalina +138 Rother +125
3 Egana +126 Castronova +119
1 Salama +160  
2 Egana +126*  
3 O'Hollaren +103  
4 C Criss +54  
5 J Abigania +4  
  Round Leaders  
  Scratch Handicap
1 O'Hollaren C Criss
2 Andrews C Criss
3 Andrews C Criss
4 Salama C Criss
5 Salama C Criss
6 Patalina C Criss
7 O'Hollaren Imperial
8 Egana Compehos
  Total Awarded This Event: $1,751



Date: Saturday, November 23, 2019

Start Time: 10 AM.   Check in begins at 8 AM.  Please check in no later than 9:30 AM. 

Max bowlers: 96.  Please email to reserve a spot.  You can prepay (not required) at the 'Sign Me Up!' section of this website.  Reservations (paid or unpaid) must check in no later than 30 minutes before start time.  At that time, all bowlers will be taken on a first come, first serve basis until the field is full.

This is a one day event.  Saturday is a separate one day event.  You can bowl only Saturday, only Sunday, or both.  This event is singles (Saturday is Doubles).

Divisions:  Scratch or handicap.  It is the bowlers' choice of division.  Also, everyone age 16 or under as of 8/1/19 is automatically entered in the U-17 side event.   Also, every female is automatically entered in the Girls Scratch side event. 

Points:  This event counts for Mojave and All-Conference points.

Entry fee: $40 handicap; $50 scratch.  Scholarship brackets are available for $2 each.  Raffle tickets for Ebonite bowling balls, and our PowerBowl and 24 jackpots, are available on-site. 

Scholarships: 1:6 in each division earn scholarships, scratch and handicap.  Minimum prizes in scratch are $250, $125, $75, $50.  In handicap, $200, $100, $60, $40.  Bowlers must finish in the top 4 twice in a conference to qualify for that conference's Invitational, which features $1,000 for first place.  Bowlers who finish in the top 20 in a conference's points race, or the top 100 in all-conference points, qualify for the Touring Players Championship, featuring $2,000 for first.

Lane conditions: conditions vary from event to event, and are not posted prior to the event (unless otherwise announced).  Some events do not post the pattern until after qualifying.  Be ready for anything- it makes you a better bowler!  Check out previous patterns and corresponding cut scores at the 'lane conditions' section of this website.


Greim, Z

Greim, L

Bivins, B

Derezotes, M

Rich, A

Rich, C

Criss, C

Criss, B



Salama, S

Salama, Y







Hockman, N



Hull, H

Leong, D

Nakunz, B

Gilmore, W

Gilmore, W



McCoy, J

McCoy, J

Bardol II

Reid, F

Denevan, Shatyl


McGowan, S





Stenroos, J


Morris, J

Morgan, T

Gregorich, N

Gregorich, R