The following bowlers have qualified for the 2020 TPC by being in the top 20 in a conference's points, or the top 100 all-conference points, as of the COVID shutdown.  You may now choose your qualifying squad anytime by contacting us (A squad bowls at 8 AM, B squad bowls at 1 PM).   Additional bowlers can qualify based on performances in remaining events June 20-July 19. 

Additional TPC info we'll need (sweeper choices, dinner/awards reservations)  are all coming soon, don't pay yet, hang tight until all this is finalized.

Click here to reserve your room in the JBT room block!

Scroll below the qualifier list for additional TPC details. (but remember, all these details are subject to change as covid restrictions increase or decrease)

If distancing requirements loosen to the degree that we can re-combine into one squad (which would mean everyone bowls Saturday morning AND afternoon), we will announce this no later than one week prior to the event date.

currently: A squad: 39    B squad: 73

name qualified via squad
Abigania, Joshua So Cal Scratch Points no
Abigania, Katelyn So Cal Scratch Points no
Adams, Kyle PacNW Scratch Points  
Alo, Daryus All-Conf Scratch Points B
Alvarez, Yarelis NM-TX Scratch Points B
Andrews, Caleb Mojave Scratch Points  
Baltazar, Bradley PacNW Scratch Points  
Basey, Jared NM-TX Handicap Points B
Berg, Rachael AZ Scratch Points A
Bivins, Brock AZ Scratch Points B
Bollea, Kendall AZ Handicap Points B
Bower, Hunter PacNW Scratch Points B
Bower, Payton PacNW Handicap Points B
Brown, Joshua All-Conf Handicap Points  
Burke, James All-Conf Handicap Points B
Burnett, Joshua NM-TX Handicap Points  
Campos, Krystal NM-TX Handicap Points  
Caner, Nick So Cal Scratch Points A
Canez, Rene All-Conf Scratch Points  
Cardines, Cerell AZ Scratch Points A
Carrasco, Preston So Cal Handicap Points A
Castllo, Ronnie All-Conf Handicap Points B
Castronova, Tyler All-Conf Handicap Points  
Cdebaca, Montana NM-TX Scratch Points  
Cdebaca, Toby NM-TX Scratch Points  
Cervine, Cadin PacNW Scratch Points  
Chambers, Ethan So Cal Handicap Points A
Chambers, Nathan So Cal Handicap Points A
Cheesman, Emily All-Conf Scratch Points B
Chin, Elijah All-Conf Scratch Points B
Chin, Leoj All-Conf Scratch Points B
Christy, Riley So Cal Handicap Points  
Coates, Tyler PacNW Scratch Points B
Compehos, Jazmyne Mojave Handicap Points  
Creek, Jake AZ Handicap Points B
Cruz, Victoria All-Conf Scratch Points  
Davis, Will NM-TX Scratch Points B
Degnan, Marshall So Cal Handicap Points B
Delegarito, Gerilynn NM-TX Handicap Points A
DeLuisa-Anderson, Brian PacNW Scratch Points A
Domaguin, Avery So Cal Handicap Points  
Egana, Gael So Cal Scratch Points B
Ellis, Morgan NM-TX Scratch Points B
Fernandez, Gavin All-Conf Handicap Points  
Fernandez, Hayden All-Conf Handicap Points  
Flatin, Madison All-Conf Handicap Points B
Flores, Marco All-Conf Scratch Points  
Fritts, Kallista NM-TX Scratch Points A
Garrett, Matthew AZ Scratch Points A
Gauna, Eric NM-TX Handicap Points  
Geronimo, Trevyr All-Conf Scratch Points A
Ginsburg, Nathan So Cal Handicap Points no
Ginsburg, Ryan So Cal Handicap Points no
Goodman, Michael NM-TX Handicap Points B
Gootzeit, Jason All-Conf Handicap Points  
Green, John NM-TX Scratch Points  
Greene, Miya AZ Handicap Points B
Greim, Lindsay So Cal Handicap Points B
Greim, Zach So Cal Scratch Points B
Haines, Jack All-Conf Handicap Points B
Hammer, Kaitlyn AZ Handicap Points A
Hammer, Mackenzie AZ Handicap Points A
Hardman, Liam PacNW Scratch Points B
Harmon, Alex NM-TX Scratch Points B
Harvey, Brad NM-TX Scratch Points A
Harvey, Zach NM-TX Scratch Points B
Heisler, Ben PacNW Scratch Points no
Hernandez, Noel AZ Handicap Points A
Herson, Taylor NM-TX Handicap Points no
Hill, Tim AZ Scratch Points B
Holman, Madison AZ Handicap Points A
Holter, Gavin All-Conf Scratch Points A
Hong, Daniel So Cal Scratch Points A
Hong, Stephanie All-Conf Handicap Points B
Hooper, AJ All-Conf Scratch Points  
Howard, Shane All-Conf Scratch Points  
Huffman, Sebastian So Cal Scratch Points B
Hull, Hayden AZ Scratch Points  
Humphries, Carter PacNW Handicap Points no
Hurst, Blayne NM-TX Scratch Points  
Ickes, Mackenzie AZ Handicap Points B
Imperial, AJ All-Conf Handicap Points A
Jance, Colt PacNW Handicap Points A
Jaramillo, Lauren NM-TX Scratch Points  
Jennings, Jerry All-Conf Scratch Points  
Johnson, Trevor PacNW Scratch Points  
Jordan, Rashaad All-Conf Scratch Points  
Kaurin, Mac PacNW Scratch Points B
Kielich, Kloey NM-TX Handicap Points  
Knight, Bailey AZ Handicap Points  
Knudsen, Duke PacNW Scratch Points
LeBlanc, Lucas PacNW Handicap Points A
LeBlanc, Silas PacNW Scratch Points A
Lee, Alexis So Cal Handicap Points B
Lee, Garrett All-Conf Scratch Points B
Lee, Peyton All-Conf Handicap Points A
Lee, Ryan So Cal Scratch Points  
Lennox, Matthew All-Conf Scratch Points  
Linares, Aileen NM-TX Scratch Points  
Lindsey, Brendan Mojave Scratch Points B
London, Kenji PacNW Handicap Points A
Lubag, Aislinn All-Conf Handicap Points  
Lubag, Yairi All-Conf Handicap Points  
Luna, Louis So Cal Scratch Points B
Lundgren, Kaylee PacNW Handicap Points  
Mabry, Jadeyn AZ Handicap Points B
MacPhee, Tylor NM-TX Scratch Points  
Malone, John PacNW Scratch Points  
Marmolejo, Michael So Cal Scratch Points  
Marquez, Koryn All-Conf Handicap Points A
Martin, Andrew PacNW Scratch Points  
Martin, Halie PacNW Handicap Points A
Martinez, KJ All-Conf Scratch Points  
Mason, Dalton PacNW Handicap Points A
Mayes, Chris AZ Scratch Points A
Mayes, Hunter AZ Scratch Points A
McGowan, Skyler Mojave Scratch Points B
McLaughlin, Ava Mojave Handicap Points B
McQuisten, Mike All-Conf Handicap Points A
Meliska, Caden AZ Handicap Points B
Messenger, JD NM-TX Handicap Points  
Miranda, Brandon So Cal Handicap Points B
Molloy, Joshua AZ Scratch Points A
Moore, Aaron NM-TX Handicap Points  
Morgan, Tyler AZ Handicap Points A
Nakunz, Bryce All-Conf Handicap Points B
Navarrete, AJ NM-TX Handicap Points B
Navarrete, Santiago NM-TX Handicap Points B
Nguyen, Nathan NM-TX Scratch Points A
Oberto, Vincent PacNW Handicap Points B
O'Dell, Kayden So Cal Handicap Points B
O'Hollaren, Elias So Cal Scratch Points B
Oller, Courtney PacNW Handicap Points  
Oller, McKenna All-Conf Handicap Points  
Orosco, Akayla So Cal Handicap Points B
Orosco, Kyler So Cal Scratch Points B
Othic, Aiden AZ Handicap Points B
Padilla, Cesar AZ Scratch Points A
Patalina, Devyn Mojave Scratch Points B
Perry, Ryan AZ Scratch Points  
Peterson, Jennifer All-Conf Scratch Points  
Pfaff, Jimmy So Cal Handicap Points B
Phillips, Silas AZ Handicap Points B
Pimentel, Ryland So Cal Handicap Points B
Pinter, Faith NM-TX Handicap Points  
Pointon, RJ AZ Handicap Points B
Pollom, Ricky All-Conf Scratch Points  
Premeau, Max AZ Scratch Points  
Rabb, Lucas AZ Scratch Points  
Raymond, Shaiden NM-TX Handicap Points B
Reed, Kyle Mojave Scratch Points  
Reese, Dawson AZ Scratch Points B
Reid, Faythe Mojave Handicap Points B
Reid-Hirsch, Corbin AZ Handicap Points A
Rendon, Kyle Mojave Scratch Points B
Rich, Alisabeth AZ Handicap Points A
Robbins, Clifford AZ Scratch Points  
Robbins, William AZ Scratch Points  
Rodas, Ardani So Cal Scratch Points  
Romero, Angela NM-TX Handicap Points B
Rosales, Paul PacNW Scratch Points  
Ruiz, Marissa Mojave Handicap Points B
Ruiz-Jimenez, Aiden NM-TX Handicap Points B
Salama, Solomon AZ Scratch Points no
Salama, Yael AZ Handicap Points no
Schanen, Anthony All-Conf Scratch Points  
Schenck, Cortez All-Conf Scratch Points  
Schmidt, Harper AZ Handicap Points B
Scotford, Brockton AZ Handicap Points B
Seawright, Jonah NM-TX Scratch Points  
Sicard, Bud PacNW Scratch Points A
Sicard, Mary PacNW Handicap Points A
Sicard, Noah PacNW Handicap Points A
Silva, Ian Seth NM-TX Handicap Points B
Snow, Mason Mojave Handicap Points B
Spangler, Jarrod All-Conf Scratch Points  
Strothman, Michael PacNW Scratch Points B
Tang, Nathan PacNW Handicap Points  
Tehrani, Cyruss So Cal Scratch Points  
Theophilus, Mackenzie All-Conf Handicap Points B
Thompson, Alex NM-TX Handicap Points  
Thompson, Kara All-Conf Scratch Points  
Thornton, Darin All-Conf Scratch Points  
Tidball, Nathan All-Conf Handicap Points  
Todacheenie, Xaden NM-TX Handicap Points  
Todeschi, CJ AZ Scratch Points B
Uribarri, Daunte NM-TX Scratch Points  
Verde, Jon III All-Conf Handicap Points  
Wang, Mark All-Conf Handicap Points  
Weddige, Justin All-Conf Scratch Points A
Weitzman, Tyler So Cal Handicap Points B
Welch, Lamaki All-Conf Scratch Points  
Wheelan, Edward So Cal Handicap Points  
Whitaker, Duncan All-Conf Scratch Points B
Wilcox, Kailee PacNW Handicap Points B
Wilcox, Kierra PacNW Handicap Points B
Williams, Josh AZ Scratch Points B
Wills, Toby PacNW Handicap Points no
Winchell, Logan PacNW Handicap Points  
Wodesky, Trevor PacNW Handicap Points A
Womble, Jordan NM-TX Handicap Points  
Wong, Aiden PacNW Handicap Points  
Wong, Makana PacNW Scratch Points  
Workman, Jaden AZ Handicap Points  
Worthington, Justin Mojave Handicap Points  
Yamasaki, Ashton PacNW Scratch Points  
Ylvisaker, Keith AZ Scratch Points A
Yukihiro, Kaitlynn So Cal Handicap Points B
Zent, Ryan All-Conf Scratch Points A
Zeutenhorst, Bryan PacNW Handicap Points  
Zieg, Allex So Cal Scratch Points A


The details on the events below are subject to change due to covid restrictions.  Please keep up to date here and on our facebook page for frequent updates.

The ULTIMATE event for JBT bowlers only!!


THE 2020 JBT



to be held

Thursday-Sunday July 23-26, 2020


Strike Zone at Sunset Station, Henderson NV




FORMAT:  (two divisions, scratch and handicap.  The U17, Elite, and Girls Scratch TPC events run simultaneously.)


Thursday July 23:  (all Thursday events are open to anyone 21 & under, not just TPC qualifiers!)

All these events are subject to finalization from the center due to covid restrictions

Noon:  Optional sweeper competition, squad 1, lane condition #1                   (Entry only $20 per squad- enter

2 PM:  Optional sweeper competition, squad 2, lane condition #1                    one or both- any ‘junior’ can bowl)

4 PM:  Optional sweeper competition, squad 3, lane condition #1   

6 PM:  Optional sweeper competition, squad 4, lane condition #1                   

8 PM:  Optional sweeper competition, squad 5, lane condition #1                   


Friday July 24:   (all Friday events are open to anyone 21 & under, not just TPC qualifiers!)

All these events are subject to finalization from teh center due to covid restrictions

-          Noon:  Optional sweeper competition, squad 1, lane condition #2              (Entry only $20 per squad- enter

-          2 PM:   Optional sweeper competition, squad 2, lane condition #2              one or all- any ‘junior’ can bowl)

-          4 PM:   Optional sweeper competition, squad 3, lane condition #2 

-          6:30 PM:  Optional TOP DAWG eliminator tournament , lane condition #3  (separate prize funds for each day & Top Dawg)


Saturday July 25:

-          8 AM: 'A' squad bowlers roll 6 games, lane conditions #1 & #2

-          1 PM: 'B' squad bowlers roll 6 games, lane conditions #1 & #2

o    The top 60% of the field, plus the top 12 all-conference point leaders, 2020 Bowlers of the Year, & 2019 Desert Open champs, if eligible, advance to the quarterfinals (9 AM Sunday).

-          Saturday evening: Awards / Dinner, location TBA  (Due to covid restrictions, this event cannot currently be held.  The current plan is to do our season awards Sunday morning at the center).


Sunday July 26:

Formats for Sunday bowling are subject to revision due to covid restrictions.  Stay tuned, stay flexible!

-          9 AM:  Quarterfinals: 6 games matchplay, 30 pin bonus for wins, lane condition #3

o    The top twelve 11-game totals in each division advance to the semifinals.

-          1 PM:   Semifinals: 8 games matchplay, 30 pin bonus for wins, lane condition #4

-          4 PM:   Top four 19-game totals advance to stepladder finals, lane condition #4


ENTRY FEE ONLY: $100                    CHAMPION:   $2,000

                                    Runner-Up:    $1,000                         6th place: $200                      

                                    3rd place:        $   500                         7th place: $175                      

                                    4th place:        $   400                         8th place: $150                      

                                    5th place:        $   300                         9th place: $125

10th- 15th places: $100



·        All bowlers age 21 and under as of 8/1/19 may bowl the Thursday and Friday events, but the TPC itself is open to the following bowlers:

·         Bowlers who finish in the top 20 (plus ties) of an Individual Conference’s point list after the Invitationals.

·         Bowlers who finish on the top 100 (plus ties) of the All-Conference points list as of the final Invitational.

-          All bowlers must bowl the Saturday qualifying round, including bowlers who earned an ‘exemption’ by finishing in the top 12 (plus ties) of the All-Conference point list as of 7/1/20.  Exempt bowlers missing the cut to Sunday’s bowling will still qualify for Sunday, and begin with total pinfall equal to the cut score.

·         There are two divisions, scratch and handicap.  Bowlers can choose to compete in either division.  Handicap division bowlers receive 90% of 200 in all rounds. 

·         The entry fee is $100.  $2,000 is the guaranteed first place scholarship prize per division.

·         Any eligible bowler may bowl, though prepayment and/or notification of plans to enter will help us run an efficient tournament.

·    ·         DRESS / BEHAVIOR:    COLLARED SHIRTS OR BOWLING T-SHIRTS, AND EITHER SLACKS OR SHORTS OF A KHAKI MATERIAL, OR NEAT, LONG JEANS, ARE REQUIRED.  Skirts / skorts are acceptable.  No hats, tank tops, or clothing deemed offensive by the tournament director are allowed. Bowlers not conforming to dress code will not be allowed to bowl the semifinal round, without exception.  There is to be no smoking during the tournament on or behind tournament lanes.  Bowlers may not smoke or drink during competition.   ANY DISPLAY OF FOUL LANGUAGE OR ABUSING EQUIPMENT will result in 1) warning, and/ or 2) penalization of JBT points, and/or 3)disqualification, subject to the sole discretion of the tournament directors.  See our expanded rules sheet or any JBT official for more on this policy.  Yes, we’ll even disqualify you at the TPC.  Dress code will be strictly enforced.

·         AVERAGES:  Bowlers will use their finishing 19-20 JBT average, 30+ games.  Bowlers with less than 30 games must use 200 or bowl scratch.  Tournament management reserves all rights to further re-rate averages as deemed fit prior to the start of the event per JBT rule 13

·         All rules not specifically covered will follow the JBT / USBC rulebook.  The tournament director reserves all rights.  Expanded rules are available at all JBT sites, and on the website. 

HOTEL INFO:  Book rooms at Sunset Station at 888-786-7389, or online at www.sunsetstation/, code SCIJBT2

TO RESERVE SPOTS FOR THE TPC, SIMPLY EMAIL US AT DIRECTOR@BOWLJBT.COM, OR FILL OUT FORM BELOW completely, checks made payable to JBT, PO BOX 20011, SEATTLE WA 98102.   Prepayment on our website, as always, is also available.  Visit often for updates and everything else related to each event, and the JBT as a whole.  See you soon! 


Name__________________________________________________________  Birthdate_________________________________________


Email address(es): _________________________________________________________________________________________________


I am bowling:


_____ Thurs. Noon sweeper ($20) _______      2 PM sweeper ($20) _______   4 PM sweeper ($20);     ________. 6 PM sweeper ($20)  _______ 8 PM sweeper ($20)


_____ Fri. Noon sweeper ($20);          ________  2 PM sweeper ($20);   _______ 4 PM sweeper ($20);    _______ 6:30 PM Top Dawg ($20)


_____ the TPC ($100)     ______ banquet spots, $25 each


( You can always add/subtract events at the tournament site, as space permits )