champs Josh, Katelyn, and Jon Abigania, Kendall Bollea, and Josh Blanchard

        A talented trio of siblings were joined by two stars in their own right to win the JBT AZ Baker Team Challenge, hosted by Bowlero Mesa.

        A full field of teams bowled 10 Baker games in qualifying, with the top 8 advancing to best 2-of-3 matchplay, definitely one of the most exciting forms of bowling.  The top seeded "Rejects" proved to be anything but, as they earned a $100 bonus for the top seed, barely avoided an upset in round one, then squeaked by their semifinal match to get to the final.  It ended up 1 vs. 2 as the Abigania kids teamed up with two time defending handicap Bowler of the Year Kendall Bollea and 13-time JBT champ and current PBA West/NW Director Josh Blanchard to win their two matches to get to the final.

        Both title match games were close, but a total team effort sealed the deal for the winners, as Josh and Katelyn kept up their winning bowling from all season, Jon more than held his own filling frames when asked, Kendall seemingly improving with every shot, and finally, Blanchard (who earlier converted a 7-10 to spark his team) locking it up with a tenth frame double to claim the championship.   It was Jon's first JBT title, Katelyn's third, Josh's fourth, Kendall's seventh, and number 14 for Blanchard to go with his 13 JBT wins as a youth.

        Like all JBT events, even this mostly scratch format proved to be for everyone.  The 40 matchplay finalists featured 12 adults, 14 bowlers who usually bowl our handicap events including one team off ALL handicap bowlers, 11 girls, and 22 JBT champions with a combined hundreds of JBT titles (somebody count for us).

        Huge thanks to the team at Mesa for hosting, and to all the adults and alumni who bowled, making this one of our favorite weekends of the year.  Want in on the fun for all ages and averages?  Just check out our schedule and come on down!

AZ Baker- final results and scholarship winners
rank bowlers prize total
1 Kendall Bollea $125 $500
  Josh Blanchard    
  Jon Abigania $125  
  Josh Abigania $125  
  Katelyn Abigania $125  
2 Chris Mayes $134+$34 $400
  Cerell Cardines $134+$34 + $100
  Justin Phillips   qual. ldr.
  Michael Fitzgerald    
  Jack Haines $134+$34  
3 Hunter Mayes $100 $300
  DJ Kniefel $100  
  Jennifer Peterson    
  Diante Fields    
  Kieran Roth $100  
4 Ryan Zent $67 $200
  John Conaway    
  Joe Huber    
  Justin Worthington $67  
  Brockton Scotford $67  
5 Jadeyn Mabry $33 $100
  Madi Holman $33  
  Cortez Schenck    
  Lindsay Greim    
  Brandi Calderon $33  
6 Mackenzie Theophilus $25 $100
  Ben Laffoon $25  
  Matt Adragna $25  
  Riley Dempsey    
  Erika Kemp $25  
7 Mikey McQuisten $34 $100
  Jonathan Mayer    
  Emily Rohrbacker $34  
  Matt Villegas    
  Corbin Reid-Hirsch $34  
8 Alisabeth Rich $20 $100
  Conner Pendergrass $20  
  RJ Pointon $20  
  Aiden Ruiz-Jimenez $20  
  Jaden Workman $20  
9 Emily Cheesman    
  Skyler McGowan    
  Julina Stenroos    
  Kyle Rendon    
  Connor Steelmon-Hill    
10 Gage Baker    
  Nathan Tidball    
  Mike Mayes    
  Brandon ROther    
  Kyler Duster    
11 Matt Zweig    
  Alec Johnson    
  Jackson Beltoya    
  Ellie Watson    
  Shane Smith    
12 Brock Bivins    
  David Waybright    
  CJ Todeschi    
  Jacob Ellis    
  Josh Carlson    
13 Cesar Padilla    
  Aileen Linares    
  Harper Schmidt    
  Amy Hammer    
  Mackenzie Paige    
14 Sebastian Huffman    
  JT Verde    
  Jon Verde    
  Monica Catronova    
  Tyler Castronova    
15 Kaitlyn Hammer    
  Bailey Knight    
  Thomas Lawrence    
  Anthony Stabolito    
  Payton Workman    
16 Tracy Lee    
  Noel Hernandez    
  Josh Molloy    
  Kamryn Wyman    
  Matt Jones    
17 Alex Hartman    
  DJ Cowart    
  Mike Jones    
  Stephanie Vasquez    
  Nick Barrieault    
18 Caden Meliska    
  Connor Meliska    
  Kristen Meliska    
  Mike Meliska    
  Kyler Harden    
19 Dodge Flynn    
  Richard Armstrong    
  Tony Maresca    
  Seth Krich    
  Dave Inoshita    
20 Keith Ylvisaker    
  Robert Ylvisaker    
  Victoria Ylvisaker    
  Tim Jacob    
  Josh Brown    
21 Daryus Alo    
  Mason Snow    
  Earl Garner    
  Gyrus Alo    
  Darren Tang    
22 Jason Gootzeit    
  David Levergae    
  Peyton Lee    
  Brendan Bobersky    
  Marcus Van Tobel    
23 Paityn Gaines    
  Connor Bell    
  Quinten Bell    
  Gunnar Hahn    
  Thayne Hahn    
24 Susan Meinhardt    
  Jazmyn Meinhardt    
  Joshua Meinhardt    
  Nikki Meinhardt    
  Scott Meinhardt    





to be held:

10 AM Sunday December 12 at Bowlero Mesa

1754 W. Southern Ave., Mesa AZ, (480) 834-0588

Bowl the Doubles events at Narrows or Mesa Saturday to make it a doubleheader of JBT fun in the NW or SW!


Hereís the twists:

-           This is an all-scratch* event, but your teams must have at least one bowler with an entering average of 170 or less. (avg. as of 11/8/21)

-           *Teams with more than one under-170 bowler get 8 extra pins per game for each under-170 bowler (so, up to 32 pins per game!)

-           Teams may have a max of 2 adults (adults may be the 170 & under bowler)

(Ďadultí in JBT means anyone age 22 and over as of 8/1/21)

-           Each bowler MUST be the anchor (frames 5 & 10) twice each in qualifying.


ENTRY FEE:           $25 per person ($125 per team)                 FORMAT:

                                                                        - teams roll 10 Baker games

                                                                                                                  - top 8** teams advance to best

                                                                                                                      2-of-3 matchplay

EBONITE BALL RAFFLE AT THIS AND ALL                                  

JBT EVENTS!                                                                             Points awarded for finishing position only.  Team shirts                

                                                 highly encouraged but not required.              



SAMPLE PRIZE FUNDS: (1:6 teams earn scholarships, minimum 4 teams cash, $500 first)


16 entries                                                         24 entries                                            

1st-      $500                                                       1st-         $500                                       

2nd-     $250                                                       2nd-        $400                                       

3rd-4th- $125                                                       3rd-4th-   $200                                        

5th-6th-  $100

                                                                           ***Leading qualifiers : $100***


**If 11+ teams enter, the top 8 advance. If 10 or less teams enter, the top 6 advance.


To reserve spots, email, or visit

JBT bowlers use 21-22 JBT average, all others use highest 21-22 15+ game average as of 11/8, verification required if itís the 170 & under bowler.  All other JBT rules apply.    Walk-ins OK as space permits, but prepayments strongly encouraged. Please help us spread the word to our JBT alumni.  We'll see you there, don't miss it!



PLEASE do not forget to contact us if you need to cancel or adjust your reservation.  This list may not be updated after the Friday of the event as we travel, etc.  However, walk-ins / late entries are still gladly accepted as space permits.  There is generally plenty of room for walk-ins / late entries, and we'll  post here clearly if an event is nearing sellout or sold out.

no. bowlers        
1 Bollea, Kendall Abigaina, Jon (u) Abigania, Katelyn Blanchard, Josh (a) Abigania, Josh
2 Kemp, Erika Laffoon, Ben Theophilus, Mackenzie Adragna, Mathew Dempsey, Riley
3 Scotford, Brockton        
4 Rich, Alisabeth Workman, Jaden      
5 Bell, Quinten Bell, Connor      
6 Mabry. Jadeyn Greim, Lindsay Holman, Madison Schenck, Cortez Calderon, Brandi
7 Hernandez, Noel Mullen, Josh Wyman, Kamryn Jones, Matt Molloy, Josh
8 Hammer, Amy Padilla, Cesar Linares, Aileen Schmidt, Harper Paige, Mackenzie
9 Meinhardt, Susan Meinhardt, Jazmyn Nikki? Scott? Joshua?
10 Lee, Peyton Leverage, David Gootzeit, Jason Bobersky. Brendan VonTobel, Marcus
11 Meliska, Caden Meliska, Connor Meliska, Michael Meliska, Kristen  
12 Workman, Payton Hammer, Kaitlyn      
13 Castronova, Tyler Castronova, Monika Huffman, Sebastian Verde, JT Verde, Jon
14 Rich, Alisabeth Workman, Jaden Pendergrass, Conner Pointon, RJ Ruiz-Jimenez, Aiden
15 Zent, Ryan Conaway, John Worthington, Justin Huber, Joe Van Gordon, Kevin
16 Armstrong II, Richard Flynn, Dodge Krich, Dave Krich, Seth Maresca, Tony
17 Todeschi, CJ Bivins, Brock Waybright, David Ellis, Jacob Carlson, Josh
18 Kneifel, DJ Peterson, Jennifer Roth, Kieran Fields, Diante Mayes, Hunter
19 McGowan, Skyler Stenroos, Julian Cheesman, Emily Rendon, Kyle Steelmon-Hill, Connor
20 Baker, Gage Tidball, Nathan Mayes, Mike Rother, Brandon Duster, Kyle
21 Ylvisaker, Keith Ylvisaker, Robert Ylvisaker, Victoria Jacob, Tim Brown, Josh
22 Hull, Hayden        
23 Alo, Daryus Alo, Gyrus Tang, Darren Snow, Mason Garner, Earl
24 Smith, Shane Johnson, Alec Zweig, Matt Beltoya, Jackson  
25 Mayes, Chris Haines, Jack Phillips, Justin Cardines, Cerell Fitzgerald, Michael