champs Hunter Mayes, Josh Molloy, Madison Holman, Gavin Fernandez, Chris Mayes

        A team of red-hot current JBT stars outlasted a talented field to win the So Cal Baker Team Challenge, held at Bowlium Lanes in Montclair.

        The 'Voice Crack' team (JP Griffin, Leoj Chin, Ian Fiel, Chris Porter, and breakout PWBA star Stephanie Zavala) qualified first after 10 Baker-style qualifying games, but fell in round one of best 2-of-3 matchplay to 'Team 30' (Martin Velasco, Jeremy Tuazon, Pamela Faller, Dominic Fisher, and adult David Jones).  They pulled another upset in the semifinals, this time over a team highlighted by Main Event champ Oscar Chan, to reach the finals.

        Coming from the other side of the bracket, and mostly from the other side of the Colorado, were the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Qualifying third, they won round one over a team anchored by PBA all-time great Mark Baker and son Gage, and then an all-junior team of 'Vegas Boys', to reach the final.  After splitting the first two games, the Chili Peppers got the higher ground in game three, winning it for the title.  It was win #5 for Chris Mayes, third for Madison Holman, third for Main Event and Desert Open winner Gavin Fernandez, 6th for Joshua Molloy, and 18th for Hunter Mayes.

        Huge thanks to Al and the team at Bowlium for hosting one of our most fun events each year, back from a covid-hiatus.  Want in on all the fun?  Just check out our schedule and come on down!

So Cal Baker- final results and scholarship winners
rank bowlers prize total
1 Josh Molloy $100 $500
  Chris Mayes $100  
  Hunter Mayes $100  
  Madison Holman $100  
  Gavin Fernandez $100  
2 Martin Velasco $100 $400
  Jeremy Tuazon $100  
  Pamela Faller $100  
  Dominic Fisher $100  
  David Jones    
3 Jerrad Barczyszyn $45 $225
  Sebastian Huffman $45  
  Dominic Montoya $45  
  Tyler Castronova $45  
  Hayden Fernandez $45  
4 Oscar Chan   $225
  John Northup    
  Kaitlynn Yukihiro $75  
  Sarah Lee $75  
  Henry Lee $75  
5 JP Griffin $34 $102
  Stephanie Zavala    
  Leoj Chin $34  
  Ian Fiel $34  
  Chris Porter    
6 Jerry Wang    
  Joshua Rha    
  Ivan Ceballos    
  Ben Martin    
  Keir Smyth    
7 Gage Baker    
  Mark Baker    
  Allex Zieg    
  Ricky Pollom    
  Tiffany Miskjian    
8 Emily Schrider    
  Stephanie Fung    
  Joe Jimenez    
  Jonathan Fung    
  Adrian Yamanoha    
9 Kaili Purugganan    
  Kendall Bollea    
  Sarah Klinkenborg    
  Mike McCowan    
  Ernie Mota    
10 Emily Cheesman    
  Bryce Nakunz    
  Connor Steelmon-Hill    
  Mike Nakunz    
  Kyle Duster    
11 Garrett Purugganan    
  Mike Lee    
  Steven Lee    
  Nathan Chambers    
  Ethan Chambers    
12 Lindsay Greim    
  Jadeyn Mabry    
  Brandon Rother    
  Andrew Sanchez    
  Brian Reed    
13 Brent Purugganan    
  Lathan Chin    
  Miranda Emery    
  Eddie Gaddison    
  Bruce Gruman    
14 Porfirio Jimeno II    
  Porfirio Jimeno III    
  Daniel Rios    
  Aarin Shepard    
  Angel Jimeno    
15 Chase Simmons    
  Kayden O'Dell    
  Austin Sugarman    
  Lisa Simmons    
  Jacob Brown    
16 Kaitlyn Griffin    
  Scott Silva    
  Ray Minter    
  Ethan Santos    
  Jamie Ferry    
17 Nick Caner    
  Blayke Miller    
  Jason Weed    
  Bryan Baker    
  Emma Shaner    
18 Ronnie Castillo    
  Bobby Hornacek    
  Naomi Yamauchi    
  Zack Jellsey    
  Bobby Campagnale    
19 Ryan Klinkenborg    
  Dious Clay Jr    
  Connor Scharton    
  Gregory Goodrich    
  Dious Clay Sr    




to be held:


7 PM Saturday November 27 at Bowlium

4666 Holt Blvd., Montclair CA, (909) 626-3528


10 AM Sunday December 5 at Narrows Plaza

2200 Mildred St W, University Place WA, (253) 565-1007


10 AM Sunday December 12 at Bowlero Mesa

1754 W. Southern Ave., Mesa AZ, (480) 834-0588


Bowl the events at Bowlium Saturday and Sunday to make it a tripleheader of JBT fun in So Cal!

Bowl the Doubles events at Narrows or Mesa Saturday to make it a doubleheader of JBT fun in the NW or SW!


Hereís the twists:

-           This is an all-scratch* event, but your teams must have at least one bowler with an entering average of 170 or less. (avg. as of 11/8/21)

-           *Teams with more than one under-170 bowler get 8 extra pins per game for each under-170 bowler (so, up to 32 pins per game!)

-           Teams may have a max of 2 adults (adults may be the 170 & under bowler)

(Ďadultí in JBT means anyone age 22 and over as of 8/1/21)

-           Each bowler MUST be the anchor (frames 5 & 10) twice each in qualifying.


ENTRY FEE:           $25 per person ($125 per team)                 FORMAT:

                                                                        - teams roll 10 Baker games

                                                                                                                  - top 8** teams advance to best

                                                                                                                      2-of-3 matchplay

EBONITE BALL RAFFLE AT THIS AND ALL                                  

JBT EVENTS!                                                                             Points awarded for finishing position only.  Team shirts                

                                                 highly encouraged but not required.              



SAMPLE PRIZE FUNDS: (1:6 teams earn scholarships, minimum 4 teams cash, $500 first)


16 entries                                                         24 entries                                            

1st-      $500                                                       1st-         $500                                       

2nd-     $250                                                       2nd-        $400                                       

3rd-4th- $125                                                       3rd-4th-   $200                                        

5th-6th-  $100

                                                                           ***Leading qualifiers : $100***


**If 11+ teams enter, the top 8 advance. If 10 or less teams enter, the top 6 advance.


To reserve spots, email, or visit

JBT bowlers use 21-22 JBT average, all others use highest 21-22 15+ game average as of 11/8, verification required if itís the 170 & under bowler.  All other JBT rules apply.  Limited to the first 24 fully paid teams in WA, 20 in CA/AZ.  Walk-ins OK, but prepayments strongly encouraged. Please help us spread the word to our JBT alumni.  We'll see you there, don't miss it!



PLEASE do not forget to contact us if you need to cancel or adjust your reservation.   This list may not be updated after the Friday of the event as we travel, etc.  However, walk-ins / late entries are still gladly accepted as space permits.  There is generally plenty of room for walk-ins / late entries, and we'll  post here clearly if an event is nearing sellout or sold out.

no. bowlers        
1 Puruggannan, Garrett Lee, Mike (a) Lee, Steven (a) Chambers, Ethan Chambers, Nathan
2 Sugarman, Austin        
4 Greim, Lindsay Mabry, Jadeyn Reed, Kyle Sanchez, Andrew Rother, Brandon
5 Jimeno, Angel Jimeno, Porfirio III Jimeno, Porfirio Jr Rios, Daniel Shepard, Aarin
6 Bivins, Brock        
7 Wang, Jerry        
8 Klinkenborg, Ryan Clay, Dious Scharton, Connor Goodrich, Gregory Clay, Dious Sr.
9 Castillo, Ronnie        
10 Simmons, Chase O'Dell, Kayden      
11 Purugganan, Brent Chin, Lathan Emery, Miranda Gaddison, Eddie Gruman, Bruce
12 Purugganan, Kaili Bollea, Kendall Klinkenborg, Sarah McCowan, Mike Mota, Ernie
13 Velasco, Martin Tuazon, Jeremy Faller, Pamela Velasco, Mike Jones, David
14 Chan, Oscar Northup, John Yukihiro, Kaitlynn Lee, Sarah Lee, Henry
15 Molloy, Josh Mayes, Chris Mayes, Hunter Holman, Madison Fernandez, Gavin
16 Baker, Gage Baker, Mark Zieg, Allex Marmolejo, MIchael  
17 Cheesman, Emily Nakunz, Bryce Steelmon-Hill, C. Nakunz, Mike Duster, Kyle
18 Griffin, JP Zavala, Stephanie Chin, Leoj Fiel, Ian Porter, Chris
19 Griffin, Kaitlyn Silva, Scott Santos, Shannon Santos, Ethan Ferry, Jamie
20 Caner, Nick Miller, Blayke Weed, Jason Baker, Bryan Dinenberg, Ben