BEST IN THE WEST at Cactus Bowl

The Junior Bowlers Tour & its sponsors present:



Saturday & Sunday May 4-5, 2024 at Cactus Bowl, Tucson AZ

3665 S. 16th Ave., (520) 327-6561                       -           Two day event, DOUBLE Arizona points


ENTRY FEE: $100, handicap or scratch    

GUARANTEED 1st PLACE: $800      (1:8 earn scholarships, minimum 5 spots paid)     

    Prepaying not necessary, but you can at our website, or scan this QR code to use Venmo:    .




Saturday, 9 AM:                              Five games of matchplay, lane condition #1

Saturday, 1:30 PM (approx.):       Five games of matchplay, lane condition #2


The top 16 bowlers in each division advance to the semifinals

The rest enter a consolation event at no additional cost.


Sunday, 9 AM:         Consolation event, 4 games, $100 first place + 17th place AZ points

Sunday, 9 AM:         Semifinalists bowl 5 matchplay games, lane condition #3

Sunday, 1:30 PM:   Top 6 finalists bowl a bracket stepladder finals (2-of-3 matches, byes to the top 2)



Double Arizona and All-Conference points to the top 25.  



Scratch and Handicap:                 Girls Scratch and U17 bonus:

1st- $800                                            1st- $100

2nd- $500                                            2nd- $60

3rd- $300                                            3rd- $40

4th- $200                                            4th- $30

5th- $100                                            5th- $20


1:8 scratch and handicap earn scholarships

Top 4 half-qualify for the 2024 AZ JBT Invitational, with $1,000 for first place!

All JBT events are  PBA Jr. affiliate events!


Limited to 105 total entries.  Email to reserve spots. 



This reservation is an expectation that you will be bowling.  PLEASE do not forget to contact us if you need to cancel or adjust your reservation.  Repeated 'no-shows' may result in you not being able to reserve a spot.  This list may not be updated after the Friday of the event as we travel, etc. 



Sat 9 AM


 London, Alex



London, Abigail


3 Coates, Terrell x
4 Burnett, Josh x
5 Paige, Mackenzie x
6 Coleman, Cameron x
7 Ruiz-Jimenez, Aiden x
8 Lee, Peyton x
9 Bivins, Brock x
10 Meinhardt, Susan x
11 Meinhardt, Jazmyn x
12 Harnit, Nicholas x
13 Harnit, Nathan x
14 Barczyszyn, JR x
15 Todacheenie, Xaden x
16 Serafini, Madeleine x
17 Bobersky, Brendan x
18 Bell, Quin x
19 Kasting, Alex x
20 Enright, Jakob x
21 Bryant, Amarr x
22 Kelsay, Garrett x
23 Kielich, Kloey x
24 Matherly, Cayden x
25 Canez, Rene x
26 Gurule, Gabriel x
27 Gurule, Noah x
28 Donahue, Dylan x
29 Mabry, Jadeyn x
30 Silva, Ian x
31 Provencher, Xavier x
32 Hughes, Hannah x
33 Hughes, Alexander x
34 Padilla, Cesar x
35 Trujillo, Logan x
36 Rosenblum, Alex x
37 Toberer, Asher x
38 Griego, Lucia x
39 Taylor, Ayla x
40 Gaines, Paityn x
41 Ypina, Pablo x
42 Sager, Cameron x
43 Sager, Andrew x