2005 Main Event Pictures!

If you have any memories you wish to add, feel free to email them t us at anytime, and we'll be happy to post them!

reentry line.jpg (66093 bytes) our good friend, the re-entry line

re entry line 2.jpg (41602 bytes) ...and Mr. Booth guarding the head of the line

Coyle flying.jpg (405521 bytes) Cayson Coyle "flipping out" over his Main Event scores

Sloan bunch flying group.jpg (349743 bytes) More happy Main Eventers

the scrapbook (thank you for the kind words!!!)

Page B.jpg (49290 bytes) Waddle.jpg (55378 bytes) McGinnes A.jpg (64374 bytes) Monteith.jpg (39577 bytes) Peck C.jpg (46771 bytes) 

squad leaders not pictured elsewhere: Brittany Page, Chris Waddle, Alyse McGinnes, JR Monteith, and Cameron Peck

Mc Ginnes B.jpg (49869 bytes) 300 bowler Brandon McGinnes

...more to come!!