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Arizona Conference Year-End Awards

Scratch Bowler of the Year (Bowler of the Year is calculated using a ranking of the top 15 point leaders going into the Invitational in the statistical categories listed below, with emphasis placed on cuts, wins, and points per tournament.)

   Congratulations to Theo Douthit, the 2005-06 Arizona Conference Scratch Division Bowler of the Year.  Theo had an amazing 6 wins during the season, as well as a runner-up finish in the Invitational to take away the points lead from Kevin Saunders, who also had an excellent season.  Joining Theo and Kevin on the All-Star team are Christian Jensen, BJ Baker, and Steven Black.

Handicap Bowler of the Year:

   Congratulations to Michael Curry, the 2005-06 Arizona Conference Handicap Division Bowler of the Year.  In an extremely tight race with Steven Pizzi, Michael finished 7th in the Invitational to wrap up the points crown, which combined with his two wins was just enough to earn the honor.  Pizzi, also with two wins, was a very close runner-up.  Joining Michael and Steven on the All-Star Team are Justin White, Cheslea Zemelka, and Brandon Longo.

Other Arizona Awards:

Rookie of The Year: Daniel Cotten, Glendale AZ.  

Sportsmanship Award: Rebeca Reguero, Phoenix AZ

Most Improved Bowler: Justin Newkirk, Tucson AZ.  Justin improved 45 pins to earn the honor.