champs Brian Carmichael & Martika Cabezas

    Brian Carmichael and Martika Cabezas became the first champions of the JBT SW's 10th season with convincing victories at Kearny Mesa Bowl.

    In the scratch division, the scores were predicted to be high and followed suit.  Carmichael highlighted the qualifying round with a 290 opener for a +269 5-game set (10th best in our history), while Sam Hitchcock had the high individual effort with a 297.  Hitchcock hung on for the #4 seed in the finals, and opened the finals with a 204-172 win over Josh Wilson.  

   Round two was a thriller, as Mike Fell opened the next match with the front seven, but Hitchock held his own as well.  After a costly open, Fell recovered beautifully with a double in the tenth to force Sam to go double-nine for the win.  Hitchcock was up to the task, striking out for a 258-256 win.  The semifinal round was just as exiting, as 36-time titlist Steven Black was his next challenge.  Both bowlers fought the changing lanes, but a 4-9 in Black's 7th frame proved to be the turning point.  With a 20-count in the tenth, Sam again was in a pressure situation, needing all 3 strikes to win.  And again, Hitchcock was unflappable, flushing three shots for a dramatic 205-204 win.   

   Top qualifier Carmichael had led every round of the tournament easily, and his +442 8-game total was again good for 10th on our all-time list.  However, although he bowled a solid title match game, it was clear to anyone who was watching that Sam wasn't about to go away.  With a chance to finally put him away, Brian struck on his first ball in the tenth, but grabbed his second ball and left a 6-count, which he spared, for a 235 finish, setting up a situation for Sam where he needed 8-spare-strike to win.  Hitchock's first shot looked good, but bizarre pin action left a 4-5-7, which he could not convert, giving a stunned Carmichael a 235-226 victory, and his 3rd career JBT SW title.

   The handicap division finals opened with Jaymes Conn rolling a big 234, good for his first stepladder finals win, over Lana Lycan's 209 game and Tyler Boscarino's 180 effort.  Conn was up to the task again in round two, striking in the tenth for a 256 score that just beat out a fine effort by Sean Buranhiran (244), and Nick Powanda (190).  An exciting semifinal match saw Conn go back and forth with Martika Cabezas, while Foster Phandanouvong unfortunately struggled to find the range. Cabeza's strike in the tenth, followed by good count, wrapped up a 221 game that was good enough to edge Conn (219) and defeat Foster (187), advancing her to the title match.

   Although Cabezas is a newcomer to us, she has won three JST events, so she bowled with the confidence of a champion against top qualifier Mimi Duong.  Miss Duong had been at or near the top of the leaderboard throughout the event, and was looking to break through for her first title.  Despite a late charge, Martika had built up too much of a lead in the early frames for Mimi to catch up to.  The result was a 217-183 victory for Cabezas, good for her first JBT SW title to add to her collection.  Miss Duong, the 04-05 JBT SW Female Future Star, did a great job backing up that award with the runner-up finish.

   Big thanks to Mr. Johnny Hubble and his fine staff at Kearny Mesa for hosting a wonderful event!  Be sure to watch the final matches of both divisions soon at the Videos page of this website!       

Kearny Mesa Bowl- final results and optional scholarship winners  
Southern California Conference      
Scratch Division      
rank name city, state score prize
1 Brian Carmichael Moreno Valley, CA p 442 $200
2 Sam Hitchcock Lake Forest, CA p 286 $190
3 Steven Black Phoenix, AZ p 344 $260
4 Mike Fell Moreno Valley, CA p 296 $70
5 Josh Wilson Vista, CA p 230 $65
6 Kacy Bonifacini San Diego, CA p 181 $35
7 Nick Reed Moreno Valley, CA p 180 $15
8 Forrest Holland Vista, CA p 149  
9 Jeremy Medina Santa Fe, NM p 110  
10 Theo Douthit Tempe, AZ p 105  
11 Justin Medina Santa Fe, NM p 101  
12 Devin Bidwell Lake Forest, CA p 85  
13 Shelby Shirlock Lake Elsinore, CA p 77  
14 Shane Peck San Bernardino, CA p 54 $25
15 Michael Cripe San Diego, CA p 47 $10
16 Steven Lanning San Diego, CA p 47  
17 Justin Lou San Diego, CA m 32  
18 Sarah Carity Albuquerque, NM m 104  
19 Berman Sae-Aee San Diego, CA p 2  
20 Julian Bosley San Diego, CA m 3  
21 Brittany Page Los Angeles, CA m 5 $10
22 Brian Ballard San Diego, CA m 21  
23 Joey Chuo Thermal, CA m 28  
24 Rachelle Davis Tucson, AZ m 38  
25 Jason Larcome Chula Vista, CA m 39  
26 Robert Page Los Angeles, CA m 52  
27 Steven Sheffey Scottsdale, AZ m 54  
28 Taylor Brennan Prescott, AZ m 63  
29 Jessica Hetkowski Las Vegas, NV m 63  
30 Tom Anderson Chandler, AZ m 74  
31 Pat Snyder Covina, CA m 84  
32 Jerod Florez Bosque Farms, NM m 89  
33 Christina Waldron Albuquerque, NM m 98  
34 Ramey Rahib San Diego, CA m 98 $10
35 Scott Alvarez Covina, CA m 178  
36 Matthew Spire Escondido, CA m 203  
Handicap Division      
rank name city, state score prize
1 Martika Cabezas Cathedral City, CA p 175 $230
2 Mimi Duong San Diego, CA p 242 $178
3 Foster Phandanouvong San Diego, CA p 218 $170
4 Jaymes Conn La Mesa, CA p 127 $90
5 Nick Powanda San Diego, CA p 173 $60
6 Sean Buranhiran Covina, CA p 170 $68
7 Tyler Boscarino Alpine, CA p 161 $15
8 Lana Lycan San Diego, CA p 128 $45
9 Troy Lien San Diego, CA p 113 $30
10 Jordan Ferrer Las Vegas, NV p 91 $15
11 Andrew Chain San Diego, CA p 87 $20
12 Carlos Vasquez San Diego, CA p 85  
13 Peter Vanhuang San Diego, CA p 73 $10
14 Andrew Wellnitz San Diego, CA p 70  
15 Brittany Kolatzny San Diego, CA p 63  
16 Edwin Rowe San Diego, CA p 55  
17 Matthew Schrank San Diego, CA p 52  
18 Drew Thevenot San Diego, CA p 51 $16
19 Michael Lozano San Diego, CA p 32 $15
20 Anthony Cruz San Diego, CA p 26 $15
21 Shane Lien San Diego, CA p 20  
22 Michael May San Diego, CA p 16 $10
23 Alejandro Romero San Diego, CA p 4  
24 Todd Udell Santee, CA p 1  
25 Enrique Curiel San Diego, CA m 17 $10
26 James Hawkins Jr. Anaheim, CA m 23  
27 Cameron Smith Santee, CA p 34 $5
28 Brandon Clemons Corona, CA p 34  
29 Stephanie Udell Santee, CA p 30 $10
30 Samantha Meyers Mission Hills, CA p 25  
31 Charlie Hair Lake Forest, CA p 25  
32 Jesse Orlowski San Diego, CA p 24  
33 Lesliann Katsura San Diego, CA p 16  
34 Tim Ursillo San Diego, CA p 15  
35 Keith Clemons San Diego, CA p 14  
36 Kaitlin Mayll Chula Vista, CA p 13 $25
37 Melissa Long Long Beach, CA p 7  
38 Kristian Noel Lusterio San Diego, CA p 5  
39 Aurelia Correa San Diego, CA m 10  
40 Savannah Guerrero Riverside, CA m 16  
41 LJ Cline San Diego, CA m 19  
42 Brenden Lou San Diego, CA m 27  
43 Stephen Fuller Lake Forest, CA m 33  
44 Kyle Ruzylo Oceanside, CA m 33  
45 Christina Fraijo Covina, CA m 47  
46 Armando Garcia San Diego, CA m 47  
47 Lisa Marine San Diego, CA m 49  
48 Kiana Rowe San Diego, CA m 71  
49 Wesley Low Palmdale, CA m 72  
50 Paul Ospital Crestline, CA m 93  
51 Kyle DeCew Riverside, CA m 133  
52 Cameron Peck San Bernardino, CA m 169  
PowerBowl games: 133-190-171 (no winners)    
High Female: Kacy Bonifacini 1111, Brittany Page 995    
Cuts: scratch plus 8; handicap plus 37    
Storm Ball Winner: Brandon Clemons