MOJAVE DOUBLES at Strike Zone, Sunset Station

champions Kris George, Jeff Hemer, Ruby Jim, and Zach Hattori (l-r)

George, Hemer, Jim, Hattori Capture JBT SW Mojave Doubles Titles

   Four bowlers captured titles in the JBT SW's popular and exciting Mojave Doubles Classic, held at the beautiful new Strike Zone Bowling Center inside Henderson's Sunset Station Casino.

   In the scratch division, 40 teams including many of Las Vegas' best adult bowlers who took time out to bowl with our juniors, were whittled down to five for the alternating-frame stepladder finals.  In an all-Arizona round one, the teams of Kris George and Jeff Hemer and Brandon Watts and Ron Roberst both started with the first four strikes, but George and Hemer had the better finish for a 235-222 win.  

    In a much lower scoring round two, Kris and Jeff held off a late charge to get by Andy Reynoso and Sakae Watanabe 180-164.  The semifinal match was another classic Doubles thriller against Alyssa Madrid and female superstar Wendy MacPherson.  After George filled 20 pins in the tenth, Madrid lost count with a 7-spare in her tenth, then regrouped for a perfect strike on the fill ball to tie the match at 203.  Both junior bowlers were elected to bowl the one-shot rolloff, and George came up clutch with a strike on his first shot. Needing to match the strike to force another rolloff, Madrid threw another absolutely beautiful shot, but a solid-8 stood, giving the stunned George and Hemer team a trip to the title match.

   The final against top seeds JBT superstar Nathan Panaligan and his partner Brian Alexander was close all the way with neither team able to pull away.  Kris spared a 10-pin in the tenth, forcing a double from the opponents.  Brian stepped up and threw a beautiful shot, but a 7-pin stood, giving George and Hemer the 207-202 win and the title. Kris earned $300 for the win, the 9th of his JBT career.  He also becomes only the third bowler in JBT SW history to win two titles in one weekend, having won in San Diego the day before.

   In the handicap division stepladder, two junior-junior combos battled in round one, with Julianne Nosz and Jenna Graydon getting by Jordan Ferrer and Ray Griffith 213-199.  A thrilling round two saw Ruby Jim and Zach Hattori escape by Julianne and Jenna in a squeaker, 214-213.  It didn't get any easier against the father and son team of Ryan and Robert Yadao, but Jim and Hattori again had just enough to win 203-193, advancing to the title match.

  The top seeded team of Brandon Dauphinais and Paul Cardinale had led comfortably after qualifying, with Brandon making an impressive season debut after a great 04-05 campaign.  The title match was a nip-and-tuck affair, with each team fighting hard for their first wins.  After Cardinale filled twenty in his team's tenth, Ruby was forced to get double-nine for the win.  After throwing a fantastic clutch double, an unfortunate ball return delay gave her a few minutes to think about the fill ball.  When the lane was fixed, Jim took her time and threw a great shot for a 9-count, giving her team a 207-206 win, good for her and Zach's first JBT SW titles, and $300 in scholarships for Hattori.

  Every junior who finished in the top 5 qualifies for the 2006 JBT SW Mojave Invitational Tournament, the regular season's year end event, featuring a guaranteed minimum $1,000 first place scholarship in each division.  Top season-long point scorers also qualify for the 2006 JBT SW Touring Players' Championship, featuring a guaranteed minimum $2,000 first place scholarship per division! 

  Thanks to Mr. Dick Peters and everyone at Strike Zone for an awesome job hosting this event. 95 entrants shared in over $3,400 in cash and scholarships awarded.  Please continue to help spread the word about the terrific benefits of bowling JBT SW events!

Mojave Doubles at Strike Zone- final results and optional scholarship winners  
Mojave Conference          
Scratch Division          
rank name prize partner prize score total prize
1 Kris George $330 Jeff Hemer   p 358 $330
2 Nathan Panaligan $160 Brian Alexander   p 434 $160
3 Alyssa Marid $110 Wendy MacPherson   p 411 $110
4 Adam Reynoso $250 Sakae Watanabe   p 375 $250
5 Brandon Watts $90 Ron Roberts   p 356 $90
6 Christian Jensen $35 Theo Douthit $35 p 254 $70
7 Justin Spurrier $75 Jerad Faulkenborg $30 p 249 $105
8 Rand Kelly $90 Paul Renteria   p 230 $90
9 Joe Claspell   Art Ramirez   p 227  
10 Dan Delano   Mike Ingeman $30 p 195 $30
11 Brandon Allred   Mike Wise   p 190  
12 Kevin Valmonte   Jared Lawrence   p 173  
13 Andy Reynoso   Cease Panaligan   p 120  
14 DJ Sloan $120 Cayson Coyle   p 93 $120
15 Jordan Katz   Scott Vernon   p 47  
16 Bobby Majdanski $30 Tommy Majdanski   m 20  
17 Justin Medina   Jessica Hetkowski   m 24  
18 Ricky Overton   Roger LeTourneau   m 29  
19 Mike Scavuzzo   Jim Galgano   m 61  
20 Ryan Howard   Andy Decker   m 97  
21 Forrest Holland   Travis Benelli   m 67  
22 Raoul Saiz   Jesse medellin   m 76  
23 Tom Anderson   Paul Anderson   m 97  
24 Emily Ornelas   Justin White   m 111  
25 Chris Hooks   Bill Hooks   m 121  
26 Devin DeGrief   Tommy Scavuzzo   m 121  
27 Tiffany Chi   Derek Thurber   m 128  
28 Jerod FLorez   Jeremy Medina $15 m 138 $15
29 Shane Peck   Cameron Smith   m 145  
30 Kalani Diliner   Joseph Perez   m 155  
31 Steven Slivka   Al Slivka   m 155  
32 Brian Ballard   Foster Phandanouvong   m 158  
33 Sarah Ansteth   Kevin Boyle   m 165  
34 Rachelle Davis   Matthew Erb   m 167  
35 Steven Ashley   Michael Ashley   m 168  
36 Steven Schofield   Kary Nguyen   m 180  
37 Adnan Khawaja   Ayesha Khawaja   m 270  
38 Chris Kutcher   Sean Khurea   m 272  
39 Taylor McKenrick   Steve Sereno   m 291  
40 Elijah Johnson   Chris Lumley   m 703  
Handicap Division          
rank name prize name prize score total prize
1 Zach Hattori $330 Ruby Jim   p 141 $330
2 Brandon Dauphinais $240 Paul Cardinale   p 292 $240
3 Ryan Yadao $210 Robert Yadao   p 242 $210
4 Julianne Nosz $65 Jenna Graydon $65 p 128 $130
5 Jordan Ferrer $45 Ray Griffith $45 p 139 $90
6 Ashley Olriksen $80 Nicole Olriksen   p 117 $80
7 Melissa Huether $50 Paul Huether $35 p 115 $85
8 Matt Raagas $75 Larry Raagas   p 104 $75
9 Jason Majdanski $50 Tim Thurtle   p 97 $50
10 Casey Doidge $70 Chris Dycus $25 p 69 $95
11 Justin King   Cody Leslie $15 p 67 $15
12 Mathew Sweat   Tanya Barnes   p 67  
13 Casey Rosenberg   Alex Watanabe $15 p 61 $15
14 Courtney Dutton   Jaymes Conn $15 p 60 $15
15 Ryan Reikowki   Nicole Reikowski   p 54  
16 Sean Harrison   Jay Johnson   p 33  
17 Shawn Patterson   Shawn Patterson Sr.   p 21  
18 Walker Newman   Charlie Whitaker   p 6  
19 Bill Grant   Stephanie Merrell   p 2  
20 Darcie Staggs   Buck Staggs   p 1  
21 Anthony Cruz $45 Al Monfort   m 1 $45
22 Jerome Jim   Eddie Jim $15 m 1 $15
23 Nick Lamek $15 Ryan Jacobson $15 m 5 $30
24 Brittany Yocum   Ed Yocum   m 13  
25 Alesha Pannier $30 Scott Schickling   m 19 $30
26 Nick Seghetti   Tony Seghetti   m 29  
27 Casey Bybee   Jamie Butler   m 47  
28 Josh Ferrer   Chris Martin   m 199  
29 Lissette Vega   Esmerelda Vega   dnf  
30 Katherine Jim   Kevin Foss   m 21  
31 Melanie Griffith   Stephen Griffith   m 23  
32 Kris Del Campo   Alexis O'Brien   m 27  
33 Jeff Belding   Guy Belding   m 28  
34 Steven Emery   Ed McCracken   m 35  
35 Steven Blackburn   Larry Blackburn   m 36  
36 Kayla Blackburn   Barnara Blackburn   m 38  
37 James Hawkins Jr.   William Mayall   m 41  
38 Teri Haennelt   David Haennelt   m 42  
39 Warren Meyers   Samantha Meyers   m 43  
40 Drew Stern   Esther Meyers   m 50  
41 Sabreana Robinson   Reba Harrison   m 58  
42 Nick garcia   David Opdyke   m 61  
43 Logan Kennedy   Allie Ijams $45 m 63  
44 Breezy Sharma   George Sharma   m 69  
45 Kaitlin Mayall   Cameron Peck   m 83  
46 Michael Newman   Zach Newman   m 95  
47 Bryce Hackney   Layne McDonald   m 96  
48 Benjamin Whitney   Tom Kingsbury   m 119  
49 Krysta Nadeau   Dotty Nadeau-Haynes   m 133  
50 Tim Lee   Frank Lee   m 146  
51 Kyle Bridgman   Lori Brown   m 186  
52 Alicia Sullivan   Jerry Sullivan   m 201  
53 Willie Dubovik III   Willie Dubovik IV   m 202  
54 Melissa Long   Carolyn Medina   m 207  
55 Alex Katz   Fronk Lozer   m 232  
Cuts: scratch minus 60; handicap minus 3        
Storm Ball Winner: Willie Dubovik VII        
TOTAL AWARDED THIS EVENT: $3,475 ($3,085 scholarship, $450 cash adult brackets)