champs BJ Baker & Ashley Belden

In a thoroughly entertaining and exhausting event, two veterans came out on top at the JBT-PBA Pro-Am held in conjunction with the Denny's PBA Tour Motel 6 Phoenix Classic at AMF Christown Lanes.

Two jam-packed adult Pro-Am squads before us resulted in a late start and no time to fully re-oil the lanes, so while the bowlers weren't faced with PBA conditions, they still had a very demanding situation to adjust to.  They also benefitted from the advice and encouragement from 15 PBA superstars assigned to our squad.  Among them were six with JBT experience (in the east coast JBT), including two JBT Bowlers of the Year, Tommy DeLutz Jr. and Patrick Allen- who of course is now  PBA Bowler of the Year. 

After the field was cut to the top 60%, we sent the pros on their way to Alabama, and the field bowled two more games, after which we cut to the top 5 for the finals, which began at approximately 12:30 AM-- keeping kids off the streets on Saturday nights is evidently what JBT is all about!

In the scratch division, Andy Byer won round one of the finals 184-156 over Theo Douthit.  In round two, Forrest Holland used Robert Smith spare ball-like speed to overcome a virtually oil-less track area and defeat Byer 222-209.  Holland lost the line in the semifinals, though, and Dan Eagy took advantage for a 164-159 win and his first trip to the scratch division title match.

Top seed BJ Baker used ball choice, hand position, and great projection to overcome the conditions and make them look easy in the finale.  Although Eagy rolled a very solid 191, BJ trumped that with a huge 226 to claim the win, the 15th of his increasingly impressive of his JBT SW career.

The handicap finals belonged to Ashley Belden, who recovered from a difficult title match loss in Kingman last month to win all four matches to finally claim her first JBT SW title.  She began with a 217-198 win over Californian Justin Basom.  In round two, she won a close battle over fellow New Mexican Ryan Scheer 208-192.  In the semifinals, Ashley defeated Kyle Bridgman 231-178 to reach her second straight Arizona Conference title match.

Top seed Kyle Karpovich was enjoying his best JBT SW event ever, taking over the lead in the semifinals.  He and Belden engaged in a tense battle in the title match, and Kyle's double in the 8th and 9th had him near victory.  A double of Ashley's own in the 9th and 10th got her back in it, however, and when Kyle had a heartbreaking 10th frame open, Ashley had a 192-184 win, and her first JBT SW title.   

Everyone who finished in the top 5 qualifies for the 2006 JBT SW Arizona Invitational Tournament, the regular season's year end event, featuring a guaranteed minimum $1,000 first place scholarship in each division.  Top season-long point scorers also qualify for the 2006 JBT SW Touring Players' Championship, featuring a guaranteed minimum $2,000 first place scholarship per division! 

Thanks to Pat Cook and everyone at Christown for allowing us to extend the format well into the Phoenix night.  Thanks also to the entire PBA Tour for allowing us to have this special squad, and doing their usual great job with our kids! 140 entrants shared in over $3,000 in scholarships awarded.  Please continue to help spread the word about the terrific benefits of bowling JBT SW events! 

JBT-PBA Pro-Am- final results and optional scholarship winners
Arizona Conference    
Scratch Division    
rank name city, state prize
1 BJ Baker Tempe, AZ $272
2 Dan Eagy Phoenix, AZ $520
3 Forrest Holland Vista, CA $109
4 Andy Byer Albuquerque, NM $90
5 Theo Douthit San Diego, CA $116
6 Kris George Glendale, AZ $60
7 Kyle King Phoenix, AZ $50
8 Mike Cross Tucson, AZ $40
9 Eric Rubin Phoenix, AZ $30
10 Christian Jensen Anthem, AZ $29
11 Kevin Saunders Goodyear, AZ $60
12 DJ Sloan Las Vegas, NV $15
13 Joe Claspell Lake Havasu City, AZ
14 DeShaun Jefferson Phoenix, AZ  
15 Elias Ewert Chandler, AZ  
16 Andy Reynoso Las Vegas, NV  
17 Jonathan Pletcher Chandler, AZ  
18 Berman Sae-Aee San Diego, CA  
19 Jeremy Medina Santa Fe, NM $36
20 Matthew Hutchinson Escondido, CA  
21 Emily Ornelas Phoenix, AZ  
22 Amanda Falk Tucson, AZ  
23 Brandon Donnelly Lake Havasu City, AZ $9
24 David Johnston Glendale, AZ  
25 Christina Waldron Albuquerque, NM  
26 Steven Sheffey Glendale, AZ  
27 Brandon Watts Lake Havasu City, AZ  
28 Jeff Mathews Las Vegas, NV  
29 Justin Penwell Mesa, AZ  
30 Savahna Porter Yuma, AZ  
31 Mike Kremer Peoria, AZ  
32 Nathan Panaligan N. Las Vegas, NV  
33 Rachelle Davis Tucson, AZ  
34 Megan Withey Glendale, AZ  
35 Paul Szymanski Tempe, AZ  
36 Foster Phandanouvong San Diego, CA  
37 Justin Medina Santa Fe, NM  
38 Eric Warren Phoenix, AZ  
39 Dan Bodinet Phoenix, AZ  
40 Jonny Ingram Flagstaff, AZ  
41 Tyler Addotta Tucson, AZ  
42 Chris Varholdt Chandler, AZ  
43 Will McPherson Chandler, AZ  
44 Kevin Schoenfeld Phoenix, AZ  
45 Tom Anderson Chandler, AZ  
46 Shane Peck Riverside, CA $9
47 Cameron Smith Santee, CA  
48 Brian Ballard San Diego, CA  
49 Brian Weyrauch Tempe, AZ  
50 Chris Weyrauch Chandler, AZ  
51 Alex Powell Phoenix, AZ  
52 Greg Garbera Glendale, AZ $9
53 Tiffany Chi Prescott, AZ  
54 Zach Simon Scottsdale, AZ  
55 Bear Wiltfang Lake Havasu City, AZ
56 Bryan Caldwell Glendale, AZ  
57 Matt Zang Tucson, AZ  
58 Philip Stephens Phoenix, AZ  
59 Jerod Florez Bosque Farms, NM  
60 Melissa Del Rio Tucson, AZ  
61 Robert Majeske Tucson, AZ  
Handicap Division    
rank name city, state prize
1 Ashley Belden Tijeras, NM $250
2 Kyle Karpovich Chandler, AZ $150
3 Kyle Bridgman Kingman, AZ $100
4 Ryan Scheer Rio Rancho, NM $108
5 Justin Basom Lemon Grove, CA $80
6 Tiffany King Surprise, AZ $70
7 Blake Kalaf Chandler, AZ $60
8 Jessica Smith Casa Grande, AZ $50
9 Emmanuel Durazo Phoenix, AZ $54
10 Daniel Cotten Glendale, AZ $175
11 Ben Stalker Phoenix, AZ $35
12 Bethany Baker Tempe, AZ $39
13 Jordan Bell Phoenix, AZ $25
14 Michael May San Diego, CA $20
15 Rebecca Bodinet Phoenix, AZ  
16 Anthony Cruz San Diego, CA $27
17 Zach Huglin Gilbert, AZ  
18 Gary Vose Jr. Casa Grande, AZ  
19 Chris Huglin Gilbert, AZ  
20 Anthony Tripi El Paso, TX  
21 Jewels Giordano Phoenix, AZ $27
22 Ryan Hailey Flagstaff, AZ $47
23 Bryanna Dawson Phoenix, AZ  
24 Justin Newkirk Tucson, AZ $23
25 Kyle Frederick Chandler, AZ $27
26 Joey Longo Phoenix, AZ  
27 Brooks Gould Gilbert, AZ  
28 Nicole Stanczak Phoenix, AZ  
29 Nicholas Lee Tucson, AZ  
30 Nick Lamek Las Vegas, NV $9
31 Brandon Longo Phoenix, AZ  
32 Austen Christensen Avondale, AZ  
33 Andy Garriott Phoenix, AZ  
34 Alex VanKirk Prescott Valley, AZ  
35 Kaitlin Mayall Chula Vista, CA $54
36 James Hawkins Jr. Anaheim, CA  
37 Matt Payne Phoenix, AZ  
38 Vance Varhldt Chandler, AZ  
39 Dale Williams Flagstaff, AZ  
40 Rebeca Reguero Phoenix, AZ $36
41 Allie Ijams Mission Viejo, CA $36
42 Kayla Frederick Chandler, AZ  
43 Joshua Shoup Phoenix, AZ $36
44 Rane Lacona Phoenix, AZ  
45 Christina Fraijo Corona, CA $9
46 Drew Stern Northridge, CA $9
47 Drew Leinberger Phoenix, AZ  
48 Cameron Peck Riverside, CA  
49 Andrew Gin Gilbert, AZ  
50 Sarah Allred Phoenix, AZ  
51 Nathan Morgan Avondale, AZ  
52 Michael Curry Phoenix, AZ  
53 Courtney Dutton Chandler, AZ  
54 Tim Radney Mesa, AZ  
55 Chris Spinner Mesa, AZ  
56 Zachary Najdawi Phoenix, AZ  
57 Daniel Fazziola San Diego, CA $60
58 Brittany Riggers Phoenix, AZ  
59 Brittany Crowell Glendale, AZ  
60 Steven Pizzi Phoenix, AZ  
61 Kylee Bonneville Mesa, AZ  
62 Chelsea Zemelka Phoenix, AZ  
63 Michael Kenny Prescott Valley, AZ  
64 Jacob Fischer Phoenix, AZ $9
65 Devon McCormick Tucson, AZ $45
66 Greg Gloria Mesa, AZ  
67 Justin Jordan Mesa, AZ  
68 Jaymes Conn La Mesa, CA  
69 Travis Scott Peoria, AZ  
70 Katie Andros-Murphy Kingman, AZ  
71 LJ Cline San Diego, CA  
72 Tim Bertotti Kingman, AZ  
73 Taylor King Phoenix, AZ  
74 Jonathan Crowell Glendale, AZ  
75 Bryce Techmer Phoenix, AZ  
76 Lindsay Salhoff Phoenix, AZ  
77 Collin Lynch Prescott Valley, AZ  
78 Rakan Najdawi Phoenix, AZ  
Cuts: scratch +1199; handicap 1213