champs Adam Reynoso and Sean Huggins

March is all about "survive and advance" in the sports world, and Adam Reynoso and Sean Huggins emerged from the madness as JBT champions in exciting Mojave Conference action at the beautiful new South Coast Bowling Center.

24 scratch division survivors were whittled down to eight through five grueling rounds where the lowest score on each pair was eliminated each game.  In that round of 8, Josh Wilson, Brandon Allred, Brandon Watts, and Jerimiah Wiltfang were all sent to the sidelines.  In the round of four, Californian Kevin Valmonte and Arizonan Brandon Donnelly were eliminated, setting up a title match between Mason Sherman and Adam Reynoso.

On paper this was a mismatch, with Mason a nationally-famous junior with many titles to his credit on ours and other tours, while Adam's only JBT top-5 came last month in the Mojave Doubles.  However, the match stayed close throughout, and in the end it was Reynoso who threw the biggest shots, coming through with a 243-234 victory and his first JBT title.

The handicap division also began with 24 survivors, and was equally pared down to eight.  Sasha Black, Logan Kennedy, Melissa Huether, and David Opdyke were eliminated in that round, finishing 5th-8th respectively.  In the semifinal round, Justin King and Jay Prewitt were sidelined after excellent performances, leaving Huggins and Alicia Sullivan as the lone survivors.

Huggins remained in control throughout the finale, and was able to defeat Sullivan 229-181, for the first title of his JBT SW career.  

Everyone who finished in the top 5 qualifies for the 2006 JBT SW Mojave Invitational Tournament, the regular season's year end event, featuring a guaranteed minimum $1,000 first place scholarship in each division.  Top season-long point scorers also qualify for the 2006 JBT SW Touring Players' Championship, featuring a guaranteed minimum $2,000 first place scholarship per division! 

Thanks to GM Billy Walker, Chuck, and the great staff at South Coast  for a great job hosting our Tour in our first event at this spectacular addition to the Coast centers. 88 entrants shared in over $2,000 in scholarships awarded.  Please continue to help spread the word about the terrific benefits of bowling JBT SW events! 

South Coast- final results and optional scholarship winners
Mojave Conference    
Scratch Division    
rank name city, state prize
1 Adam Reynoso Las Vegas, NV $390
2 Mason Sherman Moorpark, CA $100
3 Kevin Valmonte La Verne, CA $109
4 Brandon Donnelly Lake Havasu City, AZ $65
5 Josh Wilson Fallbrook, CA $159
6 Brandon Allred Las Vegas, NV $85
7 Brandon Watts Lake Havasu City, AZ $50
8 Bear Wiltfang Lake Havasu City, AZ $20
9 Kris George Glendale, AZ $30
10 Nathan Panaligan N. Las Vegas, NV  
11 Jeff Mathews Las Vegas, NV  
12 DJ Sloan Las Vegas, NV $15
13 Andrew Decker Las Vegas, NV $19
14 Patrick Snyder Corona, CA $30
15 Paolo Castro Las Vegas, NV  
16 Danielle Schilling Palmdale, CA $69
17 Steven Black Phoenix, AZ $49
18 Shane Peck Riverside, CA  
19 Christian Jensen Anthem, AZ  
20 John Ailstock Laughlin, NV  
21 Eddie Schaub Las Vegas, NV  
22 Ricky Overton Las Vegas, NV  
23 Chris Kagawa Las Vegas, NV  
24 Ray Griffith Las Vegas, NV  
25 Andy Reynoso Las Vegas, NV  
26 Taylor Brennan Prescott, AZ  
27 Joe Claspell Lake Havasu City, AZ
28 Jordan Katz Las Vegas, NV  
29 Melissa Castro Las Vegas, NV $10
30 Ryan Howard Las Vegas, NV  
31 Johnny Ray Las Vegas, NV  
32 Chris Kutcher Las Vegas, NV  
33 Tiffany Chi Prescott, AZ  
34 Jeff Spiesman Ventura, CA  
35 Cameron Smith Santee, CA  
36 Rebekah Gottlieb Tempe, AZ  
37 Sarah Ansteth Las Vegas, NV  
38 Justin Spurrier Las Vegas, NV  
39 Kalani Dilliner Las Vegas, NV  
40 Sean Khureya Las Vegas, NV  
41 Timmy Lee Las Vegas, NV  
42 Jessica Hetkowski Las Vegas, NV  
43 Kary Nguyen Las Vegas, NV  
44 Kevin Houck Lake Havasu City, AZ
Handicap Division    
rank name city, state prize
1 Sean Huggins Las Vegas, NV $240
2 Alicia Sullivan Kingman, AZ $136
3 Justin King Las Vegas, NV $60
4 Jay Prewitt Chandler, AZ $77
5 Sasha Black Fort Mohave, AZ $85
6 Logan Kennedy Henderson, NV $45
7 Melissa Huether Las Vegas, NV $20
8 David Opdyke Las Vegas, NV $20
9 Zach Hattori Las Vegas, NV $50
10 Kristopher DelCampo Las Vegas, NV $27
11 Darcie Lee Staggs Bullhead City, AZ  
12 Cody Leslie Las Vegas, NV $45
13 Alesha Pannier Lake Havasu City, AZ $10
14 Lissette Vega Pahrump, NV $15
15 Justin Claspell Lake Havasu City, AZ  
16 Alvin Chan Lake Havasu City, AZ  
17 Merrill Hill Las Vegas, NV $30
18 Hannah Chipman Las Vegas, NV $50
19 Bryce Hackney Las Vegas, NV  
20 Melanie Griffith Las Vegas, NV  
21 Casey Rosenberg Las Vegas, NV $75
22 Paul Huether Las Vegas, NV  
23 Jordan Ferrer Henderson, NV  
24 Amanda Voight Las Vegas, NV  
25 Cameron Peck Riverside, CA  
26 Kevin Foss Pahrump, NV  
27 Chris Martin Las Vegas, NV $15
28 Esmerelda Vega Pahrump, NV  
29 MikeThompson Las Vegas, NV  
30 Alex Katz Las Vegas, NV  
31 Ryan Jacobson Las Vegas, NV  
32 Scott Schickling Lake Havasu City, AZ
33 Ty Prewitt Chandler, AZ  
34 Quinn Hill Las Vegas, NV  
35 Joshua Parz Las Vegas, NV  
36 Blaine Hellman Lake Havasu City, AZ  
37 Taylor McKenrick Henderson, NV  
38 Ryan Yadao Las Vegas, NV  
39 Brandon Parz Las Vegas, NV  
40 Breezy Sharma Lake Havasu City, AZ  
41 Kyle Frederick Chandler, AZ  
42 Kayla Frederick Chandler, AZ  
43 Joshua Ferrer Henderson, NV  
300 Games: none