NM-TX Doubles Classic at Tenpins & More @ Rio Rancho

champs Raymond Johnson, Bill Grant, Carlos Mendez, and Bailey McFarland

   A sellout field shared in almost $3,000 in scholarships and cash awarded at the JBT SW's NM-TX Doubles Classic, held at Tenpins & More @ Rio Rancho. In the end, the event lived up to its name as a NM team and a TX team walked away with the titles.

   The scratch division stepladder finals, which feature teammates throwing alternating frames to combine for one game, opened with Andy and Cliff Byer, making the finals for the third straight year, defeating the junior-junior pair of Jerod Florez and Jeremy Medina 220-199.  

   Round two promised to be exciting, with the scratch debut of rising star Cody Mansfield, and one of Albuquerque's best bowlers, Lonnie Hampe Jr.  It indeed was exciting, but not because the match was close, as Mansfield and Hampe ran the first ten strikes en route to a 286-196 win over the Byers.  It was the highest 'Baker' game rolled in JBT SW competition.  Hampe and Mansfield used that momentum to defeat Stephen and George Gaucin (who had averaged an amazing 245 for 8 games in qualifying) in the semifinal round, 218-174, to advance to the championship match.

   Top seeds Bill Grant and Raymond Johnson had taken over when the Gaucin brothers began to falter in the semifinals, and remained strong in the title match.  The carry that Cody and Lonnie had earlier went away in the title match, and Bill and Raymond took advantage for a 193-178 win and the championship.  It was Bill's 6th JBTSW title, while Raymond, now an adult bowler, added a second win to his collection, his lone previous win coming in 2002.

  The handicap division finals opened with Jeremy Baca, who captured the handicap division points lead with the top-5 appearance, partnering with Alex Baca for a 211-189 win over Gary and William Yoder.  In round two, 8-year-old Bailey McFarland and Carlos Mendez came on strong to defeat the Bacas by a 190-167 score.  Bailey and Carlos remained tough in the semifinals, defeating Lee and Angelo Espinoza 172-155 to advance to the title match.

  Top seeds Zachary Barnard and Eric Kear had a field day all day long, but were unable to maintain the same momentum they had earlier in the title match.  McFarland and Mendez remained in control, and won the match 183-152 to capture the title.  It was Bailey's first, becoming one of our youngest winners ever, and Carlos' second, having won the prestigious Las Vegas National Open in 2004.   

   Every junior who finished in the top 5 qualifies for the 2006 JBT SW NM-TX Invitational Tournament, the regular season's year end event, featuring a guaranteed minimum $1,000 first place scholarship in each division.  Top season-long point scorers also qualify for the 2006 JBT SW Touring Players' Championship, featuring a guaranteed minimum $2,000 first place scholarship per division! 

  Thanks to Steve Mackie and everyone at Tenpins & More for another terrific job hosting our Tour. 73 teams shared in over $2,600 in scholarships awarded.  Please continue to help spread the word about the terrific benefits of bowling JBT SW events! 

NM-TX Doubles at Tenpins & More- final results and optional scholarship winners    
NM-TX Conference          
Scratch Division          
rank name prize partner prize score total prize
1 Bill Grant, Rio Rancho NM $345 Raymond Johnson, Rio Rancho NM   p 450 $345
2 Cody Mansfield, Albuquerque NM $175 Lonnie Hampe Jr.   p 291 $175
3 Stephen Gaucin, El Paso TX $195 George Gaucin, El Paso TX   p 305 $195
4 Andy Byer, Albuquerque NM $90 Cliff Byer, Albuquerque NM   p 265 $90
5 Jeremy Medina, Santa Fe NM $75 Jerod Florez, Bosque Farms NM $30 p 201 $105
6 Justin Medina, Santa Fe NM   Marcus Medina, Santa Fe NM   p 161  
7 Randy Cote, Tucson AZ   Michael Cross, Tucson AZ   p 74  
8 Sam Cuevas, Lubbock TX   Jason Blevins, Lubbock TX   p 36  
9 Brian Collier, Amarillo TX   Anthony Johnson, Amarillo TX   m 1  
10 Robyn Ashley, Farmington NM   Scott Ashley, Farmington NM   m 10  
11 Sarah Carity, Phoenix AZ   Don Carity, Albuquerque NM   m 30  
12 Zach Taylor, Lawrence KS   Justin DeDera, Albuquerque NM $75 m 41 $75
13 Amanda Falk, Tucson AZ   Labriel Leach, Tucson AZ   m 66  
14 Nathan Herring, Amarillo TX   SydneyBowerman, Amarillo TX   m 84  
Handicap Division          
rank name prize name prize score total prize
1 Bailey McFarland, El Paso TX $150 Carlos Mendez, El Paso TX $165 p 182 $315
2 Zachary Barnard, Albuquerque NM $145 Eric Kear, Albuquerque NM $100 p 296 $245
3 Angelo Espinoza, Albuquerque NM $165 Lee Espinoza, Albuquerque NM   p 194 $165
4 Jeremy Baca, Los Lunas NM $155 Alex Baca, Los Lunas NM   p 158 $155
5 William Yoder, Albuquerque NM $130 Gary Yoder, Albuquerque NM   p 159 $130
6 Amanda Johnson, Rio Rancho NM $45 Charlie Elliott, Santa Fe NM $45 p 131 $90
7 Mark Mares, Los Lunas NM $80 Joseph Jaramillo, Los Lunas NM   p 103 $80
8 Paul Carper, Rio Rancho NM $70 Tom Fisher, Rio Rancho NM   p 103 $70
9 Joey MacPhee, Albuquerque NM   Brittany McComb, Albuquerque NM $60 p 99 $60
10 Jessica Palma, Los Lunas NM $60 Josh Arceo, Los Lunas NM $30 p 86 $90
11 Thomas Gutierrez Jr., Albq. NM   Thomas Gutierrez Sr., Albq. NM   p 74  
12 Kassi Johnson-Willis, Roswell NM   Sheila Johnson, Roswell NM   p 70  
13 Krista Casaus, Roswell NM   Brian Casaus, Roswell NM   p 61  
14 Ryan Scheer, Rio Rancho NM   Mike Scheer, Rio Rancho NM   p 56  
15 Ashley Belden, Tijeras NM   Floyd Belden, Tijeras NM   p 55  
16 Victoria Baca, Albq. NM   Michaela Baca, Albq. NM   p 54  
17 Josh Brown, Albuquerque NM   Kelley Smith, Albuquerque NM $30 p 53 $30
18 Brandon Dye, Roswell NM   Kurtis Lee, Roswell NM   p 47  
19 Jamison Spam, Rio Rancho NM $15 Jim Spam, Rio Rancho NM   p 20 $15
20 Susan Kurezka, Albuquerque NM   Rob Kurzeka, Albuquerque NM   m 5  
21 Michael Valdez, Santa Fe NM   Antonio Garcia, Santa Fe NM   m 14  
22 Wendy Shelton, Albuquerque NM   Brian Skidmore, Albuquerque NM   m 21  
23 Travis Turner, Amarillo TX   Carter Casoer, Amarillo TX   m 30  
24 John Stomp, Albuquerque NM   Stacey Stomp, Albuquerque NM   m 35  
25 Kara Casuas, Roswell NM   Tammy Casaus, Roswell NM   m 54  
26 Eric Espinda, Albuquerque NM   Rachel Espinda, Albuquerque NM   m 99  
27 Heavan Pajala, Albuquerque NM $15 Jennifer Brown, Albuquerque NM   m 101 $15
28 Nathan Hughes, San Jose NM $15 Jeff Hughes, San Jose NM   m 105 $15
29 Joshua Helmick, Rio Rancho NM   Dennis Helmick, Rio Rancho NM   dnf  
30 Alex Baker, Rio Rancho NM   Matt Helmick, Rio Rancho NM   dnf  
31 Eric Sanford, Santa Fe NM   Arlan Sanford, Santa Fe NM   m 13  
32 Gary Yoder, Albuquerque NM   Heather Wilson, Albuquerque NM   m 23  
33 Rachel Thompson, Albq. NM   Rhonda Thompson, Albq. NM   m 25  
34 Evaristo Baca II, Albq. NM   Brad McKinsey, Rio Rancho NM   m 30  
35 Austin mansfield, Albq. NM $30 Ronnie Smith, Albuquerque NM   m 45 $30
36 Jimmy Avery, Rio Rancho NM   Wiliam Yoder, Albuquerque NM   m 48  
37 Melanie Shelton, Albq. NM   Trevor MacPhee, Albq. NM   m 49  
38 Santiago Withers, Albq. NM   Chris Wade, Albuquerque NM   m 60  
39 Kyla Collier, Amarillo TX $60 Tanner Palmer, Amarillo TX   m 65 $60
40 Michael Hinojosa, Las Cruces NM   Chris Kopp, Las Cruces NM   m 65  
41 Janeyl Carper, Rio Rancho NM $30 Dana Miller-Mackie, Rio Rancho NM   m 76 $30
42 Joseph Palma, Roswell NM   Miranda Ruiz, Roswell NM   m 78  
43 Camille Martinez, Santa Fe NM   Randy Lanier, Santa Fe NM   m 83  
44 Brandy Main, Roswell NM   Pansy Moffitt, Roswell NM   m 97  
45 Amanda Morales, Bernalillo NM $15 Kylee Kipp, Albuquerque NM   m 98 $15
46 Kristine Cuevas, Wilmington CA   Beverly Cuevas, Wilmington CA   m 98  
47 Jacob Gill, Rio Rancho NM   Gary Gill, Rio Rancho NM   m 104  
48 Jerrico Palma, Roswell NM   Arielle Palma, Roswell NM   m 105  
49 Vincent Michel, Albq. NM   Juan Romero, Albuquerque NM   m 112  
50 Laura Barnard, Albq. NM   Brianna Jaramillo, Albq. NM   m 118  
51 Christina Waldron, Albq. NM   Tommy Johnson, Rio Rancho NM   m 120  
52 Sophie Diaz, Santa Fe NM $15 Pauline Diaz, Santa Fe NM   m 120 $15
53 Alysha Cuevas, Wilmington CA   JD Nance, Albuquerque NM   m 131  
54 Kyla Casaus, Roswell NM   Jesse Casaus, Roswell NM   m 134  
55 Jordan Oppenheim, Rio Rancho NM Jerry Bradley, Rio Rancho NM   m 158  
56 Chris Cuevas, Wilmington CA   Tony Cuevas, Wilmington CA   m 167  
57 Blake Brown, Albuquerque NM   Shauna McAfee, Albuquerque NM   m 168  
58 Kendall Kipp, Albuquerque NM   Corey Johnson, New Laguna NM   m 187  
59 Jesse Henson, Hobbs NM   Becky Henson, Hobbs NM   m 249  
Cuts: scratch minus 51; handicap minus 28        
Storm Ball Winner: Sarah Carity          
TOTAL AWARDED THIS EVENT: $2,962 ($2,610 scholarship, $352 cash adult brackets)