Tenpins & More @ Rio Rancho

champs Andy Byer and Miranda Ruiz, with Storm Trooper #17654-A

    Andy Byer dominated all day long, while Miranda Ruiz staged a big comeback to win JBT SW titles in exciting action at Tenpins & More @ Rio Rancho.

    The scratch division finals opened with steady Stephen Gaucin defeating second-time finalist Brian Collier 188-153.  In round two, Jeremy Medina got by Gaucin, 181-168.  In another low scoring but tight match, Medina defeated Bill Grant 181-175, to advance to the title match.

   Top qualifier Andy Byer had dominated the field, making the challenging lane condition look easy.  It was no different in the title match, as he cruised to a big 255-221 win, good for the 8th title of the 2004 Touring Players' Championship's JBT SW career.

  In the handicap division, Jordan Oppenheim won round one of the 8-person stepladder finals with a 22 game that defeated Alex Yoder (199) and Olivia Silva (190).  In round two, Arielle Palma advanced with a big 229 game, but was temporarily overshadowed by the entertaining performance of 5 year-old Michael Yoder, whose 227 just lost out to Arielle.  Meanwhile, Jordan rolled a nice 206, but settled for 6th place.

 In the semifinals, three girls went at it, with Miranda Ruiz' 195 being just enough to get by Palma (174) and Ashley Belden (188), advancing her against top qualifier Alysha Cuevas.  Cuevas, visiting family in Roswell, put on a great performance to reach the top seed, but found herself in a tight battle against Ruiz, who wouldn't even have made the cut if not for a personal-best 203 in game five. After Miranda finished with an open tenth, Cuevas left the 2-4-5 in her tenth, and by getting only one on the spare the result was a heartbreaking 203-202 loss for Alysha, and a stunned Ruiz had her first career JBT SW title.

   Everyone who finished in the top 5 qualifies for the 2006 JBT SW NM-TX Invitational Tournament, the regular season's year end event, featuring a guaranteed minimum $1,000 first place scholarship in each division.  Top season-long point scorers also qualify for the 2006 JBT SW Touring Players' Championship, featuring a guaranteed minimum $2,000 first place scholarship per division! 

  Thanks again to Steve Mackie and everyone at Tenpins & More for a great job hosting a very successful doubleheader weekend. 65 entrants shared in over $1,400 in scholarships awarded.  Please continue to help spread the word about the terrific benefits of bowling JBT SW events! 

Tenpins & More- final results and optional scholarship winners
New Mexico-Texas Conference    
Scratch Division    
rank name city, state prize
1 Andy Byer Albuquerque, NM $278
2 Jeremy Medina Santa Fe, NM $145
3 Bill Grant Rio Rancho, NM $66
4 Stephen Gaucin El Paso, TX $50
5 Brian Collier Amarillo, TX $35
6 Tom Anderson Chandler, AZ  
7 Jerod Florez Bosque Farms, NM $6
8 Nathan Herring Amarillo, TX  
9 Sam Cuevas Lubbock, TX  
10 Anthony Johnson Amarillo, TX  
11 Robyn Ashley Farmington, NM  
12 Dan Romero Santa Fe, NM  
13 Cody Mansfield Albuquerque, NM  
14 Christina Waldron Albuquerque, NM  
Handicap Division    
rank name city, state prize
1 Miranda Ruiz Roswell, NM $200
2 Alysha Cuevas Wilmington, CA $100
3 Ashley Belden Tijeras, NM $85
4 Arielle Palma Roswell, NM $60
5 Michael Yoder Albuquerque, NM  
6 Jordan Oppenheim Rio Rancho, NM $40
7 Alex Yoder Albuquerque, NM $60
8 Olivia Silva Albuquerque, NM $20
9 Janeyl Carper Rio Rancho, NM $66
10 Thomas Gutierrez Albuquerque, NM $41
11 Charlie Elliott Santa Fe, NM $52
12 Brandy Main Roswell, NM $15
13 Travis Turner Amarillo, TX  
14 Zachary Barnard Albuquerque, NM  
15 Ahkeen Williams Las Cruces, NM  
16 Krista Casaus Roswell, NM  
17 Sabrina Vargas Albuquerque, NM  
18 Joseph Palma Roswell, NM  
19 Carter Casper Amarillo, TX  
20 Jerrico Palma Roswell, NM  
21 Kyla Collier Amarillo, TX $15
22 Paul Carper Rio Rancho, NM  
23 Brianna Jaramillo Albuquerque, NM $56
24 Wendy Shelton Albuquerque, NM  
25 Kristine Cuevas Wilmington, CA $15
26 Kara Casaus Roswell, NM  
27 John Yoder Albuquerque, NM  
28 Nathan Hughes San Jose, NM  
29 Mark Mares Los Lunas, NM $45
30 Jamison Spam Rio Rancho, NM $6
31 Ryan Scheer Rio Rancho, NM  
32 Sara Vargas Albuquerque, NM  
33 Kassi Johnson-Willis Roswell, NM  
34 Jessica Palma Los Lunas, NM  
35 Kelley Smith Albuquerque, NM $15
36 Blake Brown Albuquerque, NM  
37 Brandon Dye Roswell, NM  
38 Tanner Palmer Amarillo, TX $15
39 Sydney Bowerman Amarillo, TX  
40 William Yoder Albuquerque, NM  
41 Juan Romero Albuquerque, NM  
42 Camille Martinez Santa Fe, NM  
43 Austin Mansfield Albuquerque, NM  
44 Joey Grant Rio Rancho, NM  
45 Annalicia Martinez Roswell, NM  
46 Susan Kurzeka Albuquerque, NM  
47 Josh Brown Albuquerque, NM  
48 Kyla Casaus Roswell, NM  
49 Amanda Johnson Rio Rancho, NM $15
Cuts: scratch -52; handicap -29    
Storm Ball Winner: Ashley Belden    
Jr. Gold Qualifier: none    

  Michael Yoder and the happy Yoder family