champions BJ Baker & Justin Basom

BJ Baker continued to dominate the scratch division, while Justin Basom claimed his first title in exciting JBT SW action at New Yorba Linda Bowl

The scratch division saw its highest scoring tournament of the season, as nine bowlers finished +200 or better after eight games, highlighted by Cameron Smith's 298 effort in qualifying.  BJ Baker, the champion from our last So Cal event, opened the stepladder finals with a near-perfect 278-223 win over Felicia Mara, who held her own against the boys for her first top-5 finish.  

Baker then remained on a roll in the next two matches, defeating 04-05 So Cal JBT SW Bowler of the Year Josh Blanchard 222-205, who had gone +254 for the 5-game qualifying round, in round two. He followed with a 216-199 win over Brian Carmichael to advance to the title match.

Top seed Jeff Spiesman, looking for his first JBT SW title, shot 235 or better for 6 out of his 8 qualifying games, but was unable to get lined up against the veteran Baker, who put immediate pressure on Spiesman with early strikes.  In the end it was a rout, and Baker claimed his second consecutive JBT SW So Cal title with a 256-176 win.  The victory was the 12th of his JBT SW career, fifth best on our all-time list.

In the handicap division, Chris Charnock claimed the fifth and final seed for the finals, then won a squeaker over fellow first-time finalist Daniel Ploner, 222-218 in round one of the stepladder finals.   In round two, Sean Buranahiran came on strong to defeat Charnock 220-201.  Basom took over in the semifinal matchup, winning 247-199 to advance to his first title match.

Top seeded James Hawkins Jr. impressed all day with a both-handed delivery that made me pull my back out just watching it, but was very effective against the pins all day. However, the title match was a different story, as Hawkins struggled on the pair, while a confident Basom maintained a tough pace.  In the end, Justin defeated James 227-165, good for his first career JBT SW title.

Everyone who finished in the top 5 qualifies for the 2006 JBT SW So Cal Invitational Tournament, the regular season's yearend event, featuring a guaranteed minimum $1,000 first place scholarship in each division.  Top season-long point scorers also qualify for the 2006 JBT SW Touring Players' Championship, featuring a guaranteed minimum $2,000 first place scholarship per division! 

87 entrants shared in over $1,900 in scholarships awarded at the event.  Big thanks to Mr. Butch Hesketh and everyone at Yorba Linda for another fantastic job hosting our event.  Please continue to help spread the word about the terrific benefits of bowling JBT SW events! 

Yorba Linda Bowl- final results and optional scholarship winners  
Southern California Conference      
Scratch Division      
rank name city, state score prize
1 BJ Baker Tempe, AZ p 252 $215
2 Jeff Spiesman Ventura, CA p 371 $100
3 Brian Carmichael Moreno Valley, CA p 287 $80
4 Josh Blanchard Clovis, CA p 285 $131
5 Felicia Mara Rancho Cucamonga, CA p 231 $50
6 Devin Bidwell Ventura, CA p 211 $30
7 Preston Fukumizu Los Angeles, CA p 208 $25
8 Curtis Jensen Fremont, CA p 206 $13
9 Steven Black Phoenix, AZ p 206 $180
10 Kevin Valmonte EL Monte, CA p 198  
11 Brittany Page Los Angeles, CA p 179 $40
12 Justin Lou San Diego, CA p 172  
13 Jared Lawrence Torrance, CA p 166  
14 Theo Douthit Phoenix, AZ p 157 $43
15 Danielle Schilling Littlerock, CA p 106  
16 Brian Ballard San Diego, CA p 98  
17 Cameron Smith Santee, CA p 71 $13
18 Mason Sherman Moorpark, CA p 66  
19 Shane Peck Riverside, CA p 50 $30
20 Sam Hitchcock Lake Forest, CA m 97 $15
21 Chris Weyrauch Chandler, AZ p 9  
22 Josh Wilson Vista, CA p 8  
23 Justen Danforth Lake Forest, CA m 9 $15
24 Will Jackson Gardena, CA m 15  
25 Savannah Guerrero Riverside, CA m 22  
26 Forrest Holland Vista, CA m 27  
27 Kacy Bonifacini San Diego, CA m 36  
28 Shelby Shirlock Lake Elsinore, CA m 39  
29 Chris Fore Oceanside, CA m 42  
30 Richard Brown Rancho Sata Margarita, CA m 44  
31 Krystal Alvarado Corona, CA m 52  
32 Jason Larcome Chula Vista, CA m 64  
33 JR Monteith Yorba Linda, CA m 65  
34 Steven Lanning San Diego, CA m 81  
35 Rebekah Gottlieb Las Vegas, NV m 121  
36 Robert Page Los Angeles, CA m 126  
37 Matthew Spive Escondido, CA m 157  
38 Julian Bosley San Diego, CA m 181  
39 Ryan Halpert Moorpark, CA m 192  
40 David Sanchez Mira Loma, CA  m 408  
Handicap Division      
rank name city, state score prize
1 Justin Basom Lemon Grove, CA p 202 $200
2 James Hawkins Jr. Anaheim, CA p 205 $110
3 Sean Buranahiran Covina, CA p 197 $80
4 Chris Charnock Anaheim, CA p 127 $60
5 Daniel Ploner Moreno Valley, CA p 166 $50
6 Jaymes Conn La Mesa, CA p 122 $70
7 Kelly Ruzylo Oceanside, CA p 114  
8 Shane Lien San Diego, CA p 112  
9 Dan Glusman Foothill Ranch, CA  p 110 $25
10 Allie Ijams Mission Viejo, CA p 104 $150
11 Martika Cabezas Cathedral City, CA p 95  
12 Paul Ospital Crestline, CA p 90  
13 Kaitlin Mayall Chula Vista, CA p 82 $10
14 Foster Phandanouvong San Diego, CA p 74 $45
15 Susy Monteith Yorba Linda, CA p 72  
16 Charlie Hair Lake Forest, CA p 66  
17 Lesliann Katsura Norwalk, CA p 58  
18 Melissa Long Long Beach, CA p 45 $45
19 Monica Lozano San Diego, CA p 44  
20 Samantha Meyers Mission Hills, CA p 17  
21 Aprille LeBaquin Cerritos, CA p 8  
22 Drew Stern Northridge, CA  p 7 $45
23 Rudy Powell San Bernardino, CA m 2  
24 Wendy Martinez Yorba Linda, CA  p 1  
25 Wesley Low Palmdale, CA m 9  
26 Brittany Kolatzny San Diego, CA m 10  
27 Louis Barragan Burbank, CA m 12  
28 Nick Powanda San Diego, CA m 19  
29 Kyle Ruzylo Oceanside, CA m 20 $25
30 Eddie Sayles Los Angeles, CA m 21  
31 Christina Fraijo Corona, CA m 30  
32 Kristina Lusterio San Diego, CA m 37  
33 Mimi Duong San Diego, CA m 40  
34 Cameron Peck Riverside, CA m 47  
35 Bethany Baker Tempe, AZ m 54  
36 Michael May San Diego, CA m 62  
37 Nikki Elberts San Diego, CA m 73  
38 Eric Sheather Mira Loma, CA  m 73  
39 Lana Lycan San Diego, CA m 77  
40 Troy Lien San Diego, CA m 97  
41 Tyler Bosacarino Alpine, CA m 97  
42 Anthony Cruz San Diego, CA m 98  
43 Michael Lozano San Diego, CA m 123  
44 Ronnie Nophalath San Diego, CA m 131  
45 Andre Chain San Diego, CA m 146  
46 Armando Garcia San Diego, CA m 166  
47 Steven Sensabaugh Yorba Linda, CA inc card  
PowerBowl games: 205-161-272 (no winners)    
Cuts: scratch plus 19; handicap plus 3    
Storm Ball Winner: David Sanchez    
Junior Gold Qualifiers: none      
300 Games: none