champs Brian Weyrauch, Jeff Hemer, and Jennifer & Josh Brown

A sold-out, action packed Doubles event saw two juniors win their first JBT titles in exciting JBT NM-TX Conference action at Tenpins & More.

Californians JR Monteith and Shane Peck opened up the Baker-style stepladder finals with a 210-198 victory over the Gaucin brothers, George and Stephen.  Shane and JR rolled on in round two, defeating the father-son team of Marcus and Jeremy Medina 234-182.  One more Medina was too much for them, however, as Justin Medina and Eric Martin (who had the day's high individual effort with a 299 in qualifying) edged Peck and Monteith 216-215 to reach the final match.

Top qualifiers Weyrauch and Hemer squeaked into the top seed, but charged out of the gates in the title match with the first eight strikes before a boneheaded washout by Hemer prevented Baker perfection.  Brian got the final three strikes for a 263-224 final score, good for a long-awaited first JBT title of Weyrauch's career.

The mother-son team of Taylor and Elona Cruz opened the handicap Baker stepladder finals with a 210-169 win over Blake Brown and Cassie Bacoccini.   The father-son team of Thomas Gutierrez Sr. and Jr. then controlled the Cruz crew 184-169.  In a closely contested semifinal, Amanda Johnson and Mariah Martinez edged the Gutierrez team 174-168 to reach the title match.

Top qualifiers Josh Brown and his mom Jennifer engaged in a back and forth match with Amanda and Mariah.  In the tenth frame, needing a mark to win, Amanda hooked by a spare, leaving the match tied at 159, the first title match tie in a very long time.  Finishing last in the rolloff, Josh regrouped, sparing a 4-pin cluster for a 40-30 win and his first career JBT title.

Every junior who finished in the top 5 qualifies for the 2007 JBT NM-TX Invitational Tournament, the regular season's year end event, featuring a guaranteed minimum $1,000 first place scholarship in each division.  Top season-long point scorers also qualify for the 2007 JBT Touring Players' Championship, featuring a guaranteed minimum $2,000 first place scholarship per division! 

Big thanks to Steve Mackie and the crew at Tenpins & More for another terrific job hosting our event.  $3,200 in scholarships was awarded to a near-sellout 93 team field!

NM-TX Doubles at Tenpins & More- final results and optional scholarship winners
NM-TX Conference
Scratch Division
rank name prize partner prize score total prize
1 Brian Weyrauch, Tempe AZ $315 Jeff Hemer, Phoenix AZ   p 451 $315
2 Justin Medina, Santa Fe NM $200 Eric Martin, Santa Fe NM   p 434 $200
3 Shane Peck, Riverside CA $135 JR Monteith, Orange CA $120 p 290 $255
4 Jeremy Medina, Santa Fe NM $185 Marcus Medina, Santa Fe NM   p 403 $185
5 Stephen Gaucin, El Paso TX $145 George Gaucin, El Paso TX   p 216 $145
6 Randy Cote, Tucson AZ $30 Michael Cross, Tucson AZ $30 p 138 $60
7 Andy Byer, Albuquerque NM   Cliff Byer, Albuquerque NM p 131  
8 Bill Grant, Rio Rancho NM $60 Raymond Johnson, Rio Rancho NM   p 91 $60
9 BJ Baker, Tempe AZ   Jerod Florez, Bosque Farms NM   p 70  
10 Geoffrey Young, Denton TX   John Pierce, Denton TX   m 4  
11 Dan Romero, Santa Fe NM Lane Patnode, Santa Fe NM m 103  
12 Mark Mares, Los Lunas NM Tom Garcia, Santa Fe NM   p 14  
13 Cody Mansfield, Albuquerque NM   Lonnie Hampe Jr., Albuquerque NM   p 10  
14 Zach Taylor, Albuquerque NM   Emily Milbank, Rio Rancho NM m 3  
15 Paul Carper, Rio Rancho NM JD Nance, Albuquerque NM m 24
16 William Yoder, Albuquerque NM John Pepper, Albuquerque NM m 52
17 William Entsminger, El Paso TX $15 Tony Entsminger, El Paso TX m 86 $15
18 Christina Waldron, Albuquerque NM Nathan Shock, Thornton CO m 118
19 Justin Silva, Albuquerque NM Mike Silva, Albuquerque NM m 139
20 Chris Weyauch, Chandler AZ Rachel Carr, Chandler AZ m 148
21 Christa Harvey, Las Cruces NM Jason Harvey, Las Cruces NM m 155
22 Brian Wozniak, Clovis NM Chris Tinder, Clovis NM m 157
23 Michelle Snyder, Alamogordo NM Tim Snyder, Alamogordo NM m 185
24 Zach Barnard, Albuquerque NM Jamison Spam, Rio Rancho NM $30 m 195 $30
25 Jeremy Baca, Albuquerque NM Evaristo Baca, Albuquerque NM inc
Handicap Division
rank name prize name prize score total prize
1 Josh Brown, Albuquerque NM $400 Jennifer Brown, Albuquerque NM   p 290 $400
2 Amanda Johnson, Rio Rancho NM $115 Mariah Martinez, Albuquerque NM $100 p 203 $215
3 Thomas Gutierrez Jr., Albq. NM $195 Thomas Gutierrez Sr., Albq. NM   p 196 $195
4 Taylor Cruz, Santa Fe NM $125 Elona Cruz, Albuquerque NM   p 187 $125
5 Blake Brown, Albuquerque NM $50 Cassie Bacoccini, Albuquerque NM $50 p 176 $100
6 Carlos Mendez, El Paso TX $68 Bailey McFarland, El Paso TX $38 p 170 $106
7 Josh Arceo, Albuquerque NM $80 Jessica Palma, Albuquerque NM $35 p 135 $115
8 Jaedyn Fuqua, Albuquerque NM $65 Scott Fuqua, Albuquerque NM   p 132 $65
9 Carlos Abeyta, Alcalde NM $60 Ruby Valdez, Alcalde NM   p 110 $60
10 Ashley Olriksen, Albuquerque NM $70 Andrea Byer, Albuquerque NM   p 105 $70
11 Antonio Lovato, Rio Rancho NM $50 Richard Meegan, Rio Rancho NM   p 98 $50
12 Andrew Esparza, El Paso TX $29 Fernando De la Pena, El Paso TX   p 95 $29
13 Nathan Hughes, San Jose NM $15 Jeff Hughes, San Jose NM p 85 $15
14 Janeyl Carper, Rio Rancho NM $15 Dana Miller-Mackie, Rio Rancho NM   p 63 $15
15 Diego Lucero, Albuquerque NM Jerome Lucero, Albuquerque NM p 34  
16 Jonah Bell, Albuquerque NM   Juan Romero, Albuquerque NM $15 p 32 $15
17 Weston Marton, Corrales NM   Brad McKinsey, Rio Rancho NM   p 19  
18 Sara Vargas, Albuquerque NM $30 Charlie Elliott, Santa Fe NM $30 m 4 $60
19 Tevynn Laws, Albuquerque NM $15 Geri Laws, Albuquerque NM m 4 $15
20 Ryan Scheer, Rio Rancho NM   Andy Zumwalt, Rio Rancho NM   m 18  
21 Trevor Pedroncelli, Albuquerque NM Ed Case, Albuquerque NM m 23
22 Koby Bicknell, Albuquerque NM James Foust, Albuquerque NM m 36
23 Chris Davis, Albuquerque NM Kathi Davis, Albuquerque NM   m 39  
24 Shannon Schum, Albuquerque NM $30 Katie McNeil, Albuquerque NM   m 43 $30
25 Jesse Casaus, Roswell NM Krista Casaus, Roswell NM m 45
26 Billy Read, Albuquerque NM Nancy Read, Albuquerque NM m 206  
27 Ricky Griego, Santa Fe NM   Andrea Salazar, Santa Fe NM $30 p 3 $30
28 Shawna Bellman, Albuquerque NM $15 Hannah Dowd, Albuquerque NM m 9 $15
29 Micayla Scheer, Rio Rancho NM Mike Scheer, Rio Rancho NM   m 10  
30 Amberose Eddington, Santa Fe NM   James Rutter, Santa Fe NM m 13
31 Caroline Meegan, Rio Rancho NM Jacob Lovato, Rio Rancho NM m 14
32 Dwight McNeil, Albuquerque NM Kelly McNeil, Albuquerque NM m 21
33 Austin Eddington, Santa Fe NM   Brian Eddington, Santa Fe NM m 22  
34 Jacob Sanchez, Bernalillo NM Romeo Sanchez Jr, Bernalillo NM m 22
35 John Ellis, Albuquerque NM   Tom Ellis, Albuquerque NM m 23  
36 Rebeca Reguero, Phoenix AZ $15 Joe Reguero, Phoenix AZ m 26 $15
37 Reta Entsminger, El Paso TX Sam Zermeno, El Paso TX $30 m 28 $30
38 Mark Jarzemba, Albuquerque NM Amanda Jarzemba, Albuquerque NM m 43
39 Jordan Spam, Rio Rancho NM   Jim Spam, Rio Rancho NM m 55  
40 Victoria Baca, Albuquerque NM Pat Baca, Albuquerque NM m 59
41 Audrey Martinez, Albuquerque NM   Maisie Martinez, Albuquerque NM m 60  
42 Mike Santana, El Paso TX Scott McFarland, El Paso TX m 63
43 Olivia Silva, Albuquerque NM $45 Brandy Silva, Canyon TX m 66 $45
44 Austin Mansfield, Albuquerque NM Trevor McPhee, Albuquerque NM m 66
45 Andres Gallegos, Albuquerque NM   Antonio Chavez, Albuquerque NM m 68  
46 Joey Grant, Rio Rancho NM John Olivas, Albuquerque NM m 70
47 Jonah Seawright, Albuquerque NM Floyd Belden, Tijeras NM m 70
48 Sabrina Vargas, Albuquerque NM Leonard Vargas, Albuquerque NM m 77
49 Pablo Guss, Santa Fe NM Elizabeth Guss, Santa Fe NM m 80
50 Taylor Knight, Phoenix AZ Patrick Knight, Phoenix AZ m 82
51 Jose Gabaldon, Albuquerque NM Cameron Peck, Riverside CA m 86
52 Amber Robinson, Albuquerque NM   Kris Wasser, Albuquerque NM m 91  
53 RJ Bellman, Albuquerque NM $15 Ernest Hazeltine, Albuquerque NM m 92 $15
54 Joshua Helmick, Rio Rancho NM Dennis Helmick, Rio Rancho NM m 101
55 Jacob Gill, Albquerque NM Gary Gill, Albuquerque NM m 110
56 Susan Kurzeka, Albuquerque NM Dave Kirsch, Albuquerque NM m 113
57 Kyla Casaus, Roswell NM Brian Casaus, Roswell NM m 123
58 Santiago Withers, Albuquerque NM Anthony Bell, Albuquerque NM m 134
59 Lori Jarzemba, Albquerque NM Debbie Jarzemba, Albuquerque NM m 173
60 Roger Johnson, Albuquerque NM Mary Johnson, Albuquerque NM m 173
61 Rachel Thompson, Albuquerque NM Chris Stewart, Albuquerque NM m 173
62 Lacey Shelton, Albuquerque NM JJ Martinez, Albuquerque NM m 173
63 Tammy Casaus, Roswell NM Kara Casaus, Roswell NM $15 m 176 $15
64 Travis Turner, Amarillo TX Wes Baker, Amarillo TX m 176
65 Annabeth Griego, Santa Fe NM Andrea Jaramillo, Santa Fe NM $15 m 214 $15
Cuts: scratch  +19; handicap +4
Ebonite Ball Winner: The Entsmiger Family