champs Bill Grant & Courtney Dutton

Perhaps no other format besides our Invitationals is as much of a mental and physical test as our Survivor format, and Bill Grant and Courtney Dutton proved they had what it takes to survive in JBT action at Cliff Castle Casinoís Shake, Rattle, and Bowl.

After our normal 5-game qualifier, an even number of bowlers are put on each pair, with the lowest score on each pair eliminated, so you donít have to be the best, you just canít be the worst!  This eventually whittles down to head-to-head matches.  With six bowlers remaining in the scratch division, Bill Grant eliminated Zach Simon 188-180; Brandon Allred defeated Emily Ornelas 218-170; and Chris Weyrauch took care of KevinNarciso 199-186, but the fortunate Narciso still advanced as the highest losing score.

In the round of four, Grant squeaked by Allred 188-183, and Weyrauch finally eliminated Narciso 208-180, to set up the title match.   In that match, Grant recovered from an early deficit to charge back and defeat Weyrauch 242-198.  The win was the 7th of Grantís career, and ended a string of bad beats in title matches dating to last season.

The handicap division was eventually whittled down to eight survivors.  In that round, Dutton eliminated Susan Kurzeka 226-186, Joey Longo took care of Eric Vitzthum 204-169, Daniel Cotten ousted Guy Prewitt 220-202, and Jewels Giordano, having a great weekend, beat Ericís brother Kyle Vitzthum 224-190. 

In the round of four, Cotten defeated Longo 201-196, while Dutton won a thriller with Giordano, 235-228, to set up the title match.

Cotten had literally had brain surgery less than three months ago, and has the scar to prove it, so itís an amazing story that heís even bowling, let alone reaching JBT title matches!   The finale was a very close affair, with Dutton closing the gap in the late frames.  Needing 9-spare-strike to tie the title match, Dutton slammed a clutch double instead to take a 218-199 victory, and her 3rd career JBT title.

Everyone who finished in the top 5 qualifies for the 2007 JBT Arizona Invitational Tournament, the regular season's year end event, featuring a guaranteed minimum $1,000 first place scholarship in each division.  Top season-long point scorers also qualify for the 2007 JBT Touring Players' Championship, featuring a guaranteed minimum $2,000 first place scholarship per division! 

Big thanks to Mr. Phil Oates and everyone at Cliff Castle for a terrific job hosting our event, which awarded over $2,900 in scholarships!

Cliff Castle (Sunday)- final results and optional scholarship winners
Arizona Conference    
Scratch Division    
rank name city, state prize
1 Bill Grant Rio Rancho, NM $225
2 Chris Weyrauch Chandler, AZ $215
3 Brandon Allred Las Vegas, NV $145
4 Kevin Narciso Phoenix, AZ $75
5 Emily Ornelas Phoenix, AZ $60
6 Zach Simon Scottsdale, AZ $50
7 Kyle King Phoenix, AZ $210
7 Eric Rubin Phoenix, AZ $50
9 BJ Baker Tempe, AZ $45
10 Andy Byer Albuquerque, NM $145
11 Steven Black Phoenix, AZ $80
12 Andy Reynoso Las Vegas, NV $16
13 Jerod FLorez Bosque Farms, NM $15
14 Will McPherson Chandler, AZ  
15 Nicholas Lee Tucson, AZ  
16 Cameron Smith Santee, CA $15
17 Christian Jensen Anthem, AZ $60
18 Mark Mares, Los Lunas, NM  
19 Theo Douthit San Diego, CA $30
20 DeShaun Jefferson Phoenix, AZ  
21 Kevin Saunders Goodyear, AZ $150
22 Elias Ewert Chandler, AZ $15
23 Kris George Glendale, AZ  
24 Brian Weyrauch Tempe, AZ  
25 Rachelle Davis Tucson, AZ $15
26 Dan Eagy Phoenix, AZ  
27 Tyler Shipman Phoenix, AZ  
28 Matt Erb Phoenix, AZ  
29 Kevin Schoenfeld Phoenix, AZ  
30 Shane Peck Riverside, CA  
31 Tom Anderson Chandler, AZ  
32 Ricky Overton Las Vegas, NV $5
33 Mike Kremer Peoria, AZ  
34 Brian Makan Phoenix, AZ  
35 DJ Sloan Las Vegas, NV  
36 Eddie Schaub Las Vegas, NV $15
37 Dan Bodinet Phoenix, AZ  
38 Jeremy Medina Santa Fe, NM  
39 Bear Wiltfang Lake Havasu City, AZ  
40 Lana Lycan San Diego, CA  
41 Greg Garbera Phoenix, AZ  
42 Shane Lien San Diego, CA  
43 Chris Varholdt Chandler, AZ  
44 Melissa Del Rio Tucson, AZ  
45 Michael Aguilar Tucson, AZ  
46 Jeff Mathews Las Vegas, NV  
47 Jonathan Pletcher Phoenix, AZ  
48 Foster Phandanouvong San Diego, CA  
49 David Johnston Glendale, AZ  
50 Jordan Ferrer Henderson, NV  
51 Corbin Farris Phoenix, AZ  
52 Megan Withey Glendale, AZ  
53 Charlie Elliott Santa Fe, NM  
54 Labriel Leach Tucson, AZ  
55 Stephanie Merrell Albuquerque, NM  
56 April Urban Henderson, NV  
Handicap Division    
rank name city, state prize
1 Courtney Dutton Chandler, AZ $325
2 Daniel Cotten Glendale, AZ $140
3 Jewels Giordano Phoenix, AZ $205
4 Joey Longo Phoenix, AZ $75
5 Guy Prewitt Chandler, AZ $90
6 Kyle Vitzthum Phoenix, AZ $55
7 Susan Kurzeka Albuquerque, NM $40
8 Eric Vitzthum Phoenix, AZ $30
9 James Hawkins Anaheim, CA $55
10 Kristen Lee Tucson, AZ $20
11 Rachel Lynn Peoria, AZ $18
12 David Price Safford, AZ $16
13 Tiffany King Surprise, AZ $60
14 Jenny Phandanouvong San Diego, CA  
15 Jay Prewitt Chandler, AZ  
16 Alicia Sullivan Kingman, AZ  
17 Ashley Olriksen Las Vegas, NV  
18 Kaitlin Mayall Chula Vista, CA $15
19 Karissa Tafoya Chandler, AZ $15
20 Cameron Peck Riverside, CA  
21 Chelsea Zemelka Phoenix, AZ $62
22 Rane Lacona Phoenix, AZ $25
23 Taelor McKenrick Henderson, NV $20
24 Rebeca Reguero Phoenix, AZ $45
25 Nicole Stanczak Phoenix, AZ  
26 Justin Basom San Diego, CA  
27 Justin Givler Phoenix, AZ  
28 Kayla Goad Phoenix, AZ  
29 Danny Varholdt Chandler, AZ  
30 Holly Emery Queen Creek, AZ  
31 Kyle Frederick Chandler, AZ  
32 Justus Trader Prescott Valley, AZ  
33 Alex Powell Phoenix, AZ  
34 Joshua Shoup Tolleson, AZ $15
35 Taylor Knight Phoenix, AZ  
36 Bethany Baker Tempe, AZ  
37 Philip Stephens Phoenix, AZ  
38 Kyle Bridgman Kingman, AZ  
39 Bryce Techmer Phoenix, AZ  
40 Taylor King Phoenix, AZ  
41 Dylan McKenna Phoenix, AZ  
42 Bo LaLonde Phoenix, AZ  
43 Rebecca Bodinet Phoenix, AZ  
44 Beau McKenna Phoenix, AZ  
45 Kayla Frederick Chandler, AZ  
46 Michael Kenny Prescott Valley, AZ  
47 Kyle Klein Phoenix, AZ  
48 Kylae Kane Phoenix, AZ  
cuts: scratch -138; handicap minus 112  
 Ball Winner: Tyler Shipman's family