Scratch champs Steven Black & Kyle King; Handicap champs Bryce Techmer & Rachel Lynn

The once and future Kings of JBT added another title to their collections, while Bryce Techmer and Rachel Lynn reached an impressive milestone of their own, in thrilling action at the JBT's AZ Doubles Classic held at AMF Christown.

After a full day of competition, the top 5 teams in each division rolled a Baker-style stepladder finals.  The handicap division opened up with Sandy Truman and Andy Garriott defeating the Prewitt brothers, Jay and Guy, 189-179.  Sandy and Andy were fine and dandy again in round two, beating Rebeca Reguero and Ron Hatfield 225-182.  Lynn and Techmer turned the tables in the semifinals, beating Truman and Garriott 227-188 to reach the title match.

Top seeds Taylor Coleman and Nick Steckler had been at or near the top of the leaderboard all day, but struggled in the championship game.  Bryce and Rachel took advantage for a 218-171 win and the victory.  It was the 4th win for each bowler, and they join a very elite group of bowlers with 4+ handicap titles in JBT history. 

Steven Black and Kyle King rolled 248-245 in the last semifinal game to sneak into the #5 seed for the finals, then showed the form that had already won them a combined 53 JBT titles and over $50,000 in scholarship earnings to run the ladder for yet another win.  They began with a 215-178 win over Las Vegans Zach Hattori and Phil Platko.  Steven and Kyle followed with a 266-187 win over ASU bowlers Brian Makan and Mike Ingeman (don't feel too bad for Brian, though- he made over $550 in brackets on the day), and then beat up on Californians JR Monteith and Matt Jones 258-215 to reach the title match.

Top seeds BJ Baker and Billy Grant then entered, setting up a title match with even more ridiculously impressive numbers- the foursome owns 87 JBT titles and over $85,000 in scholarship earnings!  As expected, this match stayed close the whole way, with momentum swings both ways.  Needing any mark in the tenth frame, Black flushed a strike as he did so many times in his JBT career as a junior, and the duo wrapped up yet another victory.  The 42nd win of Steven's career extends his already formidable lead in career victories, while Kyle's 13th win moves him up- already- to 6th on our all-time title list.  

Thanks as always to Ms. Pat Cook and the whole Christown crew for hosting one of our Tour's biggest events each season.  98 teams shared in over $4,000 in awarded scholarships.  Want in on the fun?  Come on down to the next JBT event, it's as simple as that!

AZ Doubles- final results and optional scholarship winners  
Arizona Conference  
Scratch Division  
rank name prize
1 Kyle King ($200) and Steven Black ($200) $400
2 BJ Baker ($285) and Billy Grant ($150) $435
3 Matt Jones ($190) and JR Monteith ($160) $350
4 Brian Makan and Mike Ingeman ($150) $150
5 Zach Hattori ($100) and Phil Platko $100
6 Kris George ($85) and DJ Sloan ($40) $125
7 Chris Weyrauch ($115) and Rachel Carr $115
8 Brian Ballard ($60) and Chad Swiman $60
9 Cameron Smith ($90) and Foster Phandanouvong ($45) $135
10 Mike Cross and Randy Cote  
11 Greg Garbera ($60) and Mike Toon $60
12 Zach Simon and Kevin Saunders  
13 Greg Geering and Savahna Porter  
14 Christian Jensen and Al Davis  
15 Billy Lebbs and Mike Freidrichs  
16 Matt Cormack and JD Nance  
17 Matt Jones and Theo Douthit  
18 Joey Burke and Tyler Carbajal  
19 Forrest Holland and Mikey May  
20 Jon Pletcher and Brian Coleman  
21 Bear Wiltfang and Elias Ewert  
22 Cris Boyle and Gary Montgomery  
23 Rachelle Davis and Philip Schwartz  
24 Jeremy Medina and Allie Ijams  
25 Brian Weyrauch and Mike Seitz  
26 Bryanna Dawson and DeShaun Jefferson ($45) $45
27 Mike Armstrong ($60) & Aaron Hauser $60
28 Riley Dempsey and Jim Dempsey  
29 Miguel Lopez and Bobby Lopez  
30 Steven Pizzi and Jacob Fischer  
31 Martika Cabezas and James Hawkins Jr ($15) $15
32 Samantha Pager and Tim Barrow  
33 Amy Hammann and Eugene Robinson  
34 Kevin Schoenfeld and David Richard  
35 Will McPherson and John Seitz $15
36 Mike Kremer and Dillon Brand  
37 Nicholas Lee and Robert Majeske  
38 Eric Rubin and Justin Medina  
39 Greg Shoaf and Amy Johnson  
40 Matt Zang and Devon McCormick  
41 Chris Varholdt and Vance Varholdt  
42 Tiffany King and Natalie Cianciola  
Handicap Division  
rank name prize
1 Rachel Lynn ($350) and Bryce Techmer ($250) $600
2 Taylor Coleman ($420) and Nick Steckler $420
3 Sandy Truman ($115) and Andy Garriott ($130) $245
4 Rebeca Reguero ($155) and Ron Hatfield $155
5 Jay Prewitt ($100) and Guy Prewitt ($45) $145
6 Anthony Tripi ($45) and John Brooks ($75) $120
7 Erick DuPerron and Dillon Pau ($80) $80
8 Ailicia Sullivan ($35) and Joey Longo ($35) $70
9 Candance Gardner ($65) and George Gardner $65
10 Daniel Cotton ($60) and Anthony Pizzi $60
11 Nicki Nunez and Pamela Perez  
12 Austin Turnage and Mike Donnelly  
13 Natalie Mounier and Kylee Bonneville  
14 Kristen Lee and Mike Lee  
15 Devon Johnston ($15) and Mike Johnston  
16 Eduardo Perez and Gino Salaverria  
17 Jacob Smith and Marc Burris  
18 Amanda Vadnais and Justin Vadnais  
19 Kayla Pabon and Angie Horton  
20 Samantha Aguilar and Chris McHenry  
21 Kyle Klein and Dennis Klien  
22 Derek Black and Don Black  
23 Bethany Baker and Darcie Staggs  
24 Courtney Dutton and Rane Lacona ($15) $15
25 Shawn Peters and Dillon Brand  
26 Kyle Karpovich and Rick Karpovich  
27 Danielle Stewart and Frank DiFiore  
28 Michael Smith and Corey Gillson  
29 Christina Luethy ($60) and David Luethy $60
30 Justin Givker and Kyle Frederick ($5) $5
31 Holly Emery and Matt Emery  
32 Brandon Longo and Matt Erb  
33 Shannon Ryan ($30) and Keith Ryan $30
34 Ben Meils and Ted Meils  
35 Eric Demo ($30) and Steve Demo $30
36 Emily Ornelas and Jeanette Spottedcrow  
37 Dennan Boscarino and Tony Boscarino  
38 Keenan Barton and Troy Conley  
39 Kaitlin Mayall and Lana Lycan  
40 Rebecca Meils and Peggy Meils  
41 Amanda Ailport and Samantha Ammeman  
42 Mike Kenny and Matt Payne  
43 Travis Ann Scott and Travis Scott  
44 Tyler Boscarino ($5) and Derrick Boscarino  
45 Anthony Bonkowske and Lindsey Ailport  
46 Eric Vitzthum and Paul Vitzthum  
47 Josh Shoup and Martha Mayall  
48 Mary Christensen and Austen Christensen  
49 Jessica Reed and Jon Reed  
50 Daniel Duskin and Chris Thomson  
51 Jenny Phandanouvong and Archan Phandanouvong  
52 Steven Cheatham and barbara Cheatham  
53 Nick Rumley and Marina Stever  
54 Blake Kalaf and Chris Gonos  
55 Taylor Knight ($15) and Patrick Knight $15
56 Kayla Frederick and Ron Frederick  
57 Barbara Lampkin and Labriel Leach  
 Ball Winner: Greg Geering