champs BJ Baker & Pamela Perez

    BJ Baker caught a great break, while Pamela Perez stopped the man getting every break in the book, in thrilling Arizona Conference action at the JBT Traci Warren Memorial Open, hosted by AMF Deer Valley.

    Randy Cote, enjoying his best JBT season, opened the scratch stepladder finals with a 202-183 win over Greg Garbera.  In a very high scoring match for the day’s challenging lane conditions, Eric Rubin then struck in the tenth for a 260-247 decision over the crestfallen Cote.  Eric rode that momentum to a 213-176 semifinal win over Mike Cross to reach the title match.

    Top seed Baker hadn’t needed any luck in qualifying, putting on one of the most dominant performances of his amazing JBT career, going +354 for his 8 games on a day with a –85 cut, and when second place checked in at +157.  However, the title match turned into a corner-pin contest between BJ and the confident Rubin.  When BJ unexpectedly whiffed a 6-10 spare in the ninth, it looked like Eric would snatch away the win.  However, needing any mark in the tenth, Rubin left a 4-7-10 which he couldn’t convert, and the stunned Baker claimed his 26th career JBT title.  The win ALREADY puts him over the top of the single-season earnings list with nearly $10,000, with over half the season and most of our big prize fund events yet to come!

    Daniel Cotten opened up round one of the handicap stepladder finals with a 205, which beat Kolt Downey’s 180 but still had him packing his bags, as Amanda Ailport needed only 8 pins in her tenth to advance.  To the crowd’s shock, though, she ended with 7-out, finishing at 204 and giving Daniel the win.

    Daniel then put on a clinic on how one break can balloon into a huge run, firing 259 in round two and needing most of it to beat Shawn Peters (251) and Shannon Ryan (195).  Cotten again needed most every bit of his semifinal effort, as his 250 stood up against Kayla Goad (234) and Benjamin Meils (200). 

      Top seed Pamela Perez, leading a JBT event for the first time, had to wonder if she’d have any chance against the roll Daniel was on, but those worries were put to rest as she put on a clinic herself.  Despite yet another great game from Cotten, Pamela came up with a late four-bagger for her best game of the day, a 214 scratch effort, resulting in a 275-259 win and her first career JBT title.

      We are proud yet saddened to name this JBT event each year in honor of Traci Warren, who we lost in an auto accident.  We miss Traci and remind everyone to be very careful at all times when they’re traveling around to all this JBT fun, and everywhere else as well.

    Huge thanks to Peggy Cianciola for making this another one of our favorite stops every year- Peggy does so much for bowling, and youth bowling specifically, and our Tour- she rocks!

      Over $2,300 was awarded at the event- want in on the fun?  Come on down to the next JBT event, it’s as simple as that!

Traci Warren Memorial Open- final results and optional scholarship winners
Arizona Conference    
Scratch Division    
rank name city, state prize
1 BJ Baker Tempe, AZ $540
2 Eric Rubin Phoenix, AZ $100
3 Mike Cross Tucson, AZ $60
4 Randy Cote Tucson, AZ $50
5 Greg Garbera Tempe, AZ $69
6 Theo Douthit Phoenix, AZ $30
7 Kyle King Phoenix, AZ $49
8 Greg Geering Phoenix, AZ  
9 Greg Shoaf Chandler, AZ  
10 Jacob Fischer Peoria, AZ  
11 Will McPherson Chandler, AZ  
12 Cameron Smith Santee, CA $150
13 Kyle Klein Phoenix, AZ  
14 Kris George Las Vegas, NV $10
15 CJ Crowley Gilbert, AZ $49
16 Chris Weyrauch Chandler, AZ $15
17 Miguel Lopez Peoria, AZ  
18 Mike Armstrong Tucson, AZ $5
19 DeShaun Jefferson Phoenix, AZ  
20 Andy Holick Tucson, AZ  
21 Forrest Holland Escondido, CA $60
22 Mikey May Vista, CA  
23 Labriel Leach Tucson, AZ  
24 Tyler Shipman Gilbert, AZ  
25 Nicholas Lee Tucson, AZ  
26 Brian Weyrauch Tempe, AZ  
27 Chelsea Zemelka Phoenix, AZ  
28 Gino Salaverria Phoenix, AZ  
29 Allie Ijams Flagstaff, AZ  
30 Eduardo Perez Peoria, AZ  
31 Chris Varholdt Chandler, AZ  
32 Bear Wiltfang Tempe, AZ $15
33 Martika Cabezas Thousand Palms, CA  
34 Tiffany King Surprise, AZ  
35 Tim Radney Mesa, AZ  
36 Eric Warren Phoenix, AZ  
37 Zach Simon Wittman, AZ  
38 Courtney Dutton Chandler, AZ  
39 Philip Stephens Phoenix, AZ  
40 Erica Lockhart Tucson, AZ  
41 Matt Payne Phoenix, AZ  
42 Zach Martinez Chandler, AZ  
Handicap Division    
rank name city, state prize
1 Pamela Perez Peoria, AZ $200
2 Daniel Cotten Glendale, AZ $130
3 Kayla Goad Phoenix, AZ $135
4 Ben Meils Cave Creek, AZ $60
5 Shannon Ryan Mesa, AZ $140
6 Shawn Peters Peoria, AZ $40
7 Amanda Ailport Phoenix, AZ $30
8 Kolt Downey Phoenix, AZ $20
9 Josue Chavez Phoenix, AZ  
10 Quinn Ledvina Phoenix, AZ $50
11 Steven Cheatham Phoenix, AZ $15
12 Amanda Vadnais Prescott, AZ $14
13 JD Sweet Phoenix, AZ  
14 Ryan Rhoades Phoenix, AZ  
15 Danny Varholdt Chandler, AZ  
16 Jeff Goad Phoenix, AZ  
17 Nick Ledvina Phoenix, AZ  
18 Rebecca Meils Cave Creek, AZ $20
19 Anthony Tripi Avondale, AZ $15
20 Kristin Raz Las Vegas, NV  
21 Dennan Boscarino Phoenix, AZ $15
22 Gregg Kern Phoenix, AZ  
23 Marina Stever Mesa, AZ $30
24 Kaitlin Mayall Chula Vista, CA  
25 Brandon Longo Chandler, AZ $45
26 Charlie Sykes IV Phoenix, AZ  
27 Justin Givler Phoenix, AZ  
28 Bryce Techmer Phoenix, AZ  
29 Lee Kirby Chandler, AZ  
30 Jessica Suitt Phoenix, AZ  
31 Rachel Lynn Peoria, AZ  
32 Riley Dempsey Phoenix, AZ  
33 Justin Jordan Phoenix, AZ $15
34 Kyle Frederick Chandler, AZ $30
35 Jeffrey Schultz Phoenix, AZ  
36 Bethany Baker Tempe, AZ  
37 Cody Taylor Phoenix, AZ  
38 Dillon Brand Phoenix, AZ  
39 Chris Rodriguez Phoenix, AZ  
40 Robert Atherton Glendale, AZ  
41 Lindsey Ailport Phoenix, AZ  
42 Taylor King Phoenix, AZ $30
43 Travis Scott Peoria, AZ  
44 Kyle Karpovich Chandler, AZ  
45 Jay Prewitt Chandler, AZ  
46 Will Cawthon Phoenix, AZ  
47 Jordan Vanderweyst Glendale, AZ  
48 Mike Kenny Prescott Valley, AZ $15
49 Joey Longo Phoenix, AZ  
50 Rebekkah Cortez Phoenix, AZ  
51 Troy Dennis Phoenix, AZ  
52 Daniel Duskin Phoenix, AZ  
53 Joe Meyer Phoenix, AZ  
54 Alex Pellegrino Queen Creek, AZ  
55 Amanda Elston Phoenix, AZ  
56 Eric Vitzthum Glendale, AZ  
57 Nick Armstrong Tucson, AZ  
58 Nicki Nunez Peoria, AZ  
59 Eric Demo San Diego, CA  
60 Jacob Smith Tucson, AZ  
61 Cris Boyle Mesa, AZ  
62 Alicia Sullivan Kingman, AZ  
63 Savannah Carr Tolleson, AZ  
64 Jewel Leigh Cassesse Phoenix, AZ  
65 Rebeca Reguero Glendale, AZ  
66 Jared Boscarino Phoenix, AZ  
67 Rane Lacona Phoenix, AZ  
68 Amy Johnson Mesa, AZ  
69 Cody Vanderweyst Glendale, AZ  
70 Taylor Knight Phoenix, AZ  
71 Kristen Lee Tucson, AZ  
72 Josh Shoup Tolleson, AZ  
73 Brittany Riccelli Surprise, AZ  
74 Jon Pletcher Chandler, AZ  
Impact Challenge Winner: Quinn Ledvina  
High Games: Scratch: Crowley 269, 267, Garbera 268.  Handicap: Suitt 265, Vadnais 262, Rodriguez 257
Ebonite Ball Winner: Kris George