champs Kyle King and Krystal Gray

Kyle King and Krystal Gray "k"aptured JBT titles in exciting Arizona Conference action, hosted by AMF Shea Village.

Matt Herbert returned from a long absence to open up the scratch division stepladder finals with a 212 game that beat Forrest Holland (188) and Caycee Landers (168).   Cameron Smith then stepped in with a big 246 to eliminate BJ Baker (234) and Herbert (188).  In the semifinal match, another Californian, Matt Cormack, rolled 209 to oust Smith (172) and Greg Garbera (187) to advance to the title match.

Top seed Kyle King is simply doing it all on our Tour this season, and nothing changed here, making a great ball change late in the match to capture the 15th title of his JBT career with a 221-202 victory over Cormack.

Alicia Sullivan opened the handicap stepladder finals with a 184, but could only watch as Kayla Goad and Deven Johnston tied at 228, forcing a rolloff which Kayla won 58-40 to advance.   Goad was very goad in the next match, firing 243 to eliminate Joshua Ebert (222) and Nick Ledvina (172).  In the semifinals, former Main Event champ Kyle Karpovich rolled 223 to beat Goad (198) and Savannah Carr (193) to reach the title match.

Top seed Krystal Gray was enjoying the best performance of her JBT career, thanks in part to some great lessons from Gary Hicks in Tucson.  She kept rolling in the title match, beating Karpovich 251-229, for her first career JBT title.

Big thanks to the whole crew at Shea for another great job hosting our Tour.  112 bowlers shared in over $2,600 in scholarships awarded to all ages and averages at the event.  Want in on the fun?  Come on down to the next JBT event, it's as simple as that! 

AMF Shea Village- final results and optional scholarship winners
Arizona Conference    
Scratch Division    
rank name city, state prize
1 Kyle King Phoenix, AZ $420
2 Matt Cormack Van Nuys, CA $490
3 Greg Garbera Tempe, AZ $111
4 BJ Baker Tempe, AZ $100
5 Cameron Smith Santee, CA $60
6 Forrest Holland Escondido, CA $50
7 Matt Herbert Prescott, AZ $55
8 Caycee Landers Mission Hills, CA $49
9 Miguel Lopez Peoria, AZ $105
10 Kris George Las Vegas, NV $20
11 Mike Ingeman Tempe, AZ  
12 Randy Cote Tucson, AZ  
13 Theo Douthit Phoenix, AZ  
14 Chris Weyrauch Chandler, AZ  
15 James Hawkins Anaheim, CA  
16 CJ Crowley Gilbert, AZ $14
17 Will McPherson Chandler, AZ  
18 Eduardo Perez Peoria, AZ $10
19 Mike Cross Tucson, AZ  
20 Kalyn Washburn Tucson, AZ  
21 Tiffany King Surprise, AZ  
22 Brian Scholl Maricopa, AZ  
23 Jacob Fischer Peoria, AZ  
24 Courtney Dutton Chandler, AZ  
25 Gino Salaverria Glendale, AZ  
26 Eric Rubin Phoenix, AZ $5
27 David Johnston Glendale, AZ  
28 Steven Pizzi Avondale, AZ  
29 Labriel Leach Tucson, AZ  
30 Greg Geering Phoenix, AZ  
31 Lee Alpert Chatsworth, CA  
32 Nicholas Lee Tucson, AZ  
33 Bear Wiltfang Tempe, AZ  
34 Mikey May Vista, CA  
35 Rachelle Davis Tucson, AZ  
36 Anthony Miranda Phoenix, AZ  
37 Mike Armstrong Tucson, AZ  
38 Brian Ballard San Diego, CA  
39 Martika Cabezas Thousand Palms, CA $10
40 Christian Jensen Wichita, KS  
41 Zach Simon Glendale, AZ  
42 Tim Radney Mesa, AZ  
43 Matt Payne Phoenix, AZ  
44 Chris Varholdt Chandler, AZ  
45 Justin White Phoenix, AZ  
46 Allie Ijams Flagstaff, AZ  
47 Andrew Benias Scottsdale, AZ  
48 John O'Donald Yuma, AZ  
49 Brandon Gallimore Phoenix, AZ  
50 Andy Holick Tucson, AZ  
Handicap Division    
rank name city, state prize
1 Krystal Gray Tucson, AZ $200
2 Kyle Karpovich Chandler, AZ $203
3 Kayla Goad Phoenix, AZ $80
4 Savannah Carr Goodyear, AZ $75
5 Nick Ledvina Goodyear, AZ $74
6 Josh Ebert Prescott Valley, AZ $65
7 Deven Johnston Phoenix, AZ $40
8 Alicia Sullivan Kingman, AZ $80
9 Quinn Ledvina Goodyear, AZ $35
10 Taylor King Phoenix, AZ $19
11 Brandon Longo Chandler, AZ  
12 Daniel Cotton Glendale, AZ $15
13 Jay Prewitt Chandler, AZ $10
14 Pamela Perez Peoria, AZ  
15 Danny Varholdt Chandler, AZ $5
16 Michael Struble Scottsdale, AZ $30
17 Shannon Ryan Mesa, AZ $30
18 Justin Givler Phoenix, AZ  
19 Josh Shoup Tolleson, AZ $30
20 Amanda Ailport Phoenix, AZ  
21 Jessica Reed Tucson, AZ  
22 Marcus Stanley Tucson, AZ $50
23 Kyle Frederick Chandler, AZ  
24 Kaitlin Mayall Chula Vista, CA $15
25 Candace Gardner Surprise, AZ  
26 Bethany Baker Tempe, AZ  
27 Jordan Vanderweyst Glendale, AZ  
28 Anthony Tripi Avondale, AZ $30
29 Justin Jordan Phoenix, AZ $15
30 Cris Boyle Mesa, AZ $10
31 Blake Kalaf Chandler, AZ $30
32 Guy Prewitt Chandler, AZ  
33 Jordan Hastings Prescott Valley, AZ  
34 Rebeca Reguero Glendale, AZ  
35 Cody Vanderweyst Glendale, AZ  
36 Chris Mott Phoenix, AZ  
37 Lindsey Ailport Phoenix, AZ  
38 Ashley Collins Tucson, AZ  
39 Taylor Knight Phoenix, AZ  
40 Jacob Smith Tucson, AZ  
41 Rane Lacona Phoenix, AZ $15
42 Troy Dennis Peoria, AZ  
43 Sandy Truman Phoenix, AZ  
44 Marina Stever Mesa, AZ  
45 Chris Rodriguez Chandler, AZ $15
46 Mike Kenny Prescott Valley, AZ  
47 Kyle Vitzthum Glendale, AZ  
48 Eric Vitzthum Glendale, AZ  
49 Kristen Lee Tucson, AZ  
50 Andrew Gottlieb Las Vegas, NV  
51 Travis Scott Peoria, AZ  
52 Nicki Nunez Peoria, AZ $10
53 Tony Marin Phoenix, AZ $15
54 Tanner Hill Phoenix, AZ  
55 Joe Meyer Phoenix, AZ  
56 Taylor Coleman Scottsdale, AZ  
57 Jon Reed Tucson, AZ  
58 Jon Pletcher Chandler, AZ  
59 James Burke Green Valey, AZ  
60 Jacqui Gerchak Phoenix, AZ  
61 Eric Demo San Diego, CA  
62 Gregg Kern Tucson, AZ  
63 Robert Atherton Glendale, AZ  
Impact Challenge Winner: Marcus Stanley  
High Games: Scratch: Garbera 269, Landres 268, Crowley 268
Handicap: Karpovich 292, N Ledvina 272, Q Ledvina 256, D Varholdt 256
Ebonite Ball Winner:  Savannah Carr  

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