champs Kyle King, Darcie Staggs, Ken McElvaney, Matt Jones, and Doane Cole

     "The Mayors Of Striketown" lived up to their name, capturing the JBT So Cal Baker Shootout held at Canoga Park Bowl.


     The team that (voluntarily) called themselves The Estrogen Warriors led after 12 games of Baker-style qualifying, a true team effort that led to a raucous, college tournament-like atmosphere that is a clear favorite for everyone.  The Mayors were close behind, while #3 Purple People Eaters and #4 Team Dino also earned one-round byes in the best-of-3 matchplay portion.


    In the round of 8,  those Purple People Eaters ate up #5 Impact Bowling Pro Shop 2-1, 176-173 in the third game.  The Mayors eliminated #7 One Love with a big 269 in the finale for a 2-1 win.  Team Dino outlasted #11 Team Skittles 237-189 in the third, while the Estrogen Warriors suffered the only sweep and the only upset, as #9 It Is What It Is, riding a wave of momentum, won the match 2-0.


   In the semifinals,  The Mayors swept out the Purple People 212-176 and 232-190, while Team Dino (Adam Dubia, Dino Bidwell, Brandon Kraye, Scott Kraye, Alex Chuo) came back to win the final two games to eliminate It Is What It Is 2-1, 223-185 in the deciding game.


   The title match, filled with talented bowlers from both JBT and So Cal history, proved to be a blowout for The Mayors, who caught a major roll and never let Team Dino in either game, to the bitter, bitter disappointment of a nearly inconsolable Dino Bidwell.   The Mayors won the match 235-163, and 265-159, earning 1st JBT wins each for Darcie Staggs and former Team USA member Doane Cole.  It was Ken McElvaney's 2nd title, while Matt Jones claimed his landmark 5th, and Kyle King kept his dream season rolling along with JBT victory #26.


   Matt Jones was definitely a candidate for "Best Week Ever".  After watching his beloved Florida Gators reach the title game in college football on Saturday, he backed up the Baker win by beating the 129 other entrants for a bonus $100 scholarship in the "9's alive" side competition, held after game 6 of qualifying.  The event lasted 13 rounds, with bowlers getting an 8-count or less after each shot (strikes only after round five) eliminated.  In round 10 it was down to Jones, Spiesman, and Brandon McGinness.  Spiesman bowed out in that round, creating a back-and-forth for the ages with the center erupting after Matt and Brandon each went strike for strike, making their respective crowds nearly delirious.  After McGinnes finally blinked with a 7-count in round 13, Jones calmly stepped up and struck AGAIN- making it 13 for 13 in the event (no 9 counts at all!), for the well-deserved win. 


     Big thanks to everyone at Canoga for their usual terrific job making us feel very welcome at their center.  Almost $1,600 was awarded at the event- want on on the most fun in junior bowling?  Come on down to the next JBT event, it's as simple as that!   



So Cal Baker Shootout- final results and optional scholarship winners
Southern California Conference  
rank name prize
1 The Mayors of Striketown $701
Kyle King ($267)  
Matt Jones ($267)  
Darcie Staggs ($167)  
Ken McElvaney (a)  
Doane Cole (a)  
2 Team Dino $400
Adam Dubia ($133)  
Devin Bidwell ($133)  
Brandon Kraye ($133)  
Scott Kraye (a)  
Alex Chuo (a)  
3 The Purple People Eaters $200
Alyse McGinnes ($50)  
Greg Garbera ($50)  
Kaitlin Mayall ($50)  
Lindsey Hannasch ($50)  
Brandon McGinnes (a)  
4 It Is What It Is All Day Baby! $200
Jeremy Glover ($67)  
Preston Fukumizu ($67)  
Brittany Page ($67)  
Matt Harris (a)  
Arisha Piper (a)  
5 The Estrogen Warriors $126
Christina Fraijo ($42)  
Matt Cormack ($42)  
Jeff Spiesman ($42)  
Mark French (a)  
Lynn Matsubara (a)  
6 Impact Bowling Pro Shop $125
Kris George ($25)  
Rebeca Reguero ($25)  
Matt Herbert ($25)  
Lindsey Ailport ($25)  
Josh Shoup ($25)  
7 One Love  
Cameron Smith  
Foster Phandanouvong ($5) $5
Martika Cabezas  
Justin Lou  
Courtney Dutton  
8 Team Skittles  
Lana Lycan  
Taylor King  
Aaron Steinberg ($5) $5
Larry Steinberg  
Chris Williams  
9 Ouch My Knee Hurts!  
Kylee Bonneville  
Shane Peck  
JD Sweet  
Tyler Shipman  
Mike Hatfield  
10 SOC  
David Phillips  
Kevin Jones  
Charlie Hair  
Melissa Pena  
Deeron Booker  
11 Woot!  
Mikey May  
Brian Le  
Natalie Jimenez  
Brian Leseberg  
Art Leseberg  
12 Tennis Anyone?  
Tom Shepard  
Nicole Shepard  
Mark Myers  
Travis Zehntner  
Lynn Hogan  
13 Hey, Uh…  
Joey Chuo  
Zack Newman  
Jimmy Hefley  
Wesley Low  
Bill Mayall  
14 Team 14  
Barry Brown  
Anthony Cando  
Jake Francisco  
Jon Dukes  
Al Cando  
15 Team 15  
Billy Ray Dacanay  
Michael Lozano  
Justine Betcher  
Jason Larcome  
Christian Napalan  
16 Team Randumb  
Tiffany King  
Tyler Smith  
Chelsye Smith  
Casey Lescano  
Kenny Beaver  
17 Eye-Dee-Kay  
Allie Ijams  
Bethany Baker  
Justin Givler  
James Hawkins  
Brian Ballard  
18 Who?!?  
AJ Garcia  
Daniel Updegraff  
Mark Curtis  
Abel Gervacio Jr  
Danny Cordova  
19 The Admirals  
Roger Byrd  
Kimberly Dukes  
Jerico Napalan  
Ray Dacanay  
Rane Lacona  
20 House Mice  
Samantha Meyers  
Drew Stern  
Bill Williams  
Daniel Williams  
Kevin Gross  
21 Navy Bowlers  
Raul Guerrero  
Armando Maldonaldo  
Justin Brown  
Andre Hernandez  
Daniel Lopez  
22 Team 22  
Jacob Camacho ($10) $10
Ty Stahnke  
Tanner Long  
Karlie Loop  
Mike Brown  
23 Turd's Team  
Brandon Turner  
Kyle Holder  
Brittany Kolatzny  
Arno Kolatzny  
David Turner  
24 Team 24  
Ryan Nacpil  
George Sabalboro  
Randy Smith  
Vincent Smith  
Matt Smith  
25 Those Five Guys  
Mark Comer  
Josh Comer  
Alex Warnick  
Don Saisho  
Tyler Baker  
26 Mimi and the Boyz  
Fred Pasquarella  
Andrew Chain  
Mimi Duong  
Eric Demo  
Mitchell Gill