champs Geoffrey Young & Sophie Diaz

        Geoffrey Young and Sophie Diaz picked up JBT titles in the exciting regular season wrapup to JBT New Mexico-Texas action at Big Rock Casino.

        Our 'survivor' action is always exciting as semifinalists bowl one game, do-or-die matches for a few breathtaking hours, but the tension was amped up even more with Invitational berths and byes on the line.   Eventually 15 scratch semifinalists were whittled down to six.  In that round, Young defeated William Entsminger 210-191, Nathan Shock ousted Matt Helmick 220-210, and in a wild one, Dan Romero struck out in the tenth to eliminate Amanda Falk 254-252.

       In the round of three, more high scores meant that Nathan Shock's clean 205 game was no match for Romero (245) and Young (256), who advanced to the title game.  In that finale, Romero's strikes suddenly dried up, while Young showed no signs of slowing down, cruising to a 218-193 win and his 8th career JBT title.

      Handicap division survivors also were carved down to six, and in that round Diaz beat Jeff Russell 203-192, Tonia Barela got by 232-196, and Kyle Pearce ousted Jonah Snell 250-229.   Now with three remaining, Pearce fired a fine 228, but it wasn't enough as Sophie's 234 and Tonia's 246 advanced the two good friends to the title match.

     The final was close in the first half, but Diaz rattled off the back six strikes for a 223 game scratch, which resulted in a 274-221 win for her, and her 3rd career JBT title.

      Thanks as always to Jeff Pearce and everyone at Big Rock for hosting our Tour again.  Over $1,500 in scholarships were awarded to a nearly sold-out scratch field.  Want in on the best action in junior bowling?  Come on out to the next JBT event, it's really that simple!  

Big Rock Casino- final results and optional scholarship winners
NM-TX Conference  
Scratch Division  
rank name prize
1 Geoffrey Young $230
2 Dan Romero $100
3 Nathan Shock $85
4 William Entsminger $85
5 Matt Helmick $30
6 Amanda Falk $20
7 Hannah Stedman $45
8 Aaron Raymond  
9 Kyle King $30
10 Thomas Gutierrez $15
11 Rebeca Reguero $65
12 Jess Gagliardi  
13 Diego Lucero  
14 Wendy Shelton  
15 Tom Crites  
16 Billy Read  
17 Tevynn Laws  
18 Matt Cormack  
19 Tim Crites  
20 Charlie Elliott  
21 Brian Ballard  
22 Zach Barnard  
23 Christina Waldron  
24 Mark Mares  
Handicap Division  
rank name prize
1 Sophie Diaz $300
2 Tonia Barela $160
3 Kyle Pearce $120
4 Marcos Armijo $55
5 Jonah Snell $30
6 Jeff Russell $20
7 Justin Givler $15
8 Jonah Seawright $30
9 Brittany Leiby  
10 Josh Helmick $15
11 Olivia Stedman  
12 Stephanie Barela  
13 Seth Jaramillo  
14 Alyssa Williams  
15 Janeyl Carper  
16 Andrea Jaramillo $30
17 Tim Baribeau  
18 Jonathan Lawson  
19 Taylor Quintana  
20 Tyler Allen  
21 Samantha McFarland  
22 Ahkeen Williams  
23 Elizabeth Romero  
24 Mike Romero  
25 Olivia Silva  
26 Marina Stever  
27 Jeremy Larance  
Scratch High Games:  
  Raymond 279  
  King 279  
Raymond 278  
Young 278  
Young 269  
Romero 269  
Handicap High Games:  
Snell 291  
S Barela 289  
Givler 285  
Diaz 282  
Stedman 265